Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 28 -Last Chapter (A new beginning)

Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 28 -Last Chapter (A new beginning)

Thanks for all support and amazing comments you guys provided me through the journey of this FF…below is the last chapter…its little long since I am ending this one….so bear with this long chapter…Again thanks a ton for supporting…will post DPO tomorrow

Last Chapter

It was a grand reception for both the couples…it was more of a corporate event as majorly the guests were Bird Song associates and clients…NeSam, ARadhika were busy interacting with guests and Aunkush was waiting for Ananya he just wanted a single glance of her Ananya came along with Soniya…she was dressed in a off white floor length Anarkali with stone studded earrings…she was really beautiful…Ankush was wondering…why she hid herself so much…Ananya was restless she held Soniya’s arm ;’’ I don’t want to be noticeable…he might find me again’’ Soniya squeezed her arm; ‘’He won’t reach you till we are there…’’ Soniya knew Neil wanted Ananya to be noticeable…they were baiting the guy to come out…they were aware of his contacts…but this time poor guy had to deal with people much stronger than him.

Neil looked at Ankush desperation and whispered in Sam’s year…Sam saw Ankush an smiled she excused herself and went to him…gently touched his arm; ‘’Ankush Bhai…please control or you will flop our plan…now come with me I want you meet our friends….Ankush gave Sam a pleading look but she dragged him …Neil gave Ankush a questioning look and Sam started laughing…’’Ankush control man…I know she is looking pretty…but don’t make it obvious…or we all be in a soup…’’ Ankush glared at Neil…Neil got a message from Arjun that Ananya’s predator is aware about her whereabouts now…Neil smiled they finally baited him…Vicky asked Soniya to be with Ananya and not to leave her alone…till he tells her Soniya panicked; ‘’Vicky what is it?’’

Vicky; ‘’I should not be answering you…because you hid everything from me’’
Soniya frowned; ‘’I came to you…but you said afterwards…now don’t blame me’’
Vicky; ‘’woman you are impossible’’
Soniya; ‘’effect of your company’’ Vicky banged his head and made a call…’’

Sam noticed Ananya was shivering looking in a direction…she gestured Neil …he went took Ananya had and squeezed it …’’We will not leave you alone…’’ The man Ananya was scared was Jayesh Sawant…a hooligan …a right hand of a Politian …human trafficking was one of his business…Ananya was sweating profusely..she caught hold of Soniya’s arm her nails were digging into Soniya’s skin…Vicky went a spoke to two men…they nodded and left Vicky gestured Soniya to take Ananya to the room…Soniya was scared about plan getting backfired…she was scared. Arjun left Radhika with Mala and Dilip…and made his move…Soniya took Ananya to the room and gave her water; ‘’Ananya you rest for sometime ….when you feel good come down’’

Ananya caught hold of her hand; ‘’He will take me from here…please don’t leave me’’
Soniya; “Nothing will happen …relax’’
Arjun spoke to the DIG; ‘’If you are able to catch him red handed you are sure he will never be out’’
Police DIG; ‘’No Arjun we got good proofs…but if he is caught red-handed he would be nailed permanently’’
Neil; ‘’Good then…but please be careful room no. 402’’

Soniya was standing in a corner leaning against a wall with her eyes closed…Vicky tapped her shoulder…’’What’s wrong…don’t worry he won’t be able to touch her’’ Soniya nodded but she was shit scared.

Jayesh was baited to the reception by police and Arjun Neil contacts Ananya was the key witness if ever she opened her mouth he would be finished…his men update him Ananya was in 402. Ankush watched him going towards Ananya’s room he couldn’t hold himself and followed…Neil stomped his foot…He asked Vicky to take care of everything… Jayesh bribed a waiter to get the keys 402…he entered and laughed like a devil; ‘’You thought you would escape me that easily…now I will send you where the dirt like you belong…but before that I will have you myself first’’

Ananya; ‘’Why can’t leave me alone…I never spoke anything about you to anyone…just leave…I am pleading you’’ She was sobbing vigorously…but he seemed to enjoy her plight…but before he could touch her he got a tight slap on his face …Ananya was standing across the room…the one standing infornt of him was a lady police constable dressed as Ananya…other guards came and caught hold of him…he laughed maniacally; ‘’You really think you can hold me for long…I will be out in a day’’
Neil ; ‘’Sadly that will not happen …because if you are backed by an MLA…I have the support of his boss… please take him.’’ Arjun asked Neil to leave Ananya and Ankush alone and they walked off and joined the party…they had planned everything so well that people in party were not even aware what happened inside. Sam praised the boys.

