Pani – a story we wish were true – part 63

Pani – a story we wish were true – part 63

Recap: Parth and Niti stay away. VeeYaz together.

Quite a few days passed and things had been much more painful and difficult than Niti had thought. With Parth around her, she wasn’t able to focus properly. The old professional Niti was lost somewhere. Earlier, when they had started acting professionals, it was difficult for her because they hated each other at first and then they were friends which seemed difficult to hide. But, with time, Niti had learned the tricks and now she found it more fun to hide it. But as they say, some things can’t be hidden no matter how hard you try. People had obviously started figuring out the growing friendship between the two of them with the mischiefs they would play on each other, the growing comfort among them for romantic scenes and also the cooperation between them for the scenes which would come only when two people have tremendous amount of understanding of each other. To again change that image and fake it all was really difficult for both of them.

The next sequence was the jungle sequence where the Fab 5 along with Nandini had been plotting against Harshad for which Manik and Nandini had been pretending to be friends. Manik and Nandini had been roaming around the jungle pretending to look for a lost Navya and pretending trying to be friends.

The scene was where Nandini had to move closer to Manik as if trying to go physically closer to him. The height difference obviously invited the stool again and Niti had to stand up on it in front of Parth for the scene. Looking at their past record, both of them had very rarely taken more than a required number of retakes for any scene. But suddenly things had changed and Niti was just not able to give her perfect shot. Going close to Parth after 2 kisses, the proposal and her “not so intended” rejection was not happening.
But that was not the end of the difficulties list, there was more. Since it was a jungle and the surface was not so smooth, the stool was being too naughty at standing straight. The balancing problem was giving Niti a tough time doubled up at her nervousness at the scene.

She was trying to keep her balance while doing the scene but the stool decided to suddenly withdraw its support and started shaking badly, making Niti lose her balance. She was about to fall and since there was nothing else around her to hold on, she clenched on Parth’s shirt to save herself from a bad fall. Parth too instantly held her waist trying to protect her. Even though they hadn’t been on good terms because of the recent incidents, Niti confided in Parth. Sub consciously she knew she could only trust Parth to be coming to her rescue in any difficult circumstances. Even if there would have been some other objects around, she would still have held him to save herself from falling.

She clenched his shirt tight, her nails hurting his chest beneath the shirt, but none of them realised it. He was too busy protecting his love from any harm and she was engrossed in his eyes, searching her true self which definitely lied with him. The crew men immediately came to their rescue and helped Niti step down from the stool. The scene was continued once the stool had been fixed to being stable even on that rough surface. But nothing had really changed when it came to the scene which was still difficult for Niti. Take 4, take 7, take 15, take 22 and so on went the number of re-takes. But finally it got over and the counting did end.

Since the dinner at Charlie’s place, she had not stopped talking about Rhea with Utkarsh. After that day, none of them ever met her again. Charlie had been forcing Utkarsh to get her on set someday so that everyone could again meet her and spend more time with her. He had obviously been denying but Charlie would just not let go and she was supported by her soul sister, Veebha. Finally Utkarsh had to give up in front of the ladies and he agreed to get her on the condition that she would come as if she is Charlie’s friend and Utkarsh doesn’t even know her. He obviously did not want the fake relationship to come out in the media.

Utkarsh, Rhea and Krissan were in the vanity and krissan was constantly on her phone texting her boyfriend. She noticed the discomfort between Utkarsh and Rhea because of the way they had been sitting away from each other and also looking at their conversations. Since even she was in a relationship, she knew how would people in a relationship behave around each other and the two of them to her did not really seem anything close to a couple. She could not resist but ask them about it.

Krissan: So Uttu, the two of you have been dating for quite some time now right ? So have you involved your families ?

Utkarsh: not yet..

Krissan: Why ? Aren’t you guys serious about each other ?

Utkarsh: Of course we are ! It’s just that, they wouldn’t understand it right now since we are too young for that.

Krissan: Yeah okay ! Rhea, can I ask you a kind of personal question if you don’t mind ?

Rhea: (nervously) Yeah sure !

Krissan: As you know today is a scene where me and Utkarsh would be kissing. Well it’s not going to be a real kiss, we’re going to act it out but suppose it was a real kiss, would you be okay with it ?

Rhea: Of course ! In fact I would be happy for him because that’s something he would love right !

And she goofed up ! Utkarsh knew her friend really well and therefore he wasn’t willing to tell her whom was he actually interested in. He had revealed it to her just that very morning and as predicted by him, she could not keep it to herself.

Krissan: Excuse me ! He would love what ?

Rhea: He would love it because he would be growing in his career isn’t it ? He would go further and bag more roles.

Krissan: (confused) Yeah ! Well Utkarsh I must say, your girl really is one of a kind.

Saying that she leaves and Charlie and Veebha enter the vanity not leaving Rhea and Utkarsh alone for anyone on set to find out about them.

The next scene was where Nandini would be fainting and a panicked Manik would lift her in his arms and run for help. Both of them remembered the scene from the drunk part again where Parth had played that prank on Niti.

Niti had been avoiding talking to Parth till then but once she remembered the scene, she could not resist talking.

Niti: I hope you’re not nervous because I do not weigh so much for you to be unable to lift me.

Parth was stunned as it was probably the first time after that incident that Niti had directly talked to him. Even Niti didn’t understand why that happened and started cursing herself right after that for initiating the conversation. “What would he think of me now ? What kind of a girl am I that rejects his proposal and then normally talks to him reminding him and herself of the old happy days.” She thinks to herself.

Parth: (happily answering) Well you never know ! You might have gained quite some weight. You do look like you have.

Niti looked at him angrily and was about to give him an answer to that but she realised he was again playing around with her and she decided to shut her mouth. She did not wish the conversation to lead them to the old times and back to being normal as before.

Precap: The jungle sequence continued.


I hope you all enjoyed this part even though it’s sad, or maybe not ! Seems like I have broken many hearts with this sad phase. I can see that in the response on the last few parts. Im sorry about it friends. But I would like to thank all those who have still been supporting me and appreciating my hard work. Thank you very much friends. I hope you would still hold on to me and not withdraw your love and support because that’s what keeps me motivated to write better as I’ve said earlier as well.

Also I would like to ask for a vote on whether you would like to see Utkarsh and Krissan as a pair or Uttu and Sana(from splitsvilla) ? Yes the story is working towards Utkarsh and Krissan but I personally enjoyed watching uttu and Sana at splitsvilla but obviously I would go as per all of your votes since I would want to keep all of you happier. So please do let me know which pair would you prefer to see. I would obviously go with the majority votes and disclaimer beforehand. Please don’t be disheartened if the majority votes go against any of your preference. At the end of the day, it’s all about entertainment isn’t it ?

Thank you !

Lots of love ❤️




P.S. I have submitted the Manan ff as well today since I had not been able to submit it yesterday. So do keep checking for it as well since it would be published today.

Pani – a story we wish were true – part 63


Pani – a story we wish were true – part 63

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