a magic of love (intro)

this is my fist ff. if you like these charcters and if you are fans of these characters then hit likes and leave comments

arnav singh raizada – a high business person who is the brother of jeevika
jeevika singh raizada- student of fashion designing and friend of kushi .
laksh maheswari- best wedding planner in india and the brother of kushi.
kushi maheswari- a naughty sister of laksh maheswari.
viren vadera- no.1 lawyer and a caring brother of ragini.
ragini vadera- personal assistant and also lover of laksh maheswari.
annapurnap @ durga prasad (swaragini) – mother and father of laksh and kushi maheswari.
anjali&shyam(ipkknd)- di & jiju of arnav and jeevika because their parents met with an accident.
swamini bua (ekhmbbh) – paternal aunty of viren and ragini .
younger brother of viren and cousin of arnav will be introudced later along with other characters

this is only introduction of characters

a magic of love (intro)


a magic of love (intro)


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