Vicky took a sigh of relief and said; ‘’real battle starts now…who will bell the cat’’
Neil; ‘’its Ankush’s cat he should bell it’’
Sam; ‘’Shut up…Vicky it’s time we let Radhika to know everything…she can actually explain thing better that anyone else…’’
Vicky ; ‘’I know …fine where is she…its time we cannot be late…’’ Radhika joined them she looked at the all the faces…folded her hands ‘’may I know the matter’’ Vicky narrated everything…Radhika looked at everyone wide eyed…’’Wow…you people kept everything from me …now why should I help…go do it yourself’’ She turned her back to all of them…Sam looked at Arjun…he nodded negative…Neil acted to be scared…Sam finally herself went; ‘’Chashni…you don’t consider us you family …otherwise you would have praised our effort instead of scolding us..too bad yaar’’ Vicky chuckled…Sam had used Radhika’s words on her…Radhika looked at Sam; ‘’You are turning smart…ok good I will speak to Ma and Papa tomorrow…now someone please go and bring Ankush bhai…’’ Ananya came and hugged Soniya tight…she was still shivering…and sobbing…Soniya calmed her down; ‘’Its over Ananya he will never come back’’

Arjun; ‘’We will take Ananya with us …she is not in a state to be alone tonight’’ After the reception was over…Arjun and Radhika took Ananya with them…Radhika took Ananya to guest room…’’if you want latch the door…we are in next room…call me if you need anything’’ Ananya nodded and said; ‘’Thank you’’ Radhika gave her comfortable clothes and cam e to her room …she saw Arjun standing near the cupboard …she went to him and hugged him Radhika; ‘’How should I thank you for everything’’
Arjun; ‘’there are many ways and one of them is my favourite…’’
Radhika; ‘’Arjun I am serious…I don’t know how should I thank you…you are a great husband and an amazing human being’’
Arjun; ‘’What I did was for my family …and I did not do it alone Neil Sam Soniya Vicky everyone helped me in it…so why I am getting this thanks alone’’
Radhik smiled and said; ‘’Because I can give this thanks to you only…I love you…’’
Arjun smiled and hugged her tomorrow they had to speak to Radhika’s parents..which was going to be the toughest part

Sam was biting her nails…Neil watched her; ‘’What now Sammy…Ananya is safe’’
Sam; ‘’Who will save Ankush tomorrow…I am able to visualise him hanging upside down and uncle hitting him’’
Neil; ‘’Nothing will happen…before uncle aunty Dadaji will know everything..and we know him…he has the brain to twist everything’’ As realisation dawned on Sam she smiled broadly; ‘’Oh yes…ok then let us just sleep…come I am very tired’’ Neil smiled at her sudden chage of her attitude and followed her…he knew Dadaji was smart enough to turn the tables around.

Next Morning

Ananya went back to her house in the morning. Ankush was at Arjun’s place all tensed….he was marching from one corner to the other…Radhika noticed him and said; ‘’Bhai…this is not going help…neither in case of Ananya nor in burning the calories’’ Ankush frowned…Arjun smiled, Neil joined them Radhika found Sam missing; ‘’Neil where is Sam’’
Neil; ‘’Chashni Sam is with Ananya…last night incident and today’s plan everything is making her nervous….and Ankush…yes she loves you’’
Ankush smiled and hugged Neil tight…the quickly left for Vicky’s place…Vicky had told everything to Dadaji a night before…Soniya was herself very tensed she didn’t wanted anything which would hurt Ananya….Mala, Dlip and Dadaji were having breakfast when Arjun and his group joined them…Soniya took Vidhi inside…all of them were tensed , finally Vicky gestured Ankush to speak…Ankush gathered courage and spoke; ‘’Ma, Papa I like a girl and I want to marry her’’ The room suddenly looked like a curfew effected area….Dilip expression had already changed…’’What the hell you are talking…and what about the alliance we fixed for you…what should we do about that?’’

