Scene 1
Sujata says prem open your eyes. Sid wonders how prem got those bruises. Sujata asks uma to bring water. Mata ji says sankalp please call the ambulance. Rajhinder says to the guests we apologize for what happened. A woman says don’t worry for us. We are okay take care of prem. Cops come in. Inspector says this all? Inspector says vikrant called me and told me that woman has taken simar with her. Everyone is startled and crying. Prem opens his eyes. Mata ji says take him to the sofa. Prem says that woman was vikrant. Everyone is dazed. He says, vikrant disguised as a woman to fool us. He loved simar that is why he wntedd to kill me. He mixed sleeping pills in our drinks and injected a numbing injection in me. I was unable to stop him. He took simar with him. Prem says inspector he gave me a challenge by calling you. I will bring my simar back. Roli says simar trusted that man blindly and he abducted you. He will be punished for his sins. Sid says yes he will reach his consequences. Roli says yes we will all find her together. They old hands in hands.
prem, sid, roli and cops go to Vikrant’s house. Prem says open the door vikrant. A man opens the door. Prem grasps his collar and says I wont leave you. Tell us where is vikrant? He says who you are? I don’t know where vikrant is. Sid says let me search his house. inspector asks where is vikrant? He says I bough this house yesterday. Sid says he is right vikrant isn’t here. Roli gets a call. Sujata says Anjali is no where. SHe isn’t home. Roli recalls when she was looking for Anjali and sanju in the party/ Vikrant came to her and said they are playing in the room. Roli tells sid vikrant hs taken Anjali as well. Prem says vikrant dragged my daughter in this game.
Sattu and SAnkalp ask the man but her doesn’t know anything about vikrant. Sattu tells prem vikrant has sent all his property in dehli. He did this when he abducted you. sid says this means he has been planning this since so long. inspector gets a call from other cop. He says Vikrant’s phone is off. We are trying to trace his locatin. Prem says try to understand he is a lawyer he understands law very well. Inpector says we have learnt law as well. We will find him soon. Prem syas I want my daughter and simar. roli says God how many times will you test simar didi? Why she has t face this every time. Its too much now. Stop testing us like this or we will stop trusting in God.
Sasural simar ka 17th November 2014 Written Update
Mata ji goes to temple and says God you have the responsibility to solve this problem. We faced all the problems you sent our way today I want to ask you, is there and end to these problems? Why you have miseries for us every time? Happiness comes for the shortest span. What kind of justice is this? You have to answer me. You have to give us simar and Anjali back. She says I promise that until simar is back I wont eat. roli says what are you doing? karuna says you will be ill. mata ji says God has done everything to us and the rest will be with God’s consent as well. I wanna see how much people can God kill In this test. I will see how long will God keep simar and Anjali away from us.
Scene 2
Prem, roli and sid come home. Prem find simar’s ring on the floor. Sid says she must have dropped it on the floor. Roli says would have taken didi. Roli points at the ground outside. They find a earing. Its of simar as well. SHe dropped it there deliberately. When prem was dragging her to the car. prem says simar did this so we can reach vikrant. They look forwards and keep finding the jewelry on roads. Sid says we have to go in different directions. Sid and roli go together and prem in other direction. He finds a necklace that simar was wearing. He says this means they have gone from this way. He calls roli and sid and shows them the necklace. Sid says I am bringing the car. We have to go from this way. Roli is in tears. She says we are coming to you didi.
Precap-Sid, roli and prem are looking for simar. sid stops a man and shows him the picture and asks if he has seen this woman. He says no. Roli asks different people. a man says to roli yes I saw her.
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Sasural Simar Ka

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