Raglak love (episode 1)

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Characters are same as in serial

Laksh has realised his love for ragini.Though ragini loves him she can’t face any betrayal this time.
Marriage hall
Today is ragini’s and parth ‘s marriage.Both aren’t interested.because of the family pressure they are marrying.

Laksh is restless . He can’t see his love marrying to someone else .He takes a drastic step of kidnapping ragini and marrying her.
Marriage hall
Ragini gets kidnapped by laksh.
Ragini slaps laksh and scolds him for kidnapping her.Laksh without listening to her ties Mangala sutra and drags her for pheras.
Ragini is now crying.

Laksh :Ragini plz don’t cry .I can’t see you crying .I love you.
Ragini : but this not the right thing you did.
Laksh : remember you also did same thing with me.
Ragini :I know that so you already gave a biggest shock in my life.I can’t face any betrayal. and I don’t love you .
Laksh :I know you love me and I also love you ..There will be only love in our life from now onwards.
Ragini :This is not happening

Raglak love (episode 1)


Raglak love (episode 1)


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