Reporters aberrant 8

The bag that the minister had handed over to Manu was a rare collection of a brand that existed long back and was a possession of only the VIPs. Kabir was already on his laptop to search the name of such VIPs. Certainly Virendra Verma was NOT a VIP. The bag was definitely stolen. I got to know all this when I followed the rushing Kabir who was alreadsternervening the lead. He continued,’The
bag possessors are 6. But is hardly used by them. But only one had that bag who used it for something that we need to find’. He opened the car door and ushered in along with me. He
further added,’But the advantage that we have is that Rajesh Verma..’ He showed me his tab and I peered through the details in hurry.

Certainly there was Rajesh Verma in the list of
the secret VIPs. I asked,’Rajesh Verma is the father of Virendra Verma?’. He looked at me and nodded. Well his photo contains the proof. The father-son duo look much alike. I queried him
further,’But why secret VIPs? What would they get in such bags?’. Kabir reportedly said that the secret VIPs were entrusted upon by the Army
Chief for carrying out secret missions which the

media and even the criminals could not get a clue of. And Rajesh Verma was a member of Army. Kabir stopped his car in front of a huge Villa, spread across 3 acres of land. The guards
interrogated us. Kabir smoothly led us in. We rang the doorbell. The maid opened it and led us in a warmly lit house with a beautifully decorated drawing room. She asked us to wait
and have a seat on the ultra-soft sofa. Rajendra Verma, was in his 79s and was on a wheelchair. His face still had those stern looks that a disciplined man strict about his rules owns. His face turned into a smile and greeted us,’Hello there! I know u two. I’ve seen u many a times on TV. If I am not wrong, then Kabir is the business manager and shareholder of kkn. U r Ananya, quite a talented and skilled reporter’. I nodded in a smile. I said,’Sir, we have a few questions on the lead that we r working on. I hope u don’t mind’. He said,’Of course’. Kabir started,’I presume that u know about the secret bag that a VIP used to get for secret missions, entrusted upon by the Army Chief?’. He did not respond but plainly nodded. I continued,’Well we have got the info that says u were also a member of such VIPs, is that true?’. He again nodded but did not say anything. Kabir politely asked,’Sir what was such in the bag, that it got stolen?’. His face turned red. He asked us,’How did u guys know that it was stolen?’.

I and Kabir exchanged glances. We both knew that we did not have to inform about it to him. But before Kabir could respond, Rajesh added,’The bag had stolen diamonds that I was supposed to recover from the gang that smuggled with it. Apparently, they got to know about me and threatened to kill my family, if I got them arrested. I wasn’t going to respond to such pranks. So they once killed my wife and proved that they were not wrong. Since then I retreated back from my position to isolation, but the bag got stolen yesterday itself. I don’t know how u got to know about all this, but I know u both are reporters so I won’t ask’. He turned back with his wheelchair to his room. Kabir looked at me. I knew what he meant to say. The bag was stolen by his own son and given to Manu. Rajesh suddenly turned his wheelchair to say something,’I knew the diamonds would be of no use until and unless it was put to sone good use. I left it on as an insurance to my granddaughter for her education and then use the remaining for charity’. He once again turned back and disappeared in his room.

The next hour, we were at kkn and Kabir gave the live telecast of the whole plot of murder of Ayesha Verma. He put out all the info in front of the audience and conveniently ended up the show. The next morning, Virendra Verma and his 18 trusted volunteers entered the kkn to damage it’s property. His face was as red as the burning coal. He threatened Khalid,’How dare u all put this up live on news without me being aware of it!?! This thing should close down right now Khalid. Ur kkn’. Everyone looked at Khalid, too stunned for words. He pulled Kabir aside and said,’For the first time I think the kkn has to close down..’. Kabir looked at him and winked,’Khalid, do u remember how many times we have revealed the true face of such politicians who have come threatening us? We will ask them to join us in a debate and put out their points. The audience will themselves decide who is right and wrong. What say?’. Khalid looked puzzled but then he nodded. Kabir announced it to the politician that there will be a live debate 2 days later where the politician can prove himself innocent. The mob of followers of Virendra agreed and the politician fled. Kabir nodded with a smile to me. I knew what I had to do.

Reporters aberrant 8


Reporters aberrant 8


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