You are only mine! part 5

“Come on now! Make it Quick. I have a class.” he bit out in a hurry.
“who asked you to bring me here??” I oppossed.
He gave me a tough glare at that.
“I …I mean… U know? The hospital is just a kilometer far. I could have made it… Just about ten minutes.” I murmured to calm him but it possibly didnt worked.
“and your whole body would have been a stick piece then..drenching out all the blood you have.. Now.Dont stress yourself to think. You dont have a brain.” he concludes and lifted me upside down in his right shoulder and wrapped my waist.
“Hey! Leave.. Leave me” I shouted beating his back but it only hurted my hand.
He just gave me a deaf ear.
He opened the car door with another hand and dropped me in the seat.
“dont dare move your body. Otherwise…”
“I know.. I know” I cut him off.
He slid to the driver seat and we headed to college.
“Get out!” he ordered without even making a turn.
” I am not your servant so dont order me. I would have stepped out even if you wouldn’t have asked.” I said in a very low tone as possible but firmly.
“Get out!” he again said the same as if I didnt said anything.
I stepped out and fumed with a bang in the door.
“Idiot egoist!” I blabbered and walked away.
I can sense he was smirking behind.

We both attended our respective classes meanwhile in third year batch Anand was trying to flirt with a girl.
“stop it anand. Enough for today” Rishabh intoned.
After the class the professor comes to Rishabh.
“Good morning Mr.Rishabh!”
“yes?… Sir!” he replied.
“You will be assisted by a fresher in your next project. I hope you remember that. I have talked to other profs. They have a name but I want you to have a class with them personally so that they can get easy with you. Clear?” he completes with a same tone in one go.
“Well! As you have requested it so lovingly, I cant deny sur even if Iwant” he mocked
“Spoiled brat!” the prof. Murmurs as he lefts.
“Indeed he is Mr. Jain.” Anand fires from back in a whisper.
The prof gave him a death glare nd walked away.

Our batch was free and students were having discussion about the fresher’s party. Suddenly all went calm and silent as if all are shot dead in the border.
Rishabh enters and looks around.
“Stupid girl!” he murmurs when he doesnt found me in the class.
He searched everywhere and stopped halfway at the volleyball ground.
I was playing with Risha and all the boys and girls were cheering from outside the court.
“God damn! What the the hell is she doing?” he whispers and frowns staring at the court.
He came into the court all furious but to my surprise he joined us.
“Hey bro!” Risha greeted with short breaths.
He doesnt replied and continued playing. The ball was with me. Just as I was going to throw in the net the ball was overtook by him and thrown at once giving Risha the point.
“What the hell?” I yelled.
“yo bro!” Risha merrily shouts from behind and gives him a hi five.
“And you girl? Better be aware of us. Its not easy but yea! You played really well.” she said to me and left.

“Come fast.” he said.
“Excuse me! I told you I’m not your servant. Nor am I a goat to follow you.”
“No doubt you are. Come fast. I have no problem to take you there forcefullu.”
It was like blackmailing. He was blackmailing me??? Uh.. Thats not done.
“You cant force me.” I again tried.
“Look!” he glanced and continued but I cut him again.
“Okay okay.. Coming…. But where?”
“doc. You need dressing.” he cleared
“What? Thats just a small cut. I am fine. PERFECTLY FINE.”
“Are you coming?” he again asked as if he will kill me if I dont.

Oh god! He is such an idiot. And even why does it matter. He is a student. Just a student. Ok he is the son of the head but he haven’t took the responsibility of everyone right? I was totally pissed by the thoughts running in my mind.
By the time I came back to reality my hand was dressed and he had left.
“Where is he?” I asked to the doc.
“Oh he went. He really cares for you. Please dont make him angry or else the staffs will be shot.” He requested rather informed.
I was lost in thoughts again.
So many questions.
After the college Farah and I shifted to the hostel. Her room was just after mine.
I unlocked my room and started cleaning it. It took three hours and I looked at the time. 8:00 pm.
Oh god! I was hell tired. I went for a shower. My hairs were all damped. I came out in a towel. It was my room so no worries as there was no chance of someone seeing me like this. I played songs in my phone and started humming it. I had all romantic songs in the playlist with rarely some very hit pop songs.

I started unpcking and maintained all the dresses in the cupboard.
I took out the last piece and wore it that was a tank top and shorts. And the lazy body and bum took place in the open suitcase. I had switched off the lights as I cant sleep in all light not even dim light.
“Ouuuccch!” I screamed.
Suddenly I heard a laugh. Boyish laugh.
Who was it? That too in the girls hostel? Security?
I was so tired that I didnt even bothered and didn’t came out of it where I was seating. And even I sat more comfortably with my legs outside and hairs spread in the floor. Before closing eyes I noticed a dark figure in front of me. Too horrible. Tall and broad. My eyes remained wide open and body started sweating profusely. As it walked towards me I screamed all if a sudden but that soul tapped my mouth.
I tried hard to get out of the hold.
“Its me babe. Shh…” he said and I felt little good that atleast thats not a ghost as I thought. I breathed heavily.
He switched on the light.
“Easy ..easy! babe.”
“Rishabh??? Are you out of your mind? You scared the hell out of me.. Do you know? I could have died with a heart attack.” i yelled at him in one go breathing heavily.
But he hugged me on that.
“umm….umm..” he hugged me so tightly that I wasnt even able to whisper. My face got buried in his chest.
Lastly I stopped struggling.
“I am so sorry.” he apologized softly and loosened his hold.
I inhaled some air and gasped.
“What do you want?” I asked coming to the point.
“great! ” he said and comforted himself in the bed with his back. He also pulled me to lie by his side. I tried to move but he grabbed my wrist and pulled again.
“sit” he ordered and my body stopped moving as someone had hypnotized me.
“So, Miss Vidhi… For three days you are going to assist me.. Actually you are going to be MY ASSISTANT for the Biology Project of mine and yeah! It can help you improve your results and get a scholarship as well.” he started and still continues without letting me speak.
“And please never stress your brain while assisting me. Just follow my orders. I hope I am clear.” he ended and stand to leave.
“But.. When? I mean when are you starting it?” I asked as softly as possible so that he doesnt lose his temper as always. And even its my room and I was all alone with him I cant commit any mistake.
“after five days” he made it short and left with me all dazzled.
“A complete Idiot! Huh?” I again yelled at myself and kicked the opened suitcase.


I fully hope that you all enjoyed the story. I tried to make it little interesting. Hope it is.

My sweethearts you dont have any idea how much Happy and delighted I get when I see even a comment. I jump in excitement and start thinking of what should be added in the next part to make it more enjoyable for you but if there is no comment my hope loses. And certainly, I think of ending the story.

So please please dearies do share your views and feedbacks in the comment box and let me know how can I improve myself cause it really means a lot.
I will be waiting.
See ya my lovely hearts… ♡♡

You are only mine! part 5


You are only mine! part 5


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