Never let u go (Chpt 7)

Never let u go (Chpt 7)

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Chapter 7
“ May I came in Sir? “ Radhika asked from the entrance of Arjun’s cabin.
However , he continued to work on his laptop without bothering to even look up.
“ yes Ms Radhika …” Paused for a minute, Radhika came in…….” Be seated …..” Arjun replied still his eyes glued to laptop.
After 5 min of silence

Radhika thought in her mind “If this khadoos has this much work which didn’t let him to look up then why hell he called me here”
Suddenly Arjun looked up as if he read Radhika’s thought.
“ So Ms Radhika as today is your first day of office so I think you should learn about the working in birdsong….” Arjun leant his back little bit on his chair.
“ For that you have to go through the all previous ad which were done by us….” Added Arjun
“Sir it would be great for me to overlook all those brilliant ads..I can learn many things from them.” Radhika said confidently and excitedly .She didn’t know what was going in Arjun’s Devil mind,
Arjun smirked and said

“Exactly Ms Radhika I too think the same. Its not much in no. just 1000 are there…Go through each and every file and give report to me by evening ….” Arjun with devilish smile playing with paperweight
Radhika stunned by hearing ‘1000 file’ and she have to complete them in one day.
“ Ms Radhika can you do this or I will….” Arjun got interrupted by Radhika
“ No sir I will do it by today itself “ Radhika said confidently but in her mind she was worried how to do this task.
“ Okay. Go and start your work and come with report” Arjun resumed looking at his laptop and raised his hand signaling her to leave.
Radhika come out of Arjun’s cabin muttering curses under her breath.
“What this Khadoos think of himself….Did I look like a superman who can prepare a report of 1000 files in one day….He is complete Hitler…Akadoo”

Radhika sat on her chair.
Soon dozens of bundles of file landed on Radhika’s desk
She looked them in bewilderment.
“ Oh god please help me with this file otherwise that DEVIL would eat me up “ Radhika prayed to god and started working on file.
Arjun saw this from his cabin and smirked and thought he was successful in torturing her.
“ Radhika Mishra this is only beginning of your training session further you will get to know what I will do to make you give resignation “ and got back to his work
After few hours…
Radhika was busy working on PC and turning pages of files. She completed near about 300 files in 3 hours.

Teji came to Radhika “ Hey Radhika lets go for lunch in cafeteria ..Its lunch time”
“Thanks Teji …But I have to complete all this file today itself..Arjun sir asked me to give report by evening…So I can’t come for lunch..You guys carry on..” Radhika felt bad that on her first she can’t go with her new friends on lunch.
After hearing Arjun’s name Teji didn’t insist her to come.. He know how Arjun is strict about his work.
It was already 8.30 pm and it seemed like she would take at least couple of hours more to finish with work. She was sipping coffee which Rahul gave her when he leaved the office. Arjun still was in his cabin watching Radhika.

There was no one on the floor except Arjun and Radhika.
Radhika’s phone bipped , it was sam calling radhika this was 8th time she was calling her.
“ Hello Sam “ Radhika greeted after picking up the call.
“ What this Chashni..Its too late dear..I m worried like hell…Today was ur first day still ur working like anything…Throw that stupid work leave for home. I m coming to pick u up.” Sam in worried plus angry tone.
“ Listen na sam..its near about to complete yar..i will take cab…You don’t worry dear..” Radhika in consoling voice.
“but chashni…..” Sam got interrupted by radhika

“ Sam if needed I will give u a call na…Don’t get panic. Once I would get in a cab I will message u..okay…” Radhika
“ okay..but I insist you dear to call me….bye…take care” Sam in sad tone.
After an hour or so Radhika completed all the files and made a report.
“ May I Come in Sir? “ Radhika asked while entering in to Arjun’s cabin.
“ Yess…” Arjun got up from his chair.

