ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 47

ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 47

hey every1……….. my exams finished but i have my entrances to go for ……….. but m writing this epi today………. hope u like it :)

ragna reach d restaurant. d band plays n raghav proposes to her. kalpi smiles n luks away shyly. raghav pulls her close to him n asks her to respond…… kalpi says yes. raghav swings her in d air n they dance romantically on d song zehnaseeb. then they sit down for dinner. raghav asks her if she informed her family? she says yes i told baba n dada but not ai. raghav says its ok, when things b/w u get sorted we’ll tell her together. kalpi smiles.

prem reaches d cliff in his car n thinks celebrate ur first date……. n do the celebrations really well bcz i m gonna turn it into ur last date too.

ragna order a lot of food but kalpi doesn’t how to eat wid chopsticks. raghav helps her n makes her eat food wid his own hands. kalpi thinks why do u love me so much? i hope nothing wrong happens to our relationship. may god always be wid us. she smiles at raghav.

they get into their car n raghav starts driving. d song pehla nasha plays. ragna luk at each oder romantically. prem gets back into his car n revs up d engine n thinks justv a few mins more to go……

he sees ragna arriving n signals a truck driver nearby. d truck driver nods n causes an accident ….. he pushes raghav’s car frm behind. raghav asks kalpi to jump out. kalpi says but — raghav screams just do as i say. kalpi jumps out in d nick of time. she watches as ragha’s car falls down d cliff. she screams raghav …. oh no. !!!!

prem records all this n smiles. he says today my revenge is complete. now i can relax n take ur entire biz raghav……… all d best for ur new life….. i mean afterlife. he calls up neetu n gives her d gud news. neetu smirks n asks him to come fast. he says ok n drives away.

kalpi calls raghav but cant find him anywhere. she watches d truck driver escaping n mentally notes down his truck no. she calls up sammy n tells him. samya r shocked n ask her not to worry. kalpi cries.

samya arrive wid d police n a team of doctors. they luk down d cliff n see raghav’s car burning. sammy helps d police retrieve d car while kalpi is consoled by maya. raghav’s body comes out along wid d car. kalpi is horrified n she faints. samya n d oders take ragna to d hospital. d chawl people come there too. d kapoors follow n show their fake concern.

raghav is being treated. d drs tell samya that he has slipped into a coma. samya worry. kalpi is in shock. vitthala n pakiya console her. kamla luks on.

maya comes to kalpi n tries talking to her but she doesn’t respond. paki seizes d opportunity n goes to comfort sammy. sammy shrugs at her n walks away. paki is saddened.

d drs tell every1 that d operation was successful n raghav is out of danger. samya hug each oder. d dr says but– sammy asks what??? dr says he has lost his memory …….. he doesn’t remember d recent events but remembers d past events ……. only till his clg life. kalpi cries. samya go to raghav who greets them. kalpi walks in too but raghav doesn’t recognise her. kalpi leaves n cries in d temple. vitthala luks at her.

d dr. tells samya that a change of place wud do gud to raghav…….. he is deeply traumatised ri8 now. sammy says dont worry i’ll manage. maya asks him what he’s going to do? sammy says i’ll take him to his past memories……. to d u.s.a. maya asks but what abt — sammy says kalpi ? she’ll manage here……. coz raghav doesn’t even recognise her, how will he remember his luv for her? maya doubts n says they have sm connection…….. i think she can help him regain his memory. sammy says my decision is final, no1 will interfere now not even u…… i m thinking d best for raghav. maya says ok.

kalpi hears their convo frm outside n leaves d hospital thinking even they dont want me to be in his life…….. she goes back to d chawl after taking 1 last luk at raghav. paki luks at her n thinks so sorry…. but i cant lose my sammy either.

samya go to raghav n tell him that he is getting discharged after a week n they’ll take him to u.s.a. he nods.

vitthala talks to kalpi. she says its ok……. i’ll move on in my life……… i’ll just think of it as a bad dream n forget everything. she leaves, vitthala luks at kamla who was standing nearby….. they both become sad.

1 week later, samya n raghav r at d airport. raghav doesn’t feel gud. sammy asks him if he’s ok? raghav says yes, i just feel there’s smthing lacking in my life….. i mean i feel if i go away i’ll leave sm1 really imp. sammy says u r just overthinking. raghav says yeah u r ri8. maya luks at sammy n gives him that ” see i told u ” luk. sammy turns away.

precap : d ff takes a leap of 3 mnths. raghav n samya r in d u.s. n kalpi is in india. she goes to d accident site n thinks this is where it all started, n i’ll end it here too.

( guys i didnt write anything in brackets coz this was supposed to be a serious epi……… n yes, like d ff, i too m taking a leap of 3 mnths……. i mean i m not gonna write till july end coz i have to prepare for my entrances ( cant jeopardize my carrer no? ) n then after d results come out, i have gotta enjoy my life a bit. so i’ll write 1c i join clg………… just wish me all the best for my entrances especially d main 1 which is on d 8th of may ( not april ) so that i go to a gud clg :) ur well wishes really mean a lot to me :) hope u understand )

ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 47


ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 47

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