Ankush now had gained strength; ‘’Refuse them…if you can’t I will’’ next what Ankush got was a tight slap from Dilip…Arjun and Neil froze…Vicky held Dilip before he again slaps Ankush…Ankush was determined now; ‘’I love Ananya…I will marry her or no one else’’
Mala; ‘’Now who is this Anaanya…why didn’t you tell us about her before…what are her family details’’ Hearing Mala’s question Soniya grabbed her dress tightly into her fist…she knew what was coming next…Ankush narrated everything about Ananya…and Mala sank on the sofa sobbing cursing her fate…Radhika tried to pacify her mom but it was of no use…Dilip angrily questioned; ‘’Have you ever thought about the society we live in…what will we tell them about her…it easy to say but difficult to live’’
Radhika; ‘’Papa what society….if we accept her with full heart everyone else will turn quite…and why should we answer anybody’’
Mala; ‘’So you also are part of this…never expected this from you’’ Radhika rubbed her forehead Vicky came and stood next to his sister and said; ‘’Even I am involved…and mamiji…if he marries the girl you chose…he might divorce her in few months…he won’t be able to love her…’’ Dilip and Mala were not budging at all…Arjun Neil Vicky Radhika everyone tried…but they were not even ready to meet her….Dadaji who had been listening to all this finally asked everyone to shut up…everybody was quite…

Ananya was very tensed…Sam made her sit and gave her a glass of water…’’Clam down Ananya…you don’t know the brigade talking in your favor…they will not stop till they succeed’’
Ananya; ‘’I don’t want to be a part of his life…if his parents don’t agree…I can’t break a family’’
Sam smiled; ‘’Ananya everyone will agree…that’s a promise…we have accepted you as a family …and we don’t leave our family alone.’’
Anaya; ‘’I wish I would have found you guys before’’
Sam ;’’Don’t worry we will make up for all the lost time’’ Sam gently gave an arm hug to Ananya.
Dadaji was now fuming; ‘’Dilip…what society you are talking about…if Vicky and Soniya were not married Vidhi would have got the same name by the society …what Ananya has today…’’ Everyone was shocked…Dilip; ‘’Papaji…what are you talking?’’
Dadaji; ‘’Thighs which you are not able to understand…Soniya’s first in laws got to know that she was pregnant when she got married to their son…they pushed her out…but still Soniya bought the child in the world…what if Soniya would have decided not to give birth to Vidhi’’
Mala; ‘’don’t say this Vidhi is our life’’
Dadji; ‘’because she is Vicky’s blood…your family…Hope you understood now…Ananya’s mom did a brave thing…may be she made a mistake trusting a wrong man…but how is Ananya at fault…why are you punishing her in the name of society…the girl is brave…she could have hidden her truth easily but she shared it with us…she could have asked ANkush to be with her…instead she clearly told him that she would marry only if his family agrees…what more qualities or certificate you need…behave like educated people’’ After few moments of silence…dilip spoke’’ can we meet her’’ Neil quickly dialed Sam and asked her to bring Ananya along…

After half an hour Sam entered with a scared Ananya…Soniya’s heart pained to see her…Neil took Ananya’s hand and gently squeezed it; ‘’trust me’’ Ananya smiled she somehow trusted Neil the most…Neil made her sit infront of Mala…after few uncomfortable minutes…Mala started interacting with Ananya…she questioned her tested her…but Ananya without losing her patience answered Mala quietly…they agreed but it was not hunky dory…Arjun patted Ankush back and softly said; ‘’It will take time…but it would be fine slowly…I believe you should marry her and take her to Hrishikesh with you’’ after 4-5 hrs of discussion it was decided to get Ankush Ananya married soon…with a good reception in Hrishikesh…after a week Ankush ANanya were married off in Mumbai…Soniya welcomed her like a sister blessed her with full heart…Radhika knew Mala and Dilip will take sometime to accept her completely , Ananya gave up her career to be with family…she wanted a family which she never had. After few months all Radhika and Soniya would hear from Mala were the praise for Ananya.

