KB – mera pyaar (episode 6)

hi friends for ur comments. SCENE1 in party nikhil:how many days for this love story bulbul:bhai i have some work i’m going nikhil:hey aliya some one is shy na aliya:ha ha nikhil.u know one & half year for this love story. purab:ok now ur talk is over na aliya,let’s go we r already late. aliya:ok purab lets go but 1st i have to meet pragya di. scene shift to pragya. pragya:ok ranveer now what is ur future plan. rv:i thought to join with my father’s business.whr is nikil bhai? nikhil:hey rv i’m here how r u? rv:i’m fine bhai how r u? nikhil:i’m fine rv.

rv:who r they with u bhai. nikhil:they r aliya,purab&my little princess bulbul. rv:hai every one.hey bulbul how r u? bulbul:i’m fine bhai whr is isu di? rv:she is in us. bulbul:oh when day she will come back? rv:next week purab:aliya we r getting late let’s go now. aliya:ok purab let’s go.bye every one see u later. purap:so good bye bulbul,pragya di,nikhil bhai&rv nikhil:wait i will drop u two. pagya:bhai u r soo smart now

KB – mera pyaar (episode 6)


KB – mera pyaar (episode 6)


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