Guys….I had already told the details of my ff Perfect for Each Other.
Its my first ff…so if any parts u don’t like u all are free to post ur comments….criticism is welcomed dearly!!!
Without any further talks I proceed with episode 1:-
lakshya loved at first sight in college..when he was going to propose her, he came to know that she and his bro sanskar were in a relationship…he was hided then limits were crossed when his dd forced him to marry a traditional girl, ragini..he thought that one day sanskar also have to face this forced sanskar the great somehow made every1 agree..sanskar and swara then got its like raglak are married for 2 years while swasan for 1 swasan were in relationship from last 4 years..n friends from last 5 years..she helped him to built KARMA and CO company to gift ap n dp on their 30th anniversary..

“Sanskaar leave me. I need to get up.” Swara spoke as she tried to get out of his grip..

But Sanskaar was …Sanskaar… He only brought her closer and tightened his grip around her and dozed off again…

“Leave me. ”

“I won’t.”

“Please. Please.”

“No. And why the hell do you want to wake up at , for gods sake, at 5:30 AM ?” He asked bringing her closer till the tips of their noses were touching.

” If you are going to behave like this then I will never be able to get up.” she said capturing his mouth for a short, sweet kiss.

“Well if your never getting up results in this then well don’t get up” Sanskaar said teasing her.

“You can’t do this to me.”

“I can do anything.” saying this he started tickling her as she laughed out.

” Okay. Okay stop. I am out of breath ” Swara told him as he stopped.

” You lose…”

“When did we ever start a win lose game… But Sanskaar leave me . I need to get up… Its important.”

” Okay fine . First tell me why ? ”

” Badi maa has said that today is some Pooja and I need to be their in morning.”

Sanskaar made a small baby like face pouting as he finally let her go.

As she was getting up from their bed she heard him whisper

” My family has only started becoming the villain of my love story.”

their family was perfect….but one day,,,,,

” How could you do this to us Sanskaar ? After all we have done for you…we went against the rules of our culture n let u marry ur love,who is bengali…Durga Prasad shouted at Sanskaar throwing some papers. ” Is this what we are supposed to get after giving you all that love and care. Is this what we deserve ? ” he continued in angry tones.

” Why did you do this Bhai ? Why did you backstab us ?lakshya added some mirch masala in the spark making it fire…afterall, lux ji is jealous of our hero SANSKAR

” So you are the mystery man behind Karma and Co.. The company which has became our fiercest rival in the past years. And today this company took away the contract for which we have worked so hard.” DP continued. ” Why Sanskaar. What made you stand up against your family like this. How could you do this to your own family’s company ?”

“Do you have any idea that this way our family can lose their reputation ?” Adarsh spoke up. ” You could have helped our company but no you descided to rival us.”

” Sanskaar how could you disrespect my elder brother in this way ?” His father rp spoke.
The family continued to throw blames on Sanskaar as Swara stood their holding onto him tightly. Whenever she tried to speak up in his defense he would hold her back. She had come to know about his chairmanship few days back. And to say she was impressed would be understatement. She was ecstatic. Her husband was a genius. He was witty, smart and ruthless when it came to business matters. And to say that he has built that company from scratch in a matter of 3 years for surprising his bade papa on his 30th anniversary. A company that was solely his own. A company which did not go four ways like the Maheswari’s and Sons. A company that even towered his own family’s.He was stronger and successful than whole of his family combined. Oh , she felt proud. But that was not the matter with their own family. She turned her faces to looke upon everyone. All of them were staring at her husaband with hatred and she was not liking it a bit.

Her eyes then fell on Sujata who was on the verge of tears.She felt hurt. She felt bad. This so called family of her was accusing Sanskaar without any base. This was not done. When finally their ranting has stopped Sanskaar spoke up.

“over urs now…now listen to me carefully…bade papa n badi ma u are having ur 30th anniversay after 3 months..i just thought to gift u a company by merging these 2 companies..yes, i agree i indirectly forced u all to make me married to swara, a bengali girl,..but i have built this company by my hard work’ s not feeding on ur oblige(favour) like ur sons do..n moreover, my wife (he held her arm), she was the one, who helped me throughout my journey…n when u dont respect me, how will u respect my not now..each one of u said what u wanted to…even my mother-like badima blamed me,my sister uttaraa, stood with her (he says painfully) bhai’s..(he takes a pause)my mother-sister-like bhabhi’s (pari n ragini) they taunted me!!”

” So, listen to me carefully Mr. Maheswari. I am more powerful, successful and stronger than you. I do not live on your mercy and never will I. And frankly I do not need to. Keep your project for yourself if that makes you happy. Because you are not happy for me. I have had enough of this house and its nonsense. I am leaving today and I wish that may I never see your faces again.”he said…

With this said, he swiftly grabbed her hand and took her to their room. He started packing bags and asked her to help him.
” Are you sure Sanskaar? ” she asked him gently putting her arms around his and looking into his eyes as he calmed down.
” Yes, I am. Although if you are not…” He was cut in between by her.
” I will go wherever you are going. Get it. I am never leaving you.” she told him firmly kissing his cheeks and left to pack the bags.
” By the way where are we going ? ” she asked him , her eyes glistening with curiosity.
Sanskaar chuckled a bit and answered. ” Far away from here Swara. We are going to Mumbai. I already have a house there and I am sure you are going to like it.”

They had left quietly without bothering any1… Sujata has waved them off helplessly as she cannot leave her husband.
Sanskaar was depressed.

so what will happen now???
will sanskar suicide???
will swasan ever live happily??
will maheshwari’s have to pay back???
if yes, then how???
to know, keep reading….





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