Love lasts forever (Episode 15)

Love lasts forever (Episode 15)

Hi guys.sorry for the late update. This is the fifteenth episode as well as the last episode of love

lasts forever. Thanks a lot for your support. Hope you guys enjoyed reading my ff. The last

episode begins….

Arnav plans to irritate kushi.

Kushi goes inside her cabin.

Kushi starts to reminisce about her days with arnav.


Payal- akash marriage took place in a pompous manner.everyone was really happy on the marriage.

Raman,ishita and kushi were chit chatting. Arnav’s dadi did not like kushi’s relationship with arnav.

Daadi tricked arnav to go and buy her medicines.arnav left.

When raman,ishita, kushi were talking,daadi came.

Kushi: namste daadi

Daadi: don’t you have any sense.

Kushi stands

Daadi: flirting with rich boys ah

Kushi’s eyes fills with tears.

Daadi starts blaspheming kushi.

Kushi starts crying.

Daadi: if you have some shame,please get out of arnav’s life.

Kushi runs away and dashes on arnav.

Arnav: kushi y r u crying.

Kushi: arnav vo..

Arnav: damn.. It Im asking u y r u crying.

Kushi narrates everything. Before kushi could finish ,arnav slapped her

Kushi was hell shocked.

Arnav: don’t utter a word about my daadi.just get the hell out of my life.

Kushi cries and she leaves.

Arnav gets in.

After some time, raman and ishita tell about daadi scolding kushi.

Arnav is ashamed .he searches kushi everywhere. But she was no where.

That’s it kushi left arnav forever .arnav realized his mistake but it was late.

Fb ends.

Kushi to herself y did he come back .he is trying to kill me by making me remember those days.

At the same time,arnav makes arrangements and he buys the hotel.

Arnav shares this with raman and ishita.

Raman: superb yaar.

Ishita: but what about kushi.

Kushi got the information that arnav is the new owner.

She wrote a resignation letter and she gave it in the reception.

She went to the NGo packed her goods and decided to leave India.

She booked a ticket for Rome.

She left to the airport.

Arnav came to the reception but he was shocked to know that kushi resigned her job.

Arnav starts tracing kushi.

Arnav’s friend calls him and tells him that he saw kushi at the airport.

Arnav rushes towards airport.

Arnav enters the airport.

Kushi was about to enter into the departure counter,but arnav grabbed her hand.

Arnav gives her a kiss but kushi tries to leave.

Arnav shouts I love u

Image image plays

Kushi cries.

Arnav explains her everything.

Arnav: I’m sorry kushi.

Kushi hugs arnav.

Rabba ve plays

As I always say love Lasts forever.

True love will never fail.

And then what

Raman and ishita married.they got settled in Mumbai.

Arshi and raman became neighbors.

Abhi and pragya have a girl child.

Kushi is pregnant and arnav is really excited.
Do you guys think love makes life beautiful?? If S,comment below.

Thus the story ends.


I’m really happy to have your support guys.thanks abhi,akshaya,arshi,swara for ur support.

I’m planning to write a new ff.if you guys feel my ff is good,comment below.

If I get considerable comments ,I will upload the intro episode on Saturday. Waiting for ur opinion


….ammu ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Love lasts forever (Episode 15)


Love lasts forever (Episode 15)

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