Infinite (Intro)

Infinite (Intro)

Hey frds h r u all?
Its me ur angel again after writing almost 7 stories I’m here with my 8 and with the most loved couple Arya (Arjun & Haya)

So let’s start

Guys their personalities and nature is same but there is some changes like haya is also from rich family like Arjun she live with her parents and sister ‘Ana’ she have one brother also but he doesn’t live with them and why u know it later for world haya is most fav daughter of Mr David (Name Of Haya’s Father) but haya is really scared of him and why like this u know this later she loves her mother, sister and brother a lot and she is a dancer and singer

Now Arjun

Arjun is rich and successful businessman he hate Mr David and want revenge from him and for that he’s ready to do anything and he is all alone and all this is related to his past which you’ll know later

So basically this story is about arjun’s revenge and now it will be interesting to read that to which extend Arjun will go for his revenge and what it is will arjun fall for haya and if yes then what will happen when arjun would fall for the daughter of his enemy so for all that u have to wait…

Now please tell me how’s it and comment ur suggestions please ???

Infinite (Intro)


Infinite (Intro)

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