7 chumzZzZzz for ever (Epi-2)

It was second day of colleg….it was bit sunny day…students were bzy wth their frndz in the campus….suddnly the bell rank and the students started to move to their class room in a hurry burry…but there were two who was not at all bothered abt all these…thy were thy were busy in their own talks…

voice1: hai dea hw iz my new hairstyl..
voice2:this one…???(in a teasing tone)seriously someone fooled u…ths is nt new..
voice1:ehh..ya i knw…i was jst testing u…
voice2:ohh reallyy…bt anyway it suits u…aftr all u r my cutie pie?
voice1:awww…nt more than u…?
voice2:by the way hw am i lookng…
voice1:as usaul very hott…
voice2:idiot we came across our class…
voice1:so wat we can move back naa…
voice2:move fast yarrr
voice1:ahh…baba I am coming

voice2: we r already late…
thy move to their class…
both togethr: may we get in mam…
mam: yaa…come in…
both gets inside the class room and sits togethr nd started their talks…
mam:(in a iriked manner)u red(colour of dress) one wats going on…jst few sec back u came to the class and nw only u started ur talks…
voice1:yes mam she talks alot
mam: u dnt try to bcome smart..what is ur name
voice1: mam my name…my name is twinkl…frm mumbai….

(soo this our twinkl…she iz vry cool nd charmming gril…bt wat to do she is a tubelight…bt own a very good heart…her heart is so soft lyk a flower…till tody she nevr evn tried to hurt evn an ant…coming to her family her father is a bussiness man nd her mom is a housewife…she hav a big bro nd a sis…)
mam:nd u..
voice 2: am nandhini…frm mumbai

(she is our nandhini…hot gorgious attitude wala gril…bt very good frm heart…she do nythng for her loved one… she iz intrestd to study..her father is a gvt officer…mom housewife…she hav a big bro…hu iz vry strict…)
nandhini:wats ur name mam…nd whch sub u take…
mam:am liya…nd am nt ur sub teachr ya clss techr…am a dpt teachr..ur clss techer iz abzt for a week…so am here..
the day ends…..
( gyz am mkng it shrt bcz itz jst intro of each charecter….)
the day was bit moody…
we see a girl who is coming towards the colleg…playing with her shwall…nd talkng to herself…
girl:oh godd…today am going to start a new journyy…i really dont knw how will be my classmates teachers seniours and all….will i be able to make gud frndzz ovr there…ohh god plz hlp me…
whn she see her campus a bright smile appear in her face…and she thinks in her mind this my chanc to fullfill my aim…and i will surely use this…suddenly someone hits from back…she turns and sees…bt there was no one…she took her leg to move forward…but a sound from down stoped her..
sound: hy stop…my books…
girll:ohh am srry…may i help u
sound by gettng up..

sound:thankyou…bt am done..
gril: hi what is ur name
sound:hi I’m
the bell rings
girl:i thnk bell rank…we shuld mv to our class..
sound:yaa lets movee…
thy mv to their clsses…
girl:ok by…this is my clss
sound:no by say hi…evn am in this class…
girl:thats grt..
they both enter the class before mam comes…
mam:gud mrng studnts…
studnts:mrng mam…

mam seems lyk there are two new comers…gv ur intro grlz
the girl nd sound get ups..
girl: am sam frm banarass…
[guys this is new sam…totally dffrnt frm manmarziyaa]
(sam…a cute sweet honest lovely girl…who makes others to forget their pain by her smil…her father iz a NRI mother is house wife…she three broz a big nd two small…she also hv two big sis..she hv no cmplain abt her life…a hppy girl..)
mamm:ok u
sound:am radhika from kashmir

(radhikaaa…who is vry beautiful girl..wants everythng perfect…innocent truthful girl…who lovs her family vry much….who values frndshp very much….she will do any thing to her frndz…coming to her family her father is a surpunch of her village…her mother iz a house wife…she hs a big bro four big sis nd three small sis…)
radhika moves to mahi’s place nd sits there
radhikaa:hellooo am radhikaa…ur name

by the time sam was feeling bored…twinkl came to her plac
twinkl: hii am twinkl u r sam ryt..
sam:yaa…wats her name(pointing towards nandhinni)
nandhini comes there…
nandhini: am nandhinni…u r frm

sam:am frm banaras
soon thy started to mingl with their clssmates…
*********the day ends**********
next day
it was a rainny day we see a girl running towards the campus caching her ummberlaa…she reaches the ground floor…she foldes her ummberlaa…she was bit wet bcz of rainn…she cleaned her eys whch is lyk hazzel nut…thn her cheekz wch is soft lyk a flwr….nd cleaned her red lips with her dhupatta….she then made her lonng shinny smooth hair propperr…she started to move to her class..
voice :may i come in mam
students: come inn yaarr..mam iz not here….
she gets in nd sits bside nandhini..
nandhinni:haii am nandhini..u
voice:am ragini
twinkl:wow..nic name…by the way am twinkl…
twnkl:u r frm??
ragini:frm delhii..

(raginii she is soo beautiful…she iz vry innocent nd sensitv…lv her frndz vry mch…evn rdy to die for thm…she is vry gud in studiz…her fathr iz a bussiness man nd mom housewife..she has two broz a big nd a smll…she has fulll freedom in her lyf…)
aftr few sec mam entrz the class
mam :gud morning studnts
studnts: gud mrng mam
mam:myslf am roopa ur new clsz teacher…
twnkl:mam u r soo gorgeous…
mam:tank u baby…by the way wats ur name
twnkl: am twnkl…
mam:lvly name…students introduce urslf
all studntz givs their intro nd the day ends….

precap:principal announce by 10:30am admission will be closed..at other side a girl who is stkd in traffic saying ohh god itz 10:20am amm lt..

srry gys i knw there r lot of grmatic mstks…plz do bear…nd plz plz plzzzz do cmmnts….

7 chumzZzZzz for ever (Epi-2)


7 chumzZzZzz for ever (Epi-2)


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