After 6 months Bird Song

Radhika and Sam were working on a project…Radhika was writing the points on a white board…she didn’t get any response from Sam…she turn around and found Sam unconscious on the table…Radhika ran to Sam she sprinkled some water on her…Sam opened her eyes; ‘’Chashni I feel dizzy’’
Rdhika; ‘’Come we will go to doctor this instant’’
Sam; ‘’Let me inform Neil’’
Radhika; ‘’He is out with Arjun and Teji…come let us go’’
Radhika took Sam to the doctor, after the check up doctor update that Sam might be a month or two pregnant…but will confirm after the reports are out…Radhika and Sam turned mute they went to a coffee…Sam was kind of lost and shocked and Radhika little angry
Radhika; ‘’Sam…how come you are not aware about your pregnancy’’
Sam;’’Chashni…last few months I have been too busy…Pa took a kind of retirement and Mom only comes if it’s necessary …I didn’t pay attention to my dates or anything…but now when I am thinking…yes I might be almost 2 ‘’
Radhika; ‘’Sammy but this is also important…your reports will be out in 3 hrs…let me drop you home…I will collect your reports and see you evening’’
Sam; ‘’No I want to come with you please Radhika…nothing will happen…’’ Radhika gave up at Sam’s puppy face…after the reports were out…Doctor confirmed Sam was 2 months pregnant…now Sam was worried how to break the news to Neil. On Sam’s instance radhika bought Sam to office Neil saw them coming at ask…‘’I had been calling you two for so long…do you guys have a sense of responsibility…we were supposed to have a meeting at 3:00 PM and now its 4:30 PM. Sam was already tired…she quietly walked to her cabin…Radhika held Neil’s hand and dragged him to the boardroom
Neil;’’Now what’’
Radhika with anger; ‘’Responsibility….you? you don’t care for Sam…you are responsible for Sam’s condition…do you even what have you done to her…she fainted…I had to take her to the doctor…got all the test done..its all you fault’’

Neil all tensed; ‘’What’s wrong…tell me I am worried’’
Radhika made a serious face; ‘’You got her pregnant’’
Neil was all shocked but when he realized what Radhika spoke…he fainted…Radhika had to call Arjun to bring back Neil in his senses. When Neil gained his senses…he looked as if he had been teleported from some other planet…Arjun and Sam were laughing at him…Neil saw radhika; ‘’Chashni will kill you today…all your pranks are on me..wait’’ Radhika ran around the office with Neil in pursuit…he finally caught her and mockingly throttled her.

Radhika started taking care of work as Sam preferred to be at home…Prerna took a good care of Sam and after 7 months Sam delivered an beautiful boy…everyone was suggesting the name…but Sam was quite finally Prerna asked; ‘’Sam have you thought about the name’’
Sam was little hesitant; ‘’If everyone agrees can we call him Jai’’ Prerna and Neil readily agreed..Jai got the attention from everyone…he was pampered by Radhika and Arjun both. It was Jai’s first birthday and Radhika was helping Prerna…Prena looked at Radhika; ‘’do you want to share some good news’’

Radhika froze; ‘’How do you know’’
Prerna smiled; ‘’Your feet are swelled up…Arjun is being scolded by you left right you have developed weird cravings ’’Radhika blushed Prerna smiled and again asked; ‘’Does Arjun know’’ Radhika nodded negative…. Prerna now was little angry; ‘’radhika why not …you keep on working around the clock…this is not done come with me’’ Prerna went out…the party was on full swing, Prerna silenced everyone and spoke; ‘’So congratulation to me first I am again going to be a grandmother… Vicky you will be a Mamu…Neil uncle Sam aunty and Arjun Papa’’ All had turned mute… suddenly everyone jumped on Arjun congratulating him…Sam and Soniya hugged Radhika…Prerna again silenced everyone; ‘’Arjun…she will not work anymore till she delivers…I see her taking stress you are dead’’ Arjun was already the victim was Radhika’s mood swings….he nodded…Anaya came and stayed with radhika once she left Mala came and took care of her on the day of final Scan doctor told Arjun he is going to have twins…Arjun started sweating ..he had seen Neil turning into a mad man running after Jai…and now he had to prepare himself for twins…Neil extended his support to his friend…Radhika delivered a beautiful girl and cute boy….Sam and Neil were jumping with happiness…Arjun was relaxed…he got the complete happiness today…Prerna blessed both the kids and Radhika…during the naming ceremony…as it’s the right of child’s paternal aunt, but Nandini was not there with them…but Radhika surprised Arjun; ‘’My son will be known as Aryan…Arjun’s Aryan ‘’ Arjun had tears in his eyes he had once told Radhika about Nandini’s wish to name Arjun’s son as Aryan. Neil smiled; ‘’Now what about our princess’’

