My view on all serials…

Hi frnds..
Sry if my words hurt u..

Nowadays all serial directors r creating mess in story line..if they don’t hav story pls stop all nonsense tracks.y all r following one track for trp. one serial for some plot they get nice trp means they r following in other serial also..wat s the necessary for same track to watch by viewers..

This is just in my point of view..

Swaragini: they first started wit sisters bonding then hartedness and then again bonding now..

Saath nibhana saathiya:
They started wit gopi and rashi sasural and Now they r showing their children sasural and Now they r showing domestic violence too.. full of dragging..

Kumkum bhagya :
They r simply dragging around tanu baby and aliya revenge…only diff is first aaliya took revenge on pragya for purab and now showing taking revenge on abhi for sending her to jail..and tanu in first in love wit abhi and now she only want abhi for money..

Sasural simar ka:
I never watched such a worst serial in my s full of dragging and full of supernatural powers nothing else..the serial lost its track from starting itself..they didnt show wat they thought to show in after 100 epi..and now roli death drama..this serial is full of non reality

Balika vadhu:
It’s second worst serial in my view..
First they showed young anandi marrige and divorce and anandi second marrige and shiv death and baby nandhini marrige and mangala drama and now akhiraj drama..totally this serial is full of drama..

Hi frnds..
This is just in my point of view..sry if I hurt u all..

Credit to: Sukanya

My view on all serials…


My view on all serials…


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