Strangers (Part 75)

Kiran continued “Rohit gave a very hard time to me Divi, He kept on telling that I betrayed him as he loved Ankita and I had not told him that we were a couple. This went for long and slowly started feeling very guilty. Ankita tried avoiding Rohit as much as possible and as I was with him, she avoided me in college too. But Rohit like a hopeless romantic, started keeping letters, flowers, and messages that he loves her. She was quiet frustrated as her classmates started commenting the same and one day she was so frustrated and she really slapped Rohit and said to get out of her life as she is in love already. I was shocked what she did. I have never seen her like that and she walked away. I was not sure what I had to do, and I tried stopping her but she walked away and she turned back and I told her to go and I will come back later. I was with Rohit and I told him to understand the situation but he was pretty mad with what had happened and he pushed me and blamed me for everything. I was with him the whole day trying to convince him and then when I was about to leave, I saw my phone and I see several calls from Ankita and one message telling to meet her. I hurried back and then I told her that what she did was wrong and was about to hold her hand. She withdrew it very harshly and said that I was not with her when he abused her very bad in the first place and today when she was so angry and frustrated, I chose to stay with him, the guy who called her names instead of the girl I love. At the end of the day, she want to be with a guy who stands by her and not the one who leaves her at the time of need. She also said that she is also sure, if rohit keeps doing this, I will also sacrifice her and give her as charity to him. I was wrong that I didn’t support her but what she was telling was too much and I just shouted at her telling she was the one who created all this at first place. I said that I had told her million times that we will say about our relationship to all. She said that she doesn’t like all the pairing and likes her relationships to be private and I was really frustrated and I told her as she didn’t like me not standing for her, I also don’t like my girlfriend to hide relationship status with everyone and it clearly she shows that there are wrong intentions and she said, if that is the case then fine, and I also told her fine. And that’s it, we walked and never talked again, she decided to quit the college to pursue her studies in UK. It was all so sudden Divi, and before she left she met me and I didn’t even know that she is leaving and she told me, thanks for everything and wished me good luck and went breaking all the bonds we had.”
I was listening and thousands of things were pondering in my mind. If she had broken up, why did she come back, why was she behaving weird with me? The story was more of Kiran than Rohit but I got to know more about Kiran too. I asked me the same “Why is she back again, does she want to be together again?”
Kiran lifted up his head and smiled “Divi, you are more bothered about my story than what you wanted. Forget all this, so this was the reason I took Ankita’s name that day because he had behaved the same with her then”
I said him fine, I know at least a bit about him that he is always weird! But asked him “Kiran, do you think ankita has come back to get back to you? I mean, its nice to be reunited with your loved one and also why was she so weird with me yesterday?”
Kiran laughed and said “I do not know if I want to get back to her or no, several things happened after she left divi, but I do not know why she came back. I had also heard she had a boyfriend there, so I think she is here for the family and weird with you?? I didn’t see it, maybe it is jealousy as her best friend has a new best friend”
I smiled and said “Stop it Kiran, tell me the reason na and do you love her?”
Kiran was puzzled and asked me “Divi, why have to started your investigation on me? I did love her and she was my first love and it is tough to forget the times but I have moved on and I really do not know the reason, I mainly feel its jealousy”

I nodded angrily and said “I hope you are telling the truth”
He said “Yes Divi yes”
Kiran continued “So anything else, you want to know about Rohit?”
I said “This is enough for today and be ready, I will keep asking you the questions about him. I need to know more about him?”
Kiran with a puzzled face asked me “Divi, do you have any idea of getting back together with Rohit?”
I smiled and replied “ Kiran, Ro was my first love and like you said it is very tough to forget all the times but I am moving on”
Kira grunted and said “Copy Cat “and we both laughed. I felt something behind me. I turned around. Kiran asked “What is it”.
I replied “I just felt someone was here listening to us”
Kiran saw here and there and then with a frozen face said “divi, I think you are right. See there “and pointed to the exit.
I saw Nikki running towards the exit. I saw Kiran again who had stood up and asked me “Should we follow her and catch her??”
I shrugged and said “Let it be Kiran, I am tired of all these. She can do whatever she wants. I am not with Rohit anymore and nothing bothers me”
Kiran smiled and we started eating.

Strangers (Part 75)


Strangers (Part 75)


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