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The Episode starts with Devi Saraswati saying Devi Santoshi has our ansh, its not possible that she got ego. Devi Laxmi says who can answer about Devi Santoshi’s behavior. Devi Saraswati says just Brahmadev can answer that. Devi Laxmi says we should go there soon. Madhuri and Daksha act good towards Dadi. Dadi gets doubtful about them. Madhuri says we changed with time, we did not get sleep, as Santoshi is bearing problem in inlaws. Daksha says Santoshi should not stay there, Dhairya tortures her. Madhuri says yes, Santoshi should take divorce. Daksha says yes, Santoshi will get saved, we will go her second marriage, once we get money, anyone will marry her. Dadi thinks so they came to say this. Madhuri asks Dadi to understand and explain Santoshi. Dadi says you both said Santoshi should stay there, and today you are saying this. She says I don’t want to agree to you, I won’t say anything to Santoshi, you both came here to act. Daksha says fine, I will go, we have many people to talk to Santoshi. Madhuri says I will tell Seshnath to talk.

At Kranti Maa Bhavan, Madhu meets Kranti Maa. She says Santoshi is taking family members on her side, you know I don’t do anything without your name, Santoshi is trapping my family by Santoshi Maa’s name, and making them against me. Kranti Maa says if this goes on, your family will be in problems. Madhu says I know, so I came to you. Kranti Maa talks to her assistant and asks Madhu not to worry, nothing will happen to your family, I thought what to do of Santoshi. She tells her plan to Madhu. Madhu smiles and thanks her.

Seshnath asks guard to open the gate, he is Santoshi’s uncle. He scolds the guard. Santoshi comes there and asks guard to open gate. Seshnath gets angry on the guard. Santoshi asks you here, is everything fine at home. He asks how will we be happy, you are bearing problems here, I think how to get you out of here, after thinking, I decided what you have to do, let world go to hell, I will think about yourself, sign on this. She asks whats this. He says divorce papers. She gets shocked. He says you have no respect in this house, once divorce happens, we will show them the result of hurting someone’s life, you will get a nice guy, Dadi also wants this, don’t delay, sign fast. Kaka comes and asks Seshnath what is he saying. Seshnath says I m saying for Santoshi’s betterment, she stays here as maid, even when she is Dhairya’s life, no need to keep this relation, if this does not give you happiness. She says you don’t know the importance of sindoor for woman, I m sure Dhairya will understand it one day. Seshnath thinks her lecture started. Kaka asks Seshnath did he get answer, relations are like this flowers. Seshnath leaves.

Kaka asks Santoshi not to cry, she gives courage to others to live, Lord tests the one who has courage, you believe your Santoshi Maa, why to get afraid then, come. The three devis go to Brahmadev. He says Devi Saraswati said true, Devi Santoshi’s behavior has no waiting for anyone, I feel there is Asur powers on Devlok, which is creating hurdle in Devi Santoshi’s way. Devi Parvati says if so, then you solve this problem. He says I won’t. Devi Saraswati asks then who will do this. He says we have to call agnidev, he can ruin all the Asur powers by his fire, its just agnidev after Indradev who has powers to end all evil powers, I will sure if we call him, he will solve this problem. They all chant and call Agnidev there. Agnidev appears there and greets them.

He asks Mata, can I know why did you call me here. Brahmadev says we have doubt that there is Asur powers on devlok, the way three devis have seen difference in Devi Santoshi’s behavior, we feel there is something affecting our sight, we want you to find out, so that we make devlok and Devi Santoshi free from it. Devi Parvati asks him to find the solution. Agnidev says sure, I will use all my powers. He goes.

Seshnath says Santoshi ruined my plans by saying no. He sees Munna crying and taken away by police. Munna says I did not do anything. Seshnath goes to see. Munna says Seshnath, tell them I m good guy. Seshnath says leave him, he is nice guy. The inspector says domestic violence can put man in jail, now if husband troubles wife, you will be in jail. Seshnath gets an idea.

Agnidev gets a fireball and asks Devi Parvati not to worry, he will end that Asur powers by all my powers. He sends many fire balls in all directions to clean the devlok. Devi Paulmi says will Agnidev and three devis know our magical trap. Vajra mushti says don’t worry, we made the trap by Brahmadev’s kamandal and even Brahmadev can’t see it. Agnidev says how is this possible, how can all my powers fail. Devi Saraswati says maybe this Asur power is very powerful, we have to find some other solution.

Madhu tells Santoshi to manage her marriage, else it can break, you have to do a ritual. She gives her ancestral’s kalash and asks her to take it. She asks her to take it to Banaras, you are newly wed and you are pure like Ganga, you have to do immerse this kalash in a river, you can start your relation with Dhairya. Santoshi thinks what happened to Madhu and agrees. Madhu says this is Kranti Maa’s command and gives her some money. Santoshi takes her blessings and goes. Madhu smiles and says this attack won’t go waste.

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Santoshi Maa 31st March 2016 –


Santoshi Maa 31st March 2016 –


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