Reporters aberrant 9

Two hours later, I found myself in Virendra’s office. I had on the disguise of a wealthy businesswoman. I checked my outfit in the adjoining mirror. Hmm.. I had to admit.. No one can identify me, not even myself! ;). I set foot inside the office where a sweet recipient was seated. Her badge read the name Alice. I completely forgot that Sunny and Richa were accompanying me. Sunny and Richa wore the disguise of my managers. I went to the counter and asked,’Hi Alice! I am Rebecca and I need to meet Virendra Verma’. Alice replied softly,’Sir is not present right now. I will call him until then u can have a seat. May I know the reason y u r here for?’ Richa said,’We have got to know that Mr.Verma is interested in selling his diamonds. Apparently, Ms.Rebecca has her business expanded overseas and is enthusiastic on buying those diamonds from him’. Alice was stunned to silence for a moment. Finding her words back, she ushered us in his cabin and said,’U can wait in here.

He will be present here shortly’. I had no moment to wait. I started searching his whole cabin for clue. Manu had his men to kill Ayesha. Virendra eagerly wanted those diamonds that were named after Ayesha by his father. So, the bag that Virendra handed over were FAKE diamonds!. The real ones were still with him. Manu had asked for real diamonds in deal of killing his daughter. Virendra could not kill her by his own, so he had to involve Manu in this plot. The bag gave a FALSE trail. We thought the bag, that was Rajendra’s, still had those real diamonds. But they were shuffled in very expertly and the fake diamonds were handed over to Manu. Now, the question that might arise in your mind would be: how did I get to know all this? Richa and I had come over secretly in the record room where thousands of files piled up in rows. I found a file where recently Virendra had asked Roger Ventresca, the owner of largest Asia’s diamond exchange company to buy his diamonds. But due to some internal problems, he did not agree to buy his diamonds. And all this happened the day after he had handed over the bag full of diamonds to Manu. CERTAINLY, he STILL had those diamonds!! And I was searching for a clue that the diamonds he has are illegal. But not much time,.. Virendra came in the office and found us searching……

Precap: The minister very vividly went on describing me how much he had to work hard to get those diamonds. A typical false story. He suddenly stopped and asked,’Y r u so interested?’ I lost my words….

Reporters aberrant 9


Reporters aberrant 9


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