yeh hai mohabattein and diya aur baati hum (intro)

Hello friends this is my first fan fiction .
hope u like it
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Sandya is a honest police officer and sister of raman
Sooraj is sandya’s husband who is said to be dead while saving sandya from bomb blast
Ved and vansh are sandya’s children
Abishek is a police officer who is just one post lower than sandya
Raman is an angry and successful businessman
Shagun is raman’s divorcee
Adi and ruhi are raman and shagun’s kids . they live with raman
Ishita is a dentist who is a very beautiful and calm woman .she is not married because she can’t have kids
Mihika is ishita’s younger sister
Vandita is ishita’s elder sister

Bala is vandita’s husband
Shravan is vandita’s son
Madhu and vishwa are ishita’s parents
Toshi and omprakash are raman and sandya’s parent’s
Santosh and arun rathi are sooraj’s parents
Vikram and mohit (dead)are sooraj’s brothers
Meenakshi and Emily are sooraj’s brothers wife
Mishri pari and golu are sooraj’s niece and nephew
Ashok is shagun’s boyfriend
The story is about sandya who lives with raman because bhabo (santosh ) sent her out of house.
Bhabo thinks that because of sandya only soorajs death happened.

Meanwhile in this fan fiction we will witness the love story of raman and ishita

yeh hai mohabattein and diya aur baati hum (intro)


yeh hai mohabattein and diya aur baati hum (intro)


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