Pure Lust of a Man – Chapter 1

Pure Lust of a Man – Chapter 1

Leela : Swara beta its ur 21st birthday!
Swara : Haa maa i know today they will sell me.
Leela : Beta its rule of this village. Elder daughter should be sale on the market but u know ur didi Ragini ran away from this village so this time u should be sold.
Swara : Haa maa im happy for didi. for my family i have to do this.
Leela & Swara hugging each other while crying.

Leela makes swara sits on stool. swara is wearing a white one piece blouse & a white sarong. Leela pours tumeric water on swara but she is crying sliently. then they pour milk on swara. leela applys honey on swara then water flows on swara’s body.

Scene 2

People making bets on girls. Mohan also present there. “Now u can tag a price for Mohan’s daughter?” Mohan sliently stands infront of them. “20 lakhs” a man shouts. “22 lakhs” another man shouts “a virgin of 21 years” a voice from behind “25 lakhs” mohan looks at him. its none other than Sanskar Maheswari. by seeing people become quiet. “sir u can check the girl” they didnt continue the bet because they knew none will utter a word against him.

“This way sir” a person guides him “is this for laksh babu?” the man asked him like sanskar is buying a puppet for his brother. “No this time for me” the man is shocked “always sir u buy girls for ur brother but this time?” sanskar smiles “even im also a guy” the man opens a door of room. “if u dont like her u can change her” sanskar enters to the room.

Scene 3

A huge dark room then swara is sitting in the middle. her hands & legs are tied on the chair which she is sitted. her eyes & mouth also tied up. they selling her like an animal. she is so scared now. a dim lights gets on. she can hear some foot steps.

he goes near swara. he lifts her face. he winks. she is wearing a white saree without blouse. he walks around her. he touches her back. she shivers then he smiles. he puts her pallu down. her bossoms are naked infront him. he cups them & caresses them. she crys. he removes her saree & take good look of her. she crying by thinking her helpless status.

he moves closer to her. she shivers. he leans towards her lips then removes the cloth on her mouth. he kisses on her lips & he bites her lips. its start bleeding. he drinks the blood. he keeping kissing on her lips. she feels to kill him. he breaks the kiss to whispers on her ear. “u should be devoted to me because im ur god now” he leaves the place. his words are echoing on her ears.

she can hear that he is leaving. some peoples enters to the room after couples of minutes fromhe left. they pours something on her mouth. she feels dizzy. just seconds later she is unconscious.

Scene 4

she slowly opens her eyes. she can see two ladies are applying turmeric on her body. she feel that she is nude & up on table. they pouring water then milk. they makes her sit on the table. she cant realize what happening. a lady gives a herbal tonic to her. “u should drink this daily. if not u will get pregenant then it costs u & ur family” another lady warned her. “now come with us” swara looks on.

now she is sitting infront of mirror. they makes her wear a white frock which her body parts are visible. they pour some fragances on her body. “dont do a mistake” they takes her to a room.

Scene 5

A room which fully decorated with red roses & white candles. a round bed in the middle. the bed covered with net curtains. a pond with two white swans in the left side of the room. a huge mirror with on the right side & a small almirah next to it. a huge sofa opposite to the almirah. she is surprised by seeing the room. they makes her sit on bed.

few minutes she can hear some foot steps. she shivers & closes her eyes then his words echos on her ears “u should be devoted to me because im ur god now” the sound stops. she slowly opens her eyes. he standing infront of her but she cant see his face because of the net curtains. a wind comes then the curtain moves so she can see him. “he is so handsome!!! no no not handsome… he is a male angel” she thought herself.he sits beside her. he caresses her face. she shivers. he drags her from her wrist.

he makes her stand infront of the mirror. he stands behind her. she closes her eyes because of the fear. he cups her bossoms up from the frock. his hands are waving upto her waist. she shivers. he removes het dress. she is fully naked infront him. he lifts her in his arms & throws her on the bed. she slowly opens her eyes. he is removing his shirt. again she shivers & closes her eyes. he comes up to her. she can feel it.

he kisses on her lips. his hands are caressesing her bossoms too hard. he hands are shivering. he is kissing her body. he is so wild. she cant tolerate it. she shouts but he stops it by kissing on her lips. he is making it very hard. he sucks her bossoms. she feels pain in her whole body but he didnt stop. he make out with her in different positions. her tears are flowing on her face.


Pure Lust of a Man – Chapter 1


Pure Lust of a Man – Chapter 1

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