Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 6)

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Note- Its a twiraj ff not twinj

Recap- start of a new friendship( twinhi). Yuvi gets to know that kunj likes mahi.

Next Morning
The Luthra Mansion:
Yuvi: aaaaaaaaaaaa (screams)
Mahi and Anita runs to his room. They came inside but their was no one.
A:- what happened yuvi?
M:- yes yes, bhaiya r u f9
Y:- no I m not f9. Aaaaaaaaaaaa
A:- but where r u?
Y:- I m in the bathroom.aaaaa
M:- okay
They go to the bathroom and finds that yuvi was lying down there.
M:- bhaiya???
Y:- I came here to take bath but instead I slipped.
A:- ohhh ( seems like she is hurt)
M:- wait bhaiya I m Calling a doctor.
Y:- aree it’s okay. Doctor ko bulane ki kya zaroorat hai.
A:- aree zaroorat hai. Tumhe itni zor se lag gayi hai.
Y:- okay maa. But tell him clearly not to give any kind of injection.
M:- okay bhaiya (smiles)

Mahi calls Twinkle.
T:- Hi mahi. What’s up
M:- Hi, Can u come to my house.
T:- what happened??
M:- vo yuvi bhaiya got slipped in bathroom.
T:- okay, I’ll just come with Dr. Anushka. U just tell him to rest on bed
M:- okay bie.
Mahi tells Anita that she called twinkle and she is coming.
Yuvi gets happy, listening this. He thinks that for the first time, twinkle will come to my house.
After sometime, twinkle and Anushka comes there.
T:- Dr. Anushka, this is the patient. ( pointing towards yuvi)
A:- okay.
She( Anushka) examines him. And says that he has twisted his ankle and is having a little pain in right leg. He would be absolutely fine in 2days.
T:- ohh, this is so sad.
A:- yes.
M:- I’ll call ur office and tell him that u will not come for next 2days.
Y:- okay
Mahi goes out to do the call.
T:- so thank you Dr. Anushka.
A:- anytime Dr. Twinkle.
They both smiles.
T:- come I’ll show u the way out.
A:- okay
Twinkle says I’ll inform kunj about this.
She calls kunj and tells him to come to Luthra Mansion
Anita comes there with 2 plates of Breakfast.
A:- yuvi, where is Twinkle?
Y:- she has gone to leave Doctor till outside.
A:- okay. She is so good na
Y:- who??
A:- twinkle
Y:- wo toh I know.
Suddenly the door bell rings. And twinkle goes back to the room.
Mahi goes to open the door.
A man is seen standing on the gate with a big bouquet of flowers. He is none other than kunj.
M:- yes.
He moves the flowers from his face. He gives it to mahi.
K:- Hi mahi.
M:- hello and thanq
K:- where is yuvi? Is he okay?
M:- yes he is f9 and is in his room.
K:- okay. I’ll go there.
He goes to his room
Seeing him going mahi smiles.
Mahi:- oh god! He is so cute.
Kunj in yuvi’s room. He closes the door.
K:- aree saale bahut ho gaya aaram.
Y:- haan yaar, bum mai bahut dard ho raha hai.
T:- kyoon, sach mooch girr gaye thhe kya??
Y:- haan.
K:- but this was acting. Forgot as we discussed.
At Hard Rock Café
K:- I got an idea
T:- tell
Y:- haan bol na
K:- yuvi will act to be slipped from bathroom and twinkle will do his false check up.
T:- par isse kya hoga?
K:- I’ll live in ur house till the time u get well.
Y:- okay.
T:- and then u will get a chance to spend some time with
K:- exactly
T:- nice plan but what if mahi or Anita Aunty didn’t cal! Me?
Y:- They will definitely call u as they know u.
T:- okay.
Fb ends.

Y:- I mean Maine girrne ki acting Hi ki thi
T:- toh
Y:- thoda sa dard ho raha hai
K:- okay.
Y:- par twinkle mujhe samajh mahi aaya, vo doctor ne mera sach kyoon nahi pakda.
T:- kyoonki whatever she said was told by me to her.
Fb starts
Twinkle goes to Dr. Anushka
T:- Anushka I need ur help
A:- yes twinkle tell
Twinkle tells everything to anushka. She decides to help her.
Fb ends

Y:- wow twinkle u r very intelligent
T:- mai paida hii intelligent hoi thii.
They both smiles.

The screen freezes on twiraj

Precap- kunj in mahi’s room. Mahi to beat kunj.

Y is kunj in mahi’s room?
Y is mahi beating kunj?
Has he proposed her?

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Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 6)


Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 6)


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