“ Sir I have checked all the ads and this is report about it….” Radhika offered report to Arjun
Arjun took that report and started reading it slowly and observing Radhika from corner of his eyes.
Mean While Radhika continuously checking her watch, it was showing 11 pm and thought “Sam literally gonna cut me into pieses for this stupidity..”
Arjun amazed reading report and thought “ she is brilliant indeed.. In short span no one could do this but she did.. its gonna difficult for me to torture her…”

“Okay Ms Radhika you can leave now” Arjun in cold tone.
Radhika bewilder with his cold behavior that he didn’t simply complimented her work nor appreciate it. How mean he is.
She started to leave .

“ Ms Radhika…”
Radhika stopped by his voice and turned.
“ Now what?? Y he stopped me now..” Radhika to herself.
“ Its too late to go alone..wait..i will drop you at home” Arjun suggested
Radhika had never thought Arjun would offer any help to her. she got delighted by it but decided to show some attitude.
“Thanks Sir. But My friend is coming to pick me up…” Radhika lied.
“ Okay..” Arjun nodded.
Radhika got out from office cursing herself for what on earth that she decided to show attitude to Arjun.
“ Akadoo didn’t insist me to go along with him…Devil,hitler, khadoos…” Radhika murmured and stand on Cab stand
Road was dipped in the darkness only streetlights were glowing. She didn’t found any sign of Cab.
Then suddenly a jeep stops before her which was full of drunken boys. A few goons eve tease her.
One of guy stepped out jeep and pass comment on Radhika “ She is f**king hot guys. If I get a chance to be with her for even a few hours, I would bang her real hard. She is irrestible”
Radhika got frighten. She went back few steps.

“ If you dare to touch me I will chop u all” Radhika said confidently but she was afraid from inside.
That guy comes towards her.
Suddenly a heavy punch fall on that guy which makes him to fell on ground rubbing his cheek in pain.
Radhika turned to see who was it..
He is none other than our Lover boy Arjun.

Arjun became restless with anger. Radhika could see Arjun’s body transform. She could see that he had clenched his fists and his eyes had become slit, and was staring goons with anger like it would burned them all.
Arjun bit them all like hell. He poured all his anger on them.
No one could able to stand infront of him..One of them started the jeep and all get into jeep run as fast as they can.
Arjun came to Radhika she was shocked and her eyes filled with tears.
Arjun hold her by arms and started to shout on her.
“ R u out of your mind??? I offered you lift but you refused it….Have u lost ur mind…anything could have happened to you….” Arjun in furious tone.
One drop of tear rolls down from Radhika’s eyes and fell on her chick.
Arjun saw it and stop shouting.
Suddenly Radhika hugs him tightly and started crying heavily.

Arjun got stunned of this sudden act by Radhika and got confused about what to do.
Radhika still sobbing heavily. She felt this was the safest and secure place in whole world.
Arjun hugs her back and started consoling her by caressing her back softly .
“ hey radhika stop crying..They are gone..Your safe now…you r brave girl na…thn stop crying….” Arjun consoled her like father console his child.
He wished that this moment would got froze and Radhika remain in his arm like this for ages…
They realized their position and get apart from each other arms and shared intense eye lock. Arjun arrested Radhika gaze by his eyes.
“ r they ur same friends who were coming about to pick u up… ?? Your friends are quite eager to take u along with them.” Arjun chuckled breaking the awkward silence.
“ They are not my friends…” Radhika first nodded and realized Arjun making fun of her, she shook her head.
That made Arjun laughed.

Radhika never imagined such pleasant act from Arjun.
“ Arjun sir you look normal when you smile.please smile often” Radhika said with smile.
“ Okay..Now got into the car..Its too late now… where you stay” Arjun tring to avoid Radhika’s gaze.
“ Iternia enclaves, Rampwick…” Radhika replied.
Radhika sat on front seat and Arjun took to the wheel. They started driving towards Rampwick.
Radhika got down from car when they reached to her apartment.
“ Thank you so much sir for your help. “ Radhika Thanked Arjun with smile.
“Good night Radhika..drop me a messaged once you reach in your apartment ” Arjun said with slight smile on his lips.
“okay !! Good Night Arjun sir…” Radhika nodded..
Arjun drive back to his home.

Next Part: Love ki shuruvat..a Rain walk.

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Never let u go (Chpt 7)


Never let u go (Chpt 7)

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