a weird love story (kkb) epi- 8

Hey hi ppl.. I’m very sry for a late update.. yesterday I wasn’t available so I was not able to post..and actually b4 I start this ff itself , I was in a plan of writing this just for 5-6 episodes but due to ur heavy response I dragged it till 8th episode and most probably I’ll end by tomorrow or day after tmrw.. so u can expect the union of abhi and pragya by tmrw or day after tmrw.. ok sry for this much bakbak I’ll start with my episode again..

Here we go with episode 8…
Abhi; arey u’ve to tell purab b4 it becomes too late.. already he is handsome. So some other girl may come and drag him

Bulbul; no ways.if he truly loves me then no magical power can take part us..but the thing ive to know id whether he truly loves me or is it just my thinking that he does
Abhi; ok ok.. u propose him first,then according to his reply,u can think abt all this….
Here on the other side,pragya and putrab will be talking
Pragya; ik purab,ik that u love bulbul..y don’t u propose her b4 it becomes too late
Purab; pragya,um not able to understand whether this true feeling is love or not.. I feel really different when she is with me,I like her company…my eyes start searching for her when she is not with me.. is this love?what if it is not?maybe bulbul doesn’t love me and im just unwantedly expecting her to think all this…

Pragya; I dint do PHD in love,so Idk much abt it.. but im sure ur in love with bulbul.and im quite sure bulbul also loves u.. first u propose her and then depending upon her reply the consequences will form themselves..come now lets go
So all of them come out…
Abhi; what happened purab?what were u discussing with ur bff
Purab; first u tell me what u were discussing abt with bulbul..
Abhi; voh actually bat

Bulub l; kuch nahi
Pragya; kuch nahi aah.. whats happening.. I can see some person blushing too much..
Abhi ; but im able to see 2 ppl blushing.. kyo purab? And what abt u bulbul?
Purab and bulbul together; oh pls..stop pulling our legs
Abhi and prgya; wow and then at that time pragya receives a call from her father
Pragya lifts the phone and all of them become silent over there..; haan papa, what happened?anything important?
Karanveer; beta is this true that nikil proposed u
Pragya ; haan papa,how did u know that nikil proposed me
Nikil,abhi,bulbul,tanu and purab were shocked to know that pragya’s dad came to know abt all this
Kv; on the television beta,ull come to know what the world is talking abt u]
Pragya; haan papa,I’l call u after 5 mins papa.. just wait and she cuts the phone
Pragya switches on the tv and the news repoeter says; breaking news,the most famous female journalist of our country is going to patch up with nikil the producer..nikil proposed the fire of media that is pragya arora toady and the most romantic moment Is that he proposed her b4 every one.. nikil and pragya are now In a room with their ultimate romantic moves..

Prgya and nikil; whaaatt?
Pragya; ehat the hell is happening?it sall bcoz of thisstupid nikil only.. if u wanted to propose me then y don’t u do it in private places.. now see the consequences.. how’ll I afce the media now?
Tanu; di,don’t scold nikil di.. he dint know.pls forgive him di
Pragya; arey just look at this.. Tanu is talking as if im gonna eat her lover
Both nikil and tanu go scarlet
Abhi; this is not he time fr blushing or going scarlet.. we’re supposedto stop this crappy rumours immediately
Pragya; exactly.. atleast there is a single sensible person with me.. ok u ppl don’t worry I’ll try convincing this stupid media..nikil and tanu u ppl come with me.. others pls don’t come out of this room until I tell u
Pragya opens the door and takes tanu and nikil outside..

