Here’s the 2nd episode of Perfect for Each Other…..this part is small..the reason is also given below..1st read this part and then the talk..n I tried hard not to put many dots.
So here we go,

Swasan shifted in Mumbai in sanskar’s small bunglow..its a bunglow with 4 master bedrooms and 2 simple bedrooms, a big enough kitchen, dining area in front of kitchen, a big hall, drawing room, gym room.

Sanskaar’s room was of royal blue and sky blue colour..a big balcony attached to it, where a swimming pool is also there.
Days passed, sanskar was depressed, so he made himself busy in office work. Swara felt very sad and lonely. Servants were there to do every work. But no one can take place of their family. FAMILY- it is just a 6-letter word but no one can alone form a family. A family shares everything- happiness, sadness, success, failure, etc but they are 1 unit. no one can break them. but here, they are broken. No one believes sanskar. They have lost not 1 , but 2 gems. One is the business master-sanskar and the other one is the savior-swara.

Swara wanted to make sanskar normal. Though she knew, she cant fulfill the place which he gave to his family, but she can make him happy, a bit maybe. She had a ray of hope in her, where as sanskar did not have.

Swara talked to her friend who is a counselor. She suggested swara to spend some time with sanskar. Swara’s mind sticked to this. She used to think very much about this. She thought if she asked sanskar to take her out somewhere, he would definitely deny her.though he wanted her happiness, but he used to go early to office n used to come late at night.he didn’t talk much to swara. So this was swara’s problem. After 4 days, an idea struck her mind. Swara thought, she can SEDUCE sanskar which would be the best way, to distract his mind from all kind of tensions.

Within 2 days, she bought some dresses(u know of what kind) and prepared herself by reading tips from internet.

She asked sanskar to come home early , since it was their anniversary the next day and she wanted to celebrate it at night.
They had cut the cake and wished each other. Now sanskar was n his room, sitting on the bed, working on his lappy. Swara went to have a bath(part of her plan). She came out wearing a baby pink nightie hardly covering her half thighs.

Swa- sanskar, don’t u think this laptop is taking my place?

She said coming near him. Sanskar saw her, he was dumbstruck to see her like that. She was biting her lower lip, which was a petal of rose where she applied strawberry lip balm.

She closed his lappy and sat in his lap.

Sw- baby..don’t u thi(nk)

He cut her off by placing his lips on her rose was a long kiss. A passionate one. One which showed their love. Then it turned into a hungry one.

He pulled her belt n undressed her. He kissed her neck, shoulder n wherever possible..

N finally he entered into her, she moaned with pleasure making him more crazy about her. He kisses her lips. The lips join as if 2 pieces of puzzule are joined together to form a pic.

The lips fit perfectly conveying they are made for each other.

They made love forgetting all their tensions. They found a new way to keep themselves away from depression. This happened almost daily..


Hey guys! I know this episode is short. But what to do I have to drag this part to ask u a question. Guys I will be bringing a leap, so should I keep sanskar in coma or not? See, if I will keep him in coma, then maheshwari’s will be guilty. N if not, then the fight will be going on for long time and he will restrict swara also not to go to maheshwari’s.n I have to somehow finish this ss in 10-15 episodes. but on the other hand, I have to make swasan expecting with their 2nd child also which cant happen without sanskar(hehe).what to do guys?
N tell me should I post this ss tomorrow or movie world..everything is on u.

1. yes
2. No
N guys, plz do comment..n yeah I AM NOT GONNA KILL ANY1 HERE.
N plz tell me ans of both ques.
n sry if its too much vulgar..
I don’t know what I wrote in this episode as I wrote it in a hurry….I knw many of u will not like this episode and hence SORRY!!!!!





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