Young love epi-28

The episode starts with Ishaani cries and ranveer also cries… Suddenly Ishaani and ranveer comes to same room and tells we should share our problems like we did in past.. They both share it. Ishaani and ranveer gets shocked to hear this… They both hug each other and tells now our problems are sort out and we will be happy now…. Ranveer tells sure and tells I will talk to neha. Ishaani tells I will talk to ritvik..

They both comes to their respective houses…Ishaani sees ritvik giving money to someone and follows him and beats him with stick and asks him.. He tells I only acted as Ishaani and had shown some worst scenes so that he can blackmailing ranveer.. Ishaani gets shocked she record her conversation in video and brings to house.. Ranveer comes to neha house and sees her giving money to someone and follows him and asks about it and he hears it and gets shocked..

He comes to house and tells this to Ishaani. Ishaani also tells about ritvik. They both sit on both sides of chair and thinks about what to do? How to escape. Ishaani thinks about the plan and tells him about it…. He tells OK and they both hifi each other………..

Ishaani and ranveer comes to court in the mrng and goes inside washroom and cries… Neha and ritvik see it and they both laugh… Ranveer and Ishaani sends message and they both laugh and tells now they both will be fooled and they both come inside court

Precap :Suspense

Sathya and arham this epi is for u

Young love epi-28


Young love epi-28


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