SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 10)

For your SMILE.?
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Now let’s start

@police station
Dp and Ragini were in shock to see each other..
Dp- Laado….
Ragini- Duggu uncle….
Ragini’s eyes were filled with tears… Dp’s too….he went near her..and hugged her tightly.
Arjun, Amaya and sanskar got puzzled..
Dp- u r alive my dear… Thank god… Do u even know hw much I missed u?
Sanky was in super shock… He never ever seen his father showing love and care to someone so deeply… Ha.. he loves everyone but he never expressed it..but today…sanky couldn’t believe his eyes.

Sanky- Dad, who is this?
Dp- she is my laado… Shekhar’s daughter…. Mera bhi…..
Arjun also was in confused state
Arjun- who is this laado…?
Ragini- didn’t u get him?…he is DP uncle….
Arjun- wt?…he….
Ragini- ha…yahi dp uncle hai…ur role model…. U know what uncle, he is an IPS officer… But his role model is u…he just love ur attitude towards every problem… In total.. He is a great fan of ur’s…

Arjun came forward and took blessing from DP.
Dp- but laado, I didn’t get him?
Ragini- he is Arjun…. My brother..
Dp- oh…he is the one.. Ur super hero ha..?
Ragini noded yes.
Dp- but laado, wt r u doing here in the police station?.. And Arjun, why do u want to arrest my children?
Ragini- wo….wo….
Sanky- wo…papa…we said a story of misunderstanding which happened in morning na….she is that girl….
Dp was fuming in anger
Dp- wt?…u r gone today sanky… Arjun, I will give you the complaint …arrest him,I won’t leave anyone who hurts my laado..
Sanky- papa…

Dp completely ignored him.
Ragini- oh ho…it is too much nw…can u guys plz stop it…it was a misunderstanding… Arjun bhai,Duggu uncle.. Plz na…leave it…
Sanky- Duggu uncle?… Wt name is that?…
Dp- laado I said so many times.. Don’t call me that in front of everyone… I have an image yaar…
Ragini- image?.. Wt image?… An angry man’s?..ho plz ha…I really don’t care… U r my Duggu uncle that’s it.
Everyone laugh on them.
Sanky was mesmerized to see her…he couldn’t take his eyes from her.
Amaya went to Ragini.
Amaya- I am sorry.. BTW I am Amaya.
Ragini- its OK….my name is Ragini..
Amaya- so ,friends?….
Ragini- ya…but at one condition…
Amaya- wt?..
Ragini- u have to say sorry to my brother…
Amaya- wt…no way…he really did wrong with that police officer…
Ragini- no…he really deserved it..
Amaya- wt u mean?
Ragini explained whtever happened there..
Amaya- wt…he was such a crap…

Amaya turn to Arjun
Amaya- I am sorry…
Arjun- it’s OK…
Ragini- nw we are friends.
Sanky- wt about me?
Ragini- OK..u too…
Sanky felt immense pleasure.
Sanky- so ..let me introduce myself… I am sanskar…
Dp- laado u know wt…it was my big mistake that I gave him this name which don’t suite his character at least one percentage.
Everyone burst out into laugh..
More than angry, sanky was in surprise..It is first time he seeing the fun side of his father..he murmured..”U r complete package my laado…”He didn’t understand what is happening with him…But he felt so good..

Arjun- BTW..Laado…Wo.. brother sanky nahi da?…
Sanky(in his mind)-wt me?..her brother?..No way..!
He wanted to scream.. But somehow he controlled his emotions. He killed Arjun almost 1000times in his heart..

(Relax sanky… Say ‘all is well’…at least Arjun got it na..u r not the brother..So chill..)
Ragini- no bhai…it was swayam.. Sanskar’s brother.. The one who fainted on the road.
Arjun- wt…wo…?he was ur brother… Means ur younger brother right… (Arjun smiled like a child with immense pleasure)..It was too much yaar laado… I was feeling so restless hearing about ur new brother… I felt like u r going from me..I thought u will give my place to him…
Ragini- relax bhai…hw can you even think that?… U r my super hero…my elder brother… No one can replace ur place in my heart…swayam is my younger brother… Today onwards ur’s too…
Amaya- OMG… Wt a possessive brother u r..?…u felt jealous to our swayam.. Ragini.. God bless you my child…u got a new brother, he was in full of anger mode….I was thinking… If u get a boyfriend, then wt?…I am damn sure.. Ur brother will put whole bullet in him…
No one couldn’t control their laugh.. Except sanky… His eyes were fixed on the gun of Arjun..
Arjun- shut up ha…
Ragini- BTW hw is swayam?.

