the logic (swaragini)

Guys ..
please read this…
I watch the show regularly and quite loyally… (even wen they show sad tracks like kavita tracks n nos this current jail one )
I don’t favour anyone .. nor Ragini and nor Swara..
because I understand for the fact that they are just fictional characters and they just do what is told to them.. ( like swara being detective or Ragini suicide thing )
besides I am not writing this to insult or offend anyone I am just trying to point out the logic that I think the writers of the show are having ..
1. For swara being so bold and as you all say being Mahan.. it’s because she has been brought up in that way .. being a child of a single parent she grew up too soon and realised that she needs to be strong in a the society ..
2. for ragini being not so strong – as she always had a sheltered upbringing and because of that she never learnt how to take her own decisions ..
The dadi always takes her side as she feels that it’s her duty to fill the gap of her mother in ragini’s life.. she is trying to supplement it… and thus she over protective and possesive for her and as a consequence sometimes helps her even when she is mistaken ( in the case of her take over of maheshwari property )

3. For sanskar being so mature – it’s because he stayed away from home for such a long period of time … and even establishing the karma empire made him smart and witty..
4. Laksh being the way he is – He is a rebel as he is the youngest and it’s natural for the youngest sibbling to throw tantrums as the elders always tolerate it and never complain .. as they always ( In most cases ) love the younger one the most ..

Thus with all due respect to the writers .. ( serial writers and Fan fiction writers ) the silent readers ..those who express their views and all the others .. please don’t fight for all these reasons as who took the credit.. who solved the mystery as both are equally important
(like when ragini became negative and did what she was not suppose to do and swara revealed the truth .. think about it in this way had ragini not created the situation swara wouldn’t have become a hero.). so basically things are good or bad depending upon our perspective ..
Thanks a lot for giving your valuable time to this article..

the logic (swaragini)


the logic (swaragini)


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