Radhika took her daughter and said; ‘’She will be named after her God parents my best friends…who are some way or the other responsible for my happiness…So she is Neil+Samaira…Naira’’
Neil and Samaira were emotional happy Sam kissed Naira and hugged Radhika without a word…Neil took little Naira from Radhika and watched her with love then he softly spoke; ‘’Baby remember me…I am the one who is going to spoil you to the core…no one on this planet will be able to trouble you… scold you…. not even your parents…I will always be there … now being your god parent…now you are my daughter too’’ the little angel curled her fingers around Neil’s little finger showing her acceptance…he cuddled her lovingly and refused to give her to anyone.

20 years later

A girl of 24-25 is waiting at a pool side restaurant she is Vidhi…she is trying a no. continuously ….and is damm worried… she is then joined by a 20-21yrs old girl …long hairs with golden streaks wearing a tight fitting jeans and a crop top…and a very handsome guy of same age he is soberly yet smartly dressed…they give Vidhi a hug…Vidhi asks; ‘’Aryan, Naira…where is Jai’’ ‘’I am here darling’’ all of them turn to find a dimpled handsome guy walking towards them… he winks at Naira…and she blushes, Jai takes his place and starts ; ‘’What was the urgency Vidhu’’

Vidhi; ‘’ Stop calling me that…Naira…I left my diary at your place…Arjun uncle called he knows about Rohit…he has asked to me come immediately…what to do’’
Naira; ‘’Dad loves you a lot…don’t worry he will agree’’
Jai; ‘’I don’t think so…they love her so much that they won’t find any guy suitable for her’’
Aryan; ‘’Good! Now you will be free of that guy…I don’t like…him’’
Vidhi gave a warning glare to Aryan; ‘’Aru I am serious about him…and you will never like anyone’’
Aryan; ‘’Chill sis…let me speak to mom…she will handle dad…. these days she is more firey than him…even he is scared of her.’’ All of them chuckled
Naira; ‘’No …I know what to do’’ She dials Neil’s no. ‘
Neil; ‘’Hi betu…what’s up’’
Naira; ‘’You need to handle dad..he know about Vidhidi’s affair and he is furious…and she is scared’’

Neil; ‘’Vidhi is having a boyfriend??…even I am furious…this is not done’’
Naira; ‘’Will you help…or I should help Vidhi di elope’’
Neil smiles; ‘’Fine will speak to Arjun but all of you back to Arjun’s house now’’ All the kids are there at Arjun’s place with their head bowed down…only 2 people were happy… Vidhi’s 17 yr old brother Vansh and Ankush’s son Ankit who was staying with Vicky for studies…because the gang never included them among themselves…Neil

Vicky and Arjun were staring at scared Vidhi…
Vidhi looked up; ‘’Papa I wanted to tell you…he is a good boy…Uncle please you always helped me…never refused me anything… give him a chance….Mom say something’’
Soniya just shrugged her shoulders; ‘’I warned you when you were 3…don’t fall in love’’ Vicky glared at Soniya; ‘’You knew about it’’
Soniya; ‘’Offcourse…I am not as mad as you guys…he is a good boy… stop scaring her’’
Arjun; ‘’Soniya this is serious…Vidhi for how long have you known him…till what limit has your relationship gone…hope you have not crossed your boundaries…’’
Sam; ‘’Arjun!!! you are too much…you are embarrassing her’’
Neil; ‘’Sam stay out of it…remember Vidhi if we get to know that you did something you shouldn’t have…then God save him’’ Naira pinched Neil and spoke softly; ‘’you were supposed to help you changed the sides so soon’’ Neil gently patted her hand; ‘’trust me…my dear’’
Suddenly Vansh spoke; ‘’Some guy came to meet di on Sunday that to at our house’’ Ankit supported…. Vidhi wanted to kill both of them…Aryan had had enough he walked to Vansh and Ankit and warned them…’’go inside my room or you both are dead’’ He turned to Vidhi and wrapped an arm around her shoulder…’’I am with you…and Mamu he is a nice guy…do think I would have left his bones intact if he wasn’t good’’