They narrated everything..
Suddenly Arjun got a call.
Arjun(on phone)- wt…is it important?..Ya..I will try my best..Ya sure..
He cut the phone..He was in tension..
Dp- wt happened Arjun?is everything fine?.
Arjun- wo..uncle.. I have to go out of the state for some important work.. I was thinking.. Wt to do..I can’t take laado there..bcz she isn’t safe there…I will have full day work.. So can’t be with her..here also she isn’t safe..she will be alone here..and I can’t back out from my responsibility…
Dp- oh beta…don’t worry.. We r here na..?..we will take her our home.. I will take care of my child.
Arjun- but uncle…
Dp- don’t u believe in me?..
Arjun- it is not like that…
Dp- then it is final..she will come with us… Is it OK Laado?
Ragini- wo..main….

Dp- formality ha…?…
Ragini- no uncle… OK..I will come… Bhai when will you come back?
Arjun- with in a week laado..
Ragini- OK..I will go with Duggu uncle.. U don’t worry ha..?
Arjun- OK..thank u uncle.. I have to leave today itself.. I will drop her ur home at night.. Plz message me ur address.
They exchanged their contact number.
Dp- OK..see u later… We will leave nw..
Arjun and Ragini took blessing from DP..and said bye to everyone.. They also left home for packing.

@Mehra mansion
They reached home… And did their packing.
Arjun- laado r u angry with me?
Ragini- noo…wt happened bhai..why r u asking me like that?
Arjun- wo…u came home… I didn’t spend a quality time with you… And nw…again busy with works…
Ragini came near him and hugged him…
Ragini- u know what… No one can be so stupid like u…hw can u even think so…u know na..every single second I spend with u is my life’s best moments… I don’t think no one can love me like u..I love you bhai…I really do..
Arjun- love you too laado… I will miss you…
Ragini- but…I think.. I won’t…
Arjun- wt..but why..?

Ragini- swayam hai na….
Arjun- but he is ur younger brother na…he can’t take my place.. U will definitely miss me..
Ragini- u have no idea about my swayam… He is a super cool brother… Ha..he is younger brother.. But his attitude is just like an elder one…I must say… He is awesome..
Arjun- whtever..
His face turn dull due to jealousy.. Ragini couldn’t hold her laugh.. She took her mobile.. And captured a photo of Arjun with her.
Arjun- wt r u doing yaar..
Ragini- (put her hand on his cheek)..oh my brother was looking so cute when burning with jealous… Hw can I miss this moment…?
Arjun- that means..U intentionally made me jealous..
Ragini- wo…I will miss you na…so…
Arjun- u r gone today laado..
Ragini run from there.. Arjun chase her..and start pillow fight.. They spend some time together.


Arjun and Ragini reached there.whole family welcomed them.(Dp already said everything to AP.. She was really excited to meet her future bahu)
Swayam came and hugged Ragini.
Swayam- sanky told me u will come.. But I thought he is lying ..I am really happy to see u..
Ragini- me too..
Arjun was feeling little bit of jealousy to swayam..,he is going away from laado for a week.. So he really wanted her whole attention on him..
Arjun- oh..he is the one who stole the heart of my laado ha?…

Swayam got his point… And jealousy behind his question..

Swayam- ha…kya hua…?…brother hai…boyfriend nahi…so take a chill pill…
Arjun opened his mouth and looked at Ragini who was smiling at him..
Ragini- I told you na…he is Masterpiece… No copy is available… 1st experience hai na…don’t worry… Gd luck for next time…
Arjun- true… I really need that…
He smiled at swayam.
Arjun- so uncle… I will leave nw…plz take care of my laado..
Swayam- don’t worry big brother.. I will take care of her…she will be 24hrs under protection of mine.
Arjun- really?.. An orchid flower can make u faint…u will protect my sister?…
Everyone laugh loud…
Swayam- oh hello…don’t underestimate me…who said all this nonsense story.. Sanky na?.. I won’t leave u today…

And u don’t worry my big brother… Log orchid se kabhi war nahi kartha…
Arjun- agar kiya tho?
Swayam- I will wear scarf…happy?
Arjun- sounds better…
Their jealousy to each other for being Ragini’s favorite is clearly seen in their fight..
Ragini- stop…hogaya..?Duggu uncle… Wt kind of brothers r this..?.. It is better to make sanky my brother… At least I will get some peace…
Sanky couldn’t control this time.. He shouted….
Sanky- Nooooooo…..
Everyone turned to him.
Sanky came to sense..he looked at Arjun and made sure that he is not having gun on his hand.
Sanky with a relief
Sanky- I mean… Agar tum muje brother banaya tho …in logon ka attack mujh par hoga right?.. I can’t take this risk… I am ur friend na…I think it is the better post for me..I don’t want any promotion nw…plz yaar…
All laugh again.swayam gave a killer look to sanky..

