Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-98-99

The episode starts with Milan gets shocked and they all comes to pub and signs everyone to leave..Milan and others comes there and holds his collar and asks who is he?Ranveer tells it is me and beats him and beats all goons there……..Ritika takes stick but ishaani comes there and holds her hair and pulls her down and stand on her stomach and rolls…..Ishaani tells this is enough?Are u want muc……Ritika pleads to leave her…Ishaani gets up and tries to leave..But ritika takes stick and was about to beat but vivian holds it…Ishaani kicks ritika she falls down and shouts in pain……Ranveer beats milan and chiraag…….Ishaani holds ritika hair and dragggs and brings her outside pub and beats her..Sandhya comes there and beats ritika and tells sorry to ishaani that i have mistaken u!!!!!!!! Ishaani tells it is ok and beats her………

Ritika tries to get up but she falls down and shouts in pain police comes there and takes ritika,milan and mask man away….Ishaani and ranveer smiles and hugs each other….Sandhya comes near her and takes out knife and tries to stab her but vivian holds it by hands…….Ishaani gets shocked…Ranveer beats sandhya and pulls her into ditch and calls police again and they take her from there………..Ishaani thnx vivian and comes to house..Madhu sees it and shouts!!!!!! Ishaani tells her not to worry and Hugs her and calms her down…Ranveer puts medicines and calls doctor..He puts oinment and tells ranveer pls make vivian rest for 2days……He agrees

Ranveer comes to room and calls out ishaani and tells my shoulder is paining pls keep ice pack in it………..She thinks ice pack u asking? She brings cold coffee and puts on his shoulder..He tells it is sooo nice..Ishaani tells really and brings hot water and slowly puts on his shoulder…….Ranveer shouts and asks what is she doing??She tells nothing and leaves from there and comes out and laughs loudly..Ranveer comes there so this is the reason and takes her in his arms and brings her to room and tries to kiss her…Veer comes there running and cries…Ishaani asks what happened?? Veer tells shalini took my toys…..Ishaani comes there and tells her to share with him………….Shalini agrees…..

Ishaani comes to room and tells ranveer pls get ready becoz tmr mrng we are going to Goa only we both..I told madhu,veer and all so be normal and we both wiill leave at 8.00pm so get ready……He comes closer to her and tries to kiss her but she tells everything tmr only and leaves from there…….Ranveer jumps in joy and calls his friend and tells him to make arrangements in goa!!!!!He tells sure……

Ishaani comes to hall and tells madhu about it,, Ishaani tells i will make tiffin and tells big list…….Madhu tells her to stop it and i will take care ok pls go and pack ur bags….Ishaani tells i will come within 2days pls take care of veer and shalini pls pls……

Precap: Ishaani and ranveer holds their hand each other.. Wajah tum ho plays…………

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-98-99


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-98-99


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