Radhika; ‘’Aryan…I didn’t educate you to be a rowdy…’’
Naira; ‘’But pity … he is a rowdy’’
Aryan; ‘’As if you are miss goodie two shoes…I know all your stories…actually you are spoiled one’’
Neil; ‘’Aryan don’t put your blame on her…she is a good girl…yes back to you Vidhi answer Arjun’s question for how long have you known him?’’ Aryan gave up.
Vidhi; ‘’6 yrs…but I never did anything which would shame my family’’ All of them were shocked
Vicky; ‘’6 yrs!!!…hell you started dating when you didn’t even knew the meaning of it… Now give me one reason for not being mad at you…he came to meet you in our house in my absence…how dare he’’
Vidhi was now in tears and irritated; ‘’Papa Vansh is guys don’t trust me…do one thing Please put Ankush chachu and Dadu on phone too…so even they can scold me’’
Jai; ‘’ you guys should be happy…that she chose a guy and not a girl to settle down’’ Jai got a light slap from Sam; ‘’its not the time to joke’’

Radhika; ‘’Enough!!! All of you…she is independent…she has always been a good girl …she has right to chose her partner…and you all should go back to your past as well’’ Pin drop silence
Aryan; ‘’And paramvir chakra goes to Mrs Radhika Mehra’’ Aryan gave a hifi to Sam
Radhika; ‘’Aryan…!!! Not now”
Arjun knew it was time for them to get scolded…he looked at Vidhi; ‘’Ask that guy to meet Vicky first and then come to Bird Song to meet us…and this should be done tomorrow…but if we don’t like him you need to backoff’’ Vidhi helplessly nodded and looked at Arjun,he just patted her cheek and went back to discuss with Neil and Vicky

Sam gave a thumps up to radhika…but frowned looking at something…Jai and Naira were lovingly holding hands under the table…she quietly walked to them; ‘’Behave both of you…its still time for you two’’ Jai was little embarrassed but Naira planted a kiss on Sam’s cheek…Sam lovingly ruffled her hair…after this all were busy in discussing about how to torture Vidhi’s boyfriend…Soniya pushed Ankit and Vansh to room as they started their list of complaints against the older ones…Radhika noticed the body language of Jai and Naira…she smiled and looked at Sam she softly spoke; ’’looks like we don’t have to search much…they are cute together’’ Sam nodded and asked ‘’what about Aryan…Radhika huffed; ‘’He is exactly like Arjun…just hoping for the best’’
Sam ; ‘’Don’t worry Chasni..if god made you for Arjun…there should be someone for this junior khadoos’’ Radhika and Sam were talking when they heard the door bell…Arjun answered the door he saw a cute girl of 19 standing with her arms folded to chest
Arjun; ‘’Yes how may I help you’’

Girl; ‘’Aryan Mehra…where is he’’ Aryan came to the door…the girl pushed him inside and locked him to the wall with her hockey stick…Aryan frowned; ‘’Who the hell are you’’
Girl; ‘’Shaina…younger sister of sunny…how dare you scare my brother…next time try… I will break all your bones and parcel them back to your house’’ Aryan blinked she was threatening him in his house in front of his family Naira chuckled…Sam smiled and whispered; ‘’Chashni she is perfect…let’s get them married now’’ Radhika smiled the girl left after warning Aryan he brushed his shirt and curled his fingers into a fist…everyone was looking at him; ‘’Won’t spare her’’
Naira; ‘’Really…she left you scared in your own house…please end the charade of brave angry young man’’

Aryan glared at Naira; ‘’You are a spoiled Brat’’ Naira was about to give back when Arjun warned both…as they settled around to get back to their discussion about torturing Rohit… Naira and Jai again held their hands under the table marking the beginning of a new story.

Thanks you to all my friends….love you all

Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 28 -Last Chapter (A new beginning)


Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 28 -Last Chapter (A new beginning)

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