Swasan: Fix You

~~What the what !!~~

Swara’s pov ~~


I looked around and I was all alone. Not a single soul was seen around me, except two guys who sat far away smoking. They looked at me as if I had come from some other planet.

I was scared, I was all alone in an unknown city on a lonely platform. I didnt know where to go so I just sat there on one of those small chairs, waiting for another train.

I sat in silence as I could hear my heart thumping. Suddenly, my gaze fell on someone. He was already looking at me and I knew, his intentions weren’t good. He was an old man wearing rags. He was limping, as he made his way towards me.

I just wished for Sanskar to come, but he was gone. My heart was beating like a drum, louder than that as the man got closer. I clutched my purse tightly and prepared myself for defence.

The man was a couple of feet away from me, staring at me disgustingly. I felt myself burn under his gaze. His intentions were not so good and the worst part was I couldn’t even ask anyone for help. There was no one around me.

Just as he was about to say something, somebody caught my eye. I felt my heartbeat slow down and I relaxed, the moment I saw him come down the stairs. It was Sanskar.

Oh, thank God…

I felt myself relaxing as he rushed towards me. He stood beside the old man as I flashed a light smile. He smiled widely, as my attention was shifted back to the old man. Sanskar too, looked at him.

Before I knew it, he stood in front of me. I got up, holding onto his arm. I just hoped that, he wouldn’t beat that old man to death. He was practically slaughtering him with his glare.

Just when I had thought that he would beat the crap out the man, he relaxed and did something, I hadn’t expected in my wildest dreams…

He hugged him… . . .

It took sometime for me to process what he just did. He could’ve walked away, if he wasn’t interested in a fight. He freaking hugged this man! I was beyond confused, and so was the old creep.

“Did she scare you, mate? It’s okay. I’m here. She’s a little….crazy, right? Its okay. She’s not dangerous.” He said, patting his back.

He was smiling, yet he was boiling with anger from inside. I couldn’t understand what exactly was going on in his mind at that moment. But I was more than glad that he had come.

The old man just pushed him away and looked at me as if he had just seen an alien.

“He’s crazy!” He said in his thick British accent.

I shrugged and looked back at Sanskar. He was still looking at the old man as if nothing had happened now. What is going on?

By the time I could process everything in my mind, the old man had disappeared. No doubt Sanskar had scared him by his overwhelming behaviour!

I felt like laughing at the whole situation and eventually I burst out into fits of laughter. By my side, Sanskar too, almost rolled on the floor with laughter.

“You scared me!” I said slapping his arm. He laughed.

“It’s not funny. What if something would’ve happened to me?” I asked trying to make a serious face but I failed miserably.

Sanskar stopped laughing and pulled me in his arms. The laughter had died down as he looked straight into my eyes. Now, I was afraid as my heart raced everytime he looked at me like that.

“I would never let anything happen to you.” He said.

That was all he said. . . Just one line where he promised to protect me forever. But yet, his words were so effective. Immediately, I wrapped my arms around him.

“Thank you.” I said. He didn’t respond, but held on to me tighter. I inhaled his scent, feeling the warmth in his arms. I felt loved and protected.

~~If there was any place in the world that made me happy, then it was this – with him. . . With Sanskar. . .~~

Next update : The First Round . . .


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Swasan: Fix You


Swasan: Fix You


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