Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 15

Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 15

Hey guys…sorry for late update…have a really bzzzzy schedule…
U might find this ff vulgar but actually sher’s character is like this so its has to be a bit dash…i dnt mind ur criticism…u r allowed…be happy ?

Recap: Shraddha knows reality of sher’s wife.shraddha forgets his past.sherdha make love

They wake up and shraddha smilingly greets him
Sher:good morning sweet heart
Sher switches on tv and shraddha sees last night’s video.
Shraddha:u missed me?
Shraddha :last night
Sher smiles and puts his finger on her chin
Sher:u were with me whole night
Shraddha shys
Shraddha:no…actually when u received award….then
Sher:yes I missed u but I knew ur condition so
Shraddha hugs him tightly
Sher is surprised
Shraddha:never leave me
Sher:never I promise
Shet gets a call from vikas
He cuts call and both get ready and go out

Sunehri:morning bhabhi
Shraddha:hi…how r u all
They r surprised to find shraddha so relaxed
Akira:looks like sher’s love magic is working
Shraddha smiles
Sher:there is no love thing in this world
Shraddha gets tensed to see his anger

Just then mr and Mrs verma entered(sorry guys I dnt know wt name I mentioned in previous epis but here with go with this name)
Sher is enraged to see them
Mrs verma:hello mr sher
Sher doesn’t reply,sunehri holds his hand and vikas puts hand on his shoulder
Manager:welcome sir and mam.this is mr sher and she is mrs sher
Mrs verma look at her
Mr.verma:hello miss beautiful
Shraddha is hesitant
She goes to sher and holds his hand but sher puts his hand around her shoulder with full right and he never cared where he was and who is around he has a right on his wife and he can rule over her

Mrs verma:so u married…
Mr verma:again
All are irked and shraddha sighs
Mr verma:but who was ur first wife?we never met her
Mrs verma:yes mr sher plz tell…and have u told ur 2nd wife about it…seems yes…ok tell who was more CUTE…she or ur first wife???
Sher reminisces addressing his first wife as Cutie…..
He is engrossed and is about to answer back when shraddha speaks up
Shraddha:its none of ur business mr and Mrs verma.its his life and he k ows how to live it.who r u to interfere.u are here for business then stay in ur limits.when its not ur cup of tea then why e u poking ur nose in this matter??plz stay out of it…
They r angry while sher is amused

Mrs verma:u have long tongue
Shraddha:since childhood
Mr verma:u r an interesting woman
Shraddha jerks her face
Akira:I think,its enough of our meeting…now u too get lost
Mrs verma hugs her
Mrs verma:missed u so much
Akira:get out of my sight u cheapo
Mrs verma oats her face smiling ly and leaves with her husband

Shraddha:what kind of people they r?
Sher:why does she always come in front of me…why cant she stay away…why??I hate her,,,,bcz of her everything happened,,,lost my family my happiness my soul myself…hate her
He shouts and kicks the table
All are shocked
Sunehri:stop it bhaiyya
A tear escapes sher’s eye and he goes from there
Shraddha is taken aback as she saw sher’s tears
Shraddha:who was she?
Vikas: Aradhya….

Sunehri:bhaiyya’s first wife…
Shraddha is shocked

Next epi:sher’s past

Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 15


Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 15

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