Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 10) Mahamilan

Zuha is back with her story and sorry for the late update , I was busy.
And , I told you guys that I am wrapping it up , but I have changed my decision after reading your lovely comments. I was delightful , so decided I will make it reach till 50 episodes.
Ok , I have a question that do you want it till 50 episodes or more than 50 episodes , do tell me!

Ok now without wasting anymore time , let’s have a short recap.

Recap:Tanveer’s entry , Asad’s jealousy , Mahasangam ending.

Episode 10 : Mhamilan

Asad , Zoya , and Tanveer walk inside Khan Villa’s , while Humeira and Ayaan walk in Sheikh Mansion.

*scene shifts to Khan Villa’s.

Dils:Alhamdulilah! Where were you?

Najma runs down the stairs shouting “TANU , TANU , TANU!!”, and lands up hugging her , they all smile.

*scene shifts to Sheikh Mansion.

Shirin:Thank God!! I was so worried.

*scene shifts to Khan Villa’s

Asad:Tanveer saved us! If she didn’t come for aid then instead of us there were our dead bodies.

*scene shifts to Sheikh Mansion.

Siddiqui sahib:Never ever , say like that.
Raashid:Tell us actually what happened.

*scene splits , while both brothers tell the incident to their respective families.
The scene focuses on Asad.

Asad:Thank God ! We were saved by Tanveer.

*scene shifts to Sheikh Mansion.

Shirin:We should thank Tanveer.
Humeira:Before that phuppi we want to say something.
Raashid:Yes , say!

*scene shifts to Khan Villa’.

Zoya:We have decided….

*scene shifts to Sheikh Mansion.

Humeira:We will be together….

*scene splits into 2 , one face shows Asya , the other one Huyaan.

Quatrio says : WE LOVE EACHOTHER!!!

Both the families are in gay.

Scene 2 : Khan Villa’s
All are happy while Asya blushes.

Dilshad:Someone bring sweets such a happy momment.My daughter will become my daughter-in-law.
Zoya:Oh please phuppi!!! I don’t want Khan Villa’s to become SBS’s office.

They all laugh.

Tanveer:I will bring!
Zoya:Really phuppi , I was your daghter , and will remain your daughter always.
Dils:Awwwww……meri bachi(my child)

They share a hug.

Scene 3 : Sheikh Mansion
Shirin:Ashraf kaka (servant) bring the sweet box.
Rasiya:I also have a good news
Nuzhat:so tell us na…….
Rasiya:Woh , Haseena is coming to talk about Farhaan and Nikhat’s alliance.

Nikhat shys , and runs away.

Ayaan:Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai ,

He stops as someone makes an entry. Every one turns to see.

A man steps in with a fat woman. His is focused from bottom to top , his face is shown.

Man: Assalam u alikum

Everyone replies to it.

Woman:I am Haseena , and he is my son Farhaan.

She then shouts; IMRAAN!!!

A guy enters , with shagun materials. He is revealed as Imraan.

Haseena:He is my youner son Imraaan.
Imran:salam u alikum.
Ayaan: W.salam. Please come , have a seat.

Scene 4 : Khan Villa’s
Tanu ( Tanveer ) makes every one eat sweets.
Zoya forwards to make Asad have sweets , but Tanu stuffs it before she can do it . ( Funny tune plays) Zoya feels insecure. She excuses herself.
Asad thinks “What happened to her?”

Dilshad:So , we’ll have the engagement in the evening.

Asad smies.

Scene 5 : Sheikh Mansion
Haseena:Ya Allah!! Such a dark complexion!

Ayaan moves forward to answer him , but Shirin stops him.

Farhaan:Ammi, stop it na…..

Nikhat tries to control her tears , Farhaan notices it.

Farhaan: I have no objection with her complexion , because I can see her heart as clear as crystal. I accept her!

Nikhat and all get glad. Haseena reluctantly complies.

Raashid:Let’s do the engagement of Humeira-Ayaan , and Farhaan-Nikhat today itself.

All agree.

Scene 6 : Booking office.
Dilshad calls the manager.

manager: Hello , how can I help you.
Dilshad: It is me Dilshad Khan , and today is my son’s engagement , and I want everything perfect.
Manager:Don’t worry Mam.

She disconnects the call. Again the phone rings. he picks up and it is Raashid.

Raashid:Assalam u alikum , I wan you to book a hall for 2 engagements,
Manager:I am sorry sir , but we had the last hall but it is booked.
Raashid:Ohhh….I see.
Manager: But we can do 1 thing , you both can do your occasions in the same hall.
Raashid:Ok ,but ask them first.

The manager calls Dilshad and tells her about it , she permits , the manager tells the same to Raashid. (Dilshaad and Raashid tune plays.)

Scene 7 : Engagement hall.
Zoya comes down wearing a beautiful white and pink gown , with a golden coti and a golden and white dupatta , with a loose bunch and strands covering her face , as she removes them. Asad is mesmerised in her beauty.(Mitwa) Dilshad pinches him , and he feels embarassed.
From the otherside Sheikh Family comes. Both the warring families come face to face. Shirin feels bad , while Dilshad feels sad.
Asad is glad that he is getting engaged with his bro and sis , but fumes seeing Raashid.

Now come dance performances.
Nuzhat and Najma dance on “Aaj hai sagai”
Asya perform a romantic number on “Gerua”
Huyaan perform on “Jo tu mera humdard hai suhana har pal hai”.
Then comes FarKhat so they dance on “Suno na sangemarmar.”
Then all 3 couples perform on Madhubala.

Last but not the least , both families dance on Punjabi wedding Song.
On the very occasion , Zoya and Humeira take the oath that they will end up uniting the 2 families before their marriage.
Najma is taking flower basket , when she collides with Imraan. They look into eachother. ( sad music plays ) They help each other picking up the flowers as tears come into their eyes.Najma runs away holding the flower basket , wiping her tears , Imraan looks on.
Now it is time for ring ceremony. FarKhat place rings into each other’s fingers. Same goes for Huyaan. But when it is time for Asya a voice is heard “STOP!!!”
They all turn to see , Anwar and Zeenat (Zoya’s api & jiju )

Zoya;Api , jiju

Zeenat comes towards Zoya .

Zeenat:You were getting married ,without us!

Zoya gets glad and hugs her.

Zeenat:It’s all because of Asad , he called us and made us realize our mistake and we came running to Bhopal.
Anwar:I must say Zoya , you are lucky to get Asad.

She smiles looking at Asad. (Mitwa)
The screen freezes on her smiling face.

Precap: Asya engagement finishes….cute moments….Mehndi ceremony , Raashid’s accident.

Sorry , once again for the wait of 3 days. And many of you asked me to become your friend so I am always ready to increase my friends’ group.
Wel thanks everyone for your love and support throughout , I am happy that i completed 10 episodes seldomly and with a good response.
A special thanks to Sunehri , Priya Tripathi and Nusz for your support from DAY 1 my besties! And all of you guys , Sanju , Maya , Joycelyn , Sanam , Nahiiii , heena , kriya , bima ,sorry for not mentioning ur name if missed so sorry but all the comments are precious.

Thanks everyone for reading!
Keep smiling , keep reading and keep COMMENTING!!!

Love you all loads!!!
Zuha Fatima.

Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 10) Mahamilan


Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 10) Mahamilan


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