She goes and sees the media rushing towards her for her response
Media person; ma’am how r u feeling?now ur just now a famous journalist alone ma’am ,now ur also a lover to one of the best producers.. how r u feeling bat it?
Pragya; excuse me. Nikil is my best friend not my boy friend and that proposal thingy is jst for fun.. y did u ppl forget that today is march 31st .. nd the time is 12;30 night.. so which means that its april 1st fools day so ppl he proposed me for making me a fool but the most pathetic thing is that u all became a fool rather than me..
Media could not obviously make an explainations so thry announced that all this proposal sequence was a typical joke for making the fire of india a fool..
Abhi on the other side was seing all this in the media and he became so happy that he was praising pragya in all the possible ways he could..he said; omg,just look at her.. she is aperfect example of beauty with brains. She is just extra ordinary.. how could a person possibly think of such a grt idea in tis tension.. she is just impossible,I’ve never seen such a pretty girl with so much of brains…

Bulbul and purab who were hearing all this from nonstop praising from pat 10 mins were quite exhausted of hearing the same praises.. so purab said; I agree that pragya is very beautiful and intelligent that doesn’t mean u keep praising abt her s much.. I agree to this fact also that ur in love with her but y do u’ve to prove ur love infront of us,its better u do it b4 ur love
Abhi; no no,u no tin love with her and all
Bulbul; oh c’mon bhai.. its so obvious that u r in love with pragya dhi.. every person who is wit u for 10 mins can understand that then y cant u understand.. UR IN LOVE WITH HER…
Abhi dint know what to answer so he just left the room..

Pragya came back and she said that the mtter is solved.. she called her father and to.ls everything which happened,, listening to all the talks pragya did abt abhi,kv came to a conclusion that abhi is a genuine person and wit the description and xcitemnt of pragya when she says abt abhi also concluded that pragya was in luv with abhi..
Then after sometime pragya went to sleep coz it was too late and tmrw they have their flight @ 10PM..
PRAGYA and ABHI were not scared this time .. they were thinking abt each other and abhi thought of avoiding pragya for a day to know whether he was truly in luv with her.. he knew that he would miss her if he is In true love.whereas pragya on the other side thinks to thnk abhi for supporting her in all the situations and for taking care of her in the whole journey(kaisa yeh ishq plays)
@ morning.
Pragya wears a beautiful saree and this is the first time she is wearing a saree b4 abhi.
Abhi on the other side becomes strong of the decision of avoiding her to know whetjer he loves her or not.
Tanu to bulbul; where are all the ppl?
Bulbul; nikil is in his room,purab said he’ll come with nikil and abhi,, here ,they came
Purab; where is pragya?(he points at abhi)
Abhi; how’d I know?

Bulbul; u guys stay in the same floor.. u gotta know bhai
Tanu; lets go and see.. lets shop till evening..i heard a lot abt kolkata’s shopping malls
Nikil; ok then. We’ll enjoy ourselves today
Purab; wait,ill go and bring pragya
In the mean time pragya comes down
Nikil; arey u look so hot man]
Pragya; tanu is just next to u.. she’ll kill u
Abhi turns and sees her and thinks to himself; how the hell will I avoid her if she is soo beautiful.this is not fair pragya. U shud’nt be so pretty
Pragya was expecting a complement from abhi but he just shuts his mouth trying his best not to complement.
Purab; close ur mouth abhi.. ur seeing pragya as if ur gonn eat her
Abhi; arey shut up,.. um not seeing anyone

Bulbul; ok fine lets hurry up.. we gotta shop
Purab; on 1 condition.. today lets all forget our class and status..lets go in public transport
Pragya; good idea.. its been ages since we went in public transport
Abhi; no how will fire of india travel on the road
Pragya dint understand y he was talking like ths but she knew there was something wrong with him.. there is a noticible change in abhi’s behavior towards pragya..
Purab; there si nothing like that.. she is also not born in luxuries.. she came to this position by travelling through many public paths only so lets go
Pragya was quite convinced with purab’s reply so they all went in bus..
In the bus;
All the ppl surrounded pragya nd abhi and were asking for autographs.. pragya signed as many as she could and she finally was tired of giving autographs and at the same time abhi was also vexed of signing

Some ppl were trying to flirt with pragya but purab somehow managed to protect pragya in the bus
Abhi was glaring at the flirters as though they commited some brutal criminal act..
This is where I leave my episode for today and I don’t know if my ff was that boring that I received very less comments.. anyways I’ll just say u guys comment if u feel my ff is worth it for that..

a weird love story (kkb) epi- 8


a weird love story (kkb) epi- 8


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