Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th November 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s residence
Virat gives avni a drink laced with alcohol through the waiter. She takes the drink, and gets
drunk. The guests discuss as to how they have such a big heart, to adapt the girl who went to all limits to defame and malign their respect. she starts behaving embarassedly and insulting raj’s family, in her inebriated rant, one by one, first with mahduri and her husband staying at their maternal house, then Anjali who in her version destroyed Arpita’s career out of jealousy, and Vikram, who blamed his mother for everything, whereas he too was at fault. raj and his family are frustrated while virat is amused. raj gets the scent of alcohol, and is shocked, and forcibly takes her away from there, to the room, while she keeps protesting. He throws her a pitcher of water, and she clings onto him, in her inebriated state, and sleps in his arms. he resignedly tucks her in bed. As he turns to go, he finds his hand on avni’s, and is shocked. He wonders whats going on, as they couldnt live an instant without each other, and now they cant stand each other, hence he feels suffocated. He is tensed.
The next morning, avni wakes up with a severe hangover and headache, and rtemembers her interaction with raj, last night. she finds her saree taken off, and herself in a change of clothes, and wonders how her clothes got changed, and wonders if Raj did anything wrong. She is about to get up, and gets the idea that raj mixed something in the drink, and then took advantage of her inebriated state. Raj comes in, and she starts slapping him, reprimanding him for his misbehaviour. Raj says that he didnt do anything, as hates her so much, that he isnt intersted in neither seeing her or her body, and is disgusted by the mere thought of it. She asks about the change of clothes. raj clarifies that madhuri changed them, as he hates her and isnt interested in touching her. he leaves, while she is tensed.
As avni comes down with the hangover, virat pretends to be concerned and says that this was to happen due to the alcohol that she took. she asks him how does he know she had alcohol. He tells her that everyone saw the way she behaved drunk last night. He instigates her by saying that Anjali took back her revenge, of avni’s insult to them, by making her a joke in front of people. Virat says that its rightfully said, that all’s fair in love and war and then leaves. She decides to take revenge on Anjali, in the similar manner. she dials a number and begins talking.
At the breakfast table, noone is willing to eat, when avni comes in apologising profusely, and saying that she wants to do penance. all are confused, as she heads to the kitchen and then ignites the burner, and starts warming a knife on the flame. raj and his family are shocked. He gets up to save her from this madness, but anjali stops her saying that she would handle this herself. they all try to get her out of this madness. In that scuffle, Avni puts the flaming hot knife on her hand in the scuffle, and then anjali snatches it away from her. Avni finds police constables coming in, and she blames anjali that they are doing this to her. The police comes in on the pretext of domestic violence. anjali is shocked to find the knife in her hands, while the police starts reprimanding them for their gruesome behaviour. They dont believe as raj and his family try to prove their innocence, as evidence goes against them. Madhuri and others convince avni to tell the truth, while she stands speechless. The police takes anjali away, while all are shocked, and distraught.
Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th November 2014 Written Update
Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s residence
Arpita returns home, and finds bhawna distraught, and breaks down in front oe her, about Abhaas and avni, while akshat stands tensed. A tear escapes Bhawna’s eyes. She says that whats supposed to happen shall happen, but she believes in her worship, and that abhaas went away and she couldnt do anything, but she wont let injustice bemeted to avni, and shall fight, and the goddess shall have to favour her. Akshat is tensed.
The next morning, bhawna intentionally keeps avni’s plate, telling everyone, that she can be thrown out of the house, but not from her heart, and that she would always be her daughter, despite people throwing her out, when she needed them the most, hinting at suket. He asks if she thinks he is a bad and merciless person, and that they should support avni, and tells as to how he went yesterday to search for avni, and then tells them about seeing avni at raj’s place and fucntion yesterday. all are shocked. Bhawna refuses to believe it, as her avni cant do anything like that. Suket says that avni is hell bent on ruining theirs, and settling her new family now. He throws the plate and all are tensed.
Akshat decides to go back to office, and arpita starts chatting with smile buddy, talking about her dilemma and torment in the family, and also tells him that she gets bored as she doesnt have her work. Her chat friend tells her that she got her license back, and asks her to check her mail. she asks how did he know and if he got it done, and he responds by smiling. She is excited and asks how is he related to the jewellery association and asks who is he. But he logs off. She is confused, and then is happy to get her work back.
Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Avni waits for bhawna, as she arrives in her car. Bhawna gets out of the car to meet avni, who too comes out of the car, distraught and overwhelmed to hug her, but she stops her. Avni is shocked, when bhawna stops her from calling her as mother, and declares that she isnt her daughter anymore. Avni is apalled. She says that she is ashmaed to be her mother, and refuses to listen to anything by avni, and that she knew about her mother’s mistakes in the past, and she believed her more than herself, but she let her down completely. avni tries to tell the reason, but bhawna tells her that no reason can justify what she did, and asks her not to try and meet her ever, as she doesnt have any relation with her anymore, and that she isnt her daughter, but the wife to her son’s murderer. Bhawna walks ahead, when avni stops her from behind. She turns around and tells avni that in abhaas’ murder, she is equally convicted as much as he is. She storms ahead, while avni stands dazed. She sits in the car and leaves, while avni keeps trying to explain herself. She is distraught.
Scene 4:
Location: Raj’s residence
As avni heads to her room, raj comes to her, saying that he never thought that she could stoop so low, to malign his mother, and she says that she is just reciprocating the favour, that anjali did to arpita by wrong accusations, and this time, its her turn to pay back. Avni turns around and starts walking. She thinks that this is the time to let her family know her true purpose of being here. raj thinks that he would have to stop this game, before his family is ruined anymore, due to avni. Raj calls the police, and finds that he is unable to talk to his mother. Vikram goes to talk. Virat instigates raj that avni has shaken the family, and that he is scared of her next move. The screen freezes on Raj’s tensed face.
Precap: Raj scares avni by getting inside the room, and then bolting it, saying that she has come back as his wife, and staying in the family as a wedded couple, and hence he should stay here and has every right to, legally. Avni asks what does he want. He says that he wants to consummate their marriage. she tries to get out, but he pins her against the wall, and tries to lean in on her, to get physically intimate with her, and disgust her.
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