Swaragini (Heart Connection) Season 2 (Episode 1)

The episode begins with Ragini waking up, she looks around and eventually at the time,
Ragini: Oh god, it’s 8:00am, how did I get late? Why didn’t anyone wake me up?
She gets changed and comes out, she is wearing white saree, she sees Shraddah, Vivaan, Shri, Meera, Anjali and Aadi sitting on the table eating breakfast.
Ragini looks around, she walks out to the lawn and sees the ladies praying and preparing for the barsi.
Ragini sees Swara,
Ragini: Swara!
Swara looks at her and signs what happened, Ragini walks up to her,
Swara: What happened?
Ragini: Where’s Mishti?
Swara: Where she always is.
Ragini: I will go and drop the….
Swara: Mom’s going to drop them to school.

Varun comes out,
Varun: Mamma, I don’t want to go school, I have a tummy ache.
Swara: Acha? You were eating your favourite breakfast happily, didn’t it hurt that time?
Varun thinks,
Varun: Mamma, it started hurting after eating breakfast.
Swara: Really? It’s okay, I’ll tell Bade Papa…….
Varun: Mamma, I was joking, April fools.
By saying this, Varun ran in, Swara and Ragini laugh because it’s not April,
Ragini: He’s not going to reform.
Swara: Forget Varun, where’s Shri? Didn’t he start?
Ragini: Don’t worry, soon he will start his drama also.
Swara’s smile fades: Like Laksh.
Ragini’s smiles fades too,
Ragini: Haa like Laksh, who convinces everyone expect from Papa Ji.
Sujata: If you two Chori’s are finished talking then prepare for the barsi!

Ragini: Where’s everyone?
Sujata: All of them went office.
Ragini: Office?
Swara: Haa office, didn’t you hear?
Ragini nods no.
Swara: We got our office back!
Ragini smiles,
Ragini: This is great news! After 2 years we got our office back, soon we will get our house back too!
Swara: Haa, we will get our Maheshwari Mansion back very soon!
Sujata: I can’t believe that day changed everything, it’s like a dream to me.
Swara: I wish it was a dream.
Ragini: But it was reality and that day we lost our everything.
Sujata: We lost our house!
Swara: Our wealth and office
AP comes there,

AP: And we lost our son.

Scene shifts to Mishtis room, she is sitting down draped in White saree, she is staring in space, Laksh comes in, Mishti looks there,
Laksh: Come on Mishti, you’re sitting here, everyone is waiting for you outside!
Mishti: What else should I do?
Laksh: Mishti! You’re being boring and the Mishti that I know is fun, loving, caring, alive! And naughty!
Mishti lets a 2 second laugh,
Mishti: How can you get your old Mishti back?
Laksh: By filling her life with colours!
He throws colours on her and she puts her arm in front,
Mishti: Laksh!
She moves her arm and looks up, she doesn’t find him and realised she was dreaming, tears fall out of her eyes.

Sujata takes the children to school, they wave goodbye and leave,
Ragini: Is Mishti going to come?
Swara: I don’t know, she never came then, why now?
Ragini: It’s his Barsi, how can she come if she thinks he’s alive?.
Swara: That day was the worst of all days.
Ragini: I never ever imagined that we will loose him!
They finish preparing for the barsi, the put the Varmala on the photo, they move back and look at the photo, the photo is none other than Laksh’s, Swara and Ragini smile looking at it and people start coming for the barsi.

Ragini: I’ll be back.
Swara nods and Ragini leaves.

Ragini looks at the family photo that is hung on the wall,
Ragini: Why did you leave your family Laksh? Why did you leave your Mishti? I want to believe your Mishti but it’s been 2 years and your not back. The family looks good smiling because your in it and now you’re gone and I don’t want the family to scatter!
Ragini then turns around and goes to Mishti’s room.
Mishti is crying,
Mishti: Laksh, come back for your Mishti, fill my life with colours then! It’s Holi today Laksh!
She goes up to Laksh’s picture and smears a little bit of red colour that was on the plate and says Happy Holi Laksh!
Pyaar…Mujhe….tumse….hi….tune….plays…. (Bilkul Socha Na)
Ragini is standing at the door and gets emotional seeing that,
Ragini: Mishti…..
Mishti: I’m not coming Ragini! I still believe he is alive! My connection with him is from the heart! If his heart beat stopped then wouldn’t mine? He’s alive and he will come back!
Ragini hears this and leaves.

Sujata comes back and sits next to AP, AP is in tears, DP and the men come back, Ragini comes and stands at the door, Aansh stands next to her,
Aansh: Is she coming?
Ragini: No
Aansh: Don’t worry Ragini, she will get over this trauma.
Ragini: When Aansh? It’s been 2 years.
Aansh: Maybe her belief is right!
Ragini: If it was then why isn’t he here?
Aansh: Maybe he will come just not now!
Ragini: I want to believe you and her but I can’t!
Aansh: You should trust her love towards Laksh, maybe her love is true and whatever she’s saying is true!
After saying that, Aansh leaves, Ragini thinks. Aansh sits next to Sanskaar.
The Pandit starts doing the barsi pooja.

Mishti is in her room, she starts feeling pain, she closes her ears but still the pain and anxiety isn’t going, she opens the door and goes outside, she sees pandit and everyone doing Lakshs barsi, Mishti’s anxiety is growing and she gets angry, she comes forward and shouts stop, everyone look at her.

Precap: Flashback of what happened.

The first episode was requested by Eva and maybe some of you wanted me to post it so here it is and I hope you enjoy it, I don’t know why I feel I shouldn’t make season 2. Anyways enjoy?

Swaragini (Heart Connection) Season 2 (Episode 1)


Swaragini (Heart Connection) Season 2 (Episode 1)


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