(I think swayam is too fast in guessing.. He got u sanky..he really got u…)

Arjun- OK I will leave nw..
Ragini hugged him with teary eyes. He also hugged her back. He took AP and DP’s blessing… And went from there.
After dinner swayam showed Ragini her room and all went to their respective rooms for sleep.

Sanky and swayam’s bedroom.
Swayam opened his eyes.. He didn’t get sleep..he turn to sanky… And our Sanky….. He was busy in dreaming about Ragini with open eyes…swayam thought for a while… He murmured ‘I think I need to start my new mission…. “Mission RAGSAN”… And he started to talk sanky without disturbing his thoughts.(I think his mission is on air)
Swayam- Laado is so beautiful na?
Sanky(not in his sense)- ha…she is the most beautiful girl…
Swayam control his laugh..
Swayam- and her voice… Just like a melody song right?…
Sanky- ha yaar…aur her eyes… Symbol of innocence.
Swayam couldn’t control his laugh this time.
Swayam- achaaa….(he taped on sanky’s shoulder. He came to his sense.
Swayam- love at first sight ha…?..wow bhai….I didn’t expect it from u…
Sanky blushes…

Sanky(fake anger)- wt nonsense..?.. Nothing like that OK…
Swayam- really?…look at ur face, U r blushing like a girl..don’t dare to tell me lie again… In this midnight u r dreaming about her..then wt is this feeling called?..
Sanky- wo..wo..can u plz change the topic?
Swayam- ya…u r right.. It is better to change the topic. U really don’t deserve Laado…
Sanky- but why?
Swayam- u have no guts to accept ur feeling in front of me…then hw can u even stand in front her big brother…(In a upset tone) I have to drop my dreams.
Sanky- wt dreams?
Swayam- the dream to get Laado as my permanent sister in our home.
Sanky- nw u r underestimating me…I need time yaar..
Swayam- take ur own time.. But bhai promise me that u will fulfill my dreams.I will do whatever u say..sure…just promise me na…
Sanky act like thinking.. And smile widely..
Sanky- I will try my best.. OK..
Swayam hugged him with happiness.
After some time…

Swayam- sanky…can we go out for an ice cream..?
Sanky- in this midnight?
Swayam- wt is new in it…why r u behaving like we never did it ha?..
Sanky- OK..lets go..waise I am also not getting sleep..
Swayam- OK..we can call laado also…
Sanky- no…
Swayam- yes…she is my sister…she have to be a partner in our crime… So She will also come…
Sanky- OK..but hw can we call her..I have only Arjun’s number.. Not her…
Swayam- did u forget.. She is in our home…. So go and call…ha..don’t go through door…all will get to know.. So go through window…
Sanky- wow…hw intelligent my brother is…then u go na…
Swayam- no…her room is near our parents room..only u can handle it well..BTW..it is ur responsibility too…don’t worry.. “Pyaar kiya tho darna kya bhai..”
Sanky-r u out of ur mind…if she see me in her room.. She will scream… BTW..I said I am not sure about my feelings.. So plz stop teasing me…
Swayam- OK..I stopped.. Now plz..u go na….. at least for me..
Sanky- OK..but only for u..get ready at gate.. I will come with her.
Swayam- OK ..I love u bhai…I will call amaya also…and all the best..
Sanky- OK thanks…
They left from there.

@ragini’s room
Ragini was in deep thought…
She murmured …
God,I don’t know.. Wt u r up to?… Some days before.. U took everything from me.. And today u gave me everything… Plz God..nw don’t make my heart break again… I can’t face it again…
Suddenly she saw a shadow on the window.. Someone was entering to her room.
Ragini thought it may be a thief.. So she didn’t made any noise and acted like sleeping. He came near her..he was going to tap her on shoulder…She caught his hand… And gave a tight slap on his cheek… She was going to punch on his nose …but he pinned her on the wall..he was so close to her… They could hear their breathing… He closed her mouth with one of his hand before she can shout….

Precap- RAGSAN special episode… Their first hug…

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SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 10)


SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 10)


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