swaragini..was this your love??? episode 5

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The episode starts in sanskar’s apartment.
Sanskar: where r you swara. Now i cant even live one day without you. I am coming to you swara. I am coming. I know even you must missing me a lot.
He goes out.
On road .
He sees the bungalow in front of his apartment and sees laksh written on name plate.
Sanskar: laksh.. is he my brother …no he cant be my lucky. Lucky is in kolkata. He must be someother laksh.
He sees arnav playing there and goes to him.
Sanskar: hey do u like football.
Arnav: yes it is mine and my father’s favourite game.
Sanskar: even i like it alot. .
He remembers the time when he and laksh sits and see fotball match together.
Arnav: so uncle will u play with me.
Sanskar: ok.

They play.
Swara calls arnav.
Arnav: coming mom.
Arnav: uncle come i will make you meet my mother.
Sanskar: ok..
Sanskar gets a call.
Sanskar: beta i have to leave.. btw.. u r.
Arnav: arnav m..
Sanskar: nice meeting u .. bye.
Arnav: bye.
Arnav goes in.
Arnav: mom i met an uncle and u know he was a very good football playr.
Swara: i have told you na no talking to strangers.
Arnav: but he was a good man .. he live on second floor in the building opposite our housr.
Swara: ok.
Arnav: he was a very good player. It was fun playing with him.
Swara: was he better than your father too.
Arnav: no mom. No one is better tha. My papa.
Swara: ok papa ke chamche. Now go and get freshed. Today we will go for dinner..
Arnav= ye …..
In restaurant
Swara: laksh what will eat
Laksh: i will eat what my son will like.
Laksh and arnav give hi-five ……

Swara: ok what do u want.
They make their order.
Sanskar also comes in that restaurant.
Sanskar: excuse me …can u plz tell me where is washroom.
Waiter: that way sir .
Sanskar: thank you..
Sanskar goes in. When he was returning to his table. He sees swara there.
Sanskar: swara..my swara
He tries to follow her but she left.
In swalak car.
Swara: i can feel that something is gonna be wrong.
Laksh: dont worry… i am there na.
Swara smiles.
They look at each other and share an eyelock.
Arnav: papa ..
Laksh: what champ.
Arnav: ice cream.
Laksh: ok…..
They all eat ice-cream.
Swara: u both go and sit .. i am just coming.
Laksh: but what happened.
Swara: nothing….u go i am coming.
Laksh: ok.

Swara goes to a shop to buy wind chime.
Swara: wow they all r so beautiful…which one should i buy.
Sanskar passing by there spots swara
Sanskaf: swara…
He goes to that shop. But swara has already left.
Sanskar: a girl was standing here na. Where is she
Man: she has left…
Sanskar: o…may i plz know that what she had purchased.
Man: sir he liked this one…but left it for next time.
Sanskar: ok u pack this one.
Man: ok sir
Sanskar= this is my swara’s choice….
He takes the wind chime to his house and hangs it on his window…
He was looking at moon …
When he touched the wind chime … he suddenly saw swara on the bungalow opposite to his window
She was sitting in garden.
Sanskar: swara…..
He leaves …
Swara was sitting alone in garden. Laksh comes there…
Laksh: arnav is sleeping.what r u doing here.
He sits next to her.
swara: laksh see moon is looking so beautiful.
Laksh: swara u r the same as u were 7 years ago.
Swara smiles.
Swara: laksh u love arnav a lot na.
Laksh: he is my life ….

Swara:. I know.
Laksh: swara..
Swara: yes
Laksh: i cant even think of living without u two.
Swara: same here. For me U both r more than my life…..
Swara keeps her head on his shoulder. …
In sanskar’s room.
Sanskar: no more wait swara . Tomorrow morning i am coming
In morning…
Sanskar goes to bungalow. He looks in … he sees many swalak photos with arnav on wall
Sanskar: means swara and laksh have married and arnav is there son…. swara why have u done this with me… i love u swara….
He returns to his house .

Precap: sanskar’s revenge…..

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swaragini..was this your love??? episode 5


swaragini..was this your love??? episode 5


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