HAPPY BIRTHDAY TC… actually i thought i will upload tmr.. as i m lil busy today…. but its tc’s birthday.. how can i forget to give a update for her…. this s a very small present from me…. enjoy yaar

Blowing out another candle should mean that you have lived another year of joy, and that you’ve made this world a better place. Make every day of your life, and every candle, count. Have a delightful birthday!

happy birthday tc…

here s my epi 83

good mrng guyz…. again sorry for late update.. thought of posting it by mrng itself…. ok leave all those..lets begin our spl epi….


nk in mind: damn… what have i done… she must be angry on me…. i have just proposed her…. oh no…. let me call her
nk calls pihu..pihu ignores his calls…

pihu in mind: how can i just ignore his feelings…. i cant do this…. like raman…. it really hurts when our beloved didnt understand our feelings….

nk reaches pihu’s home… pihu feels hurt .. so avoids to meet him… nk continuously knocks her door…


nk: pihu give me last chance to speak yaar… ok then if u dont open the door… i will hurt myself with this….

still pihu didnt open

nk continues : pihu.. its really dangerous…this can risk my life… i m giving my life ….


nk screams…. pihu became tensed and rushes to him… she was shocked…

ishu lying over raman … playing with his fingers….

raman: so?… how was my surprise angry bird?

ishu: am i agry bird?

raman: my sweet angry bird

ishu smiles…

ishu: but… u could have told me before…. i was very upset and angry

raman: if i told u.. i couldnt see that happy tears from ur eyes…..

ishu blushes…..

raman: ishu…. but… u have behave normally with kushi

ishu: yes raman.. i will… but when she came before me… i just taken back to those incidents…. how can i just ignore those… give me some time….

raman: yeah i understand…. hey tmr s holi nah?

ishu: yup… we should do something to make them realise their love

raman: wow ishu… sometimes u r proving that something occupies in your head

ishu: what?

raman: brain!!!!


she beats him

kabhi kam naa hogi yeh chaahathen….. pal pal bani yeh mohabbatein…..



payal receives many romantic messages from unknown nuber

again a message

msg: hi sweetheart.. may i meet u in cafe this eveng…

payal gets scared and replied: wrong number

msg: what if its wrong number.. lets make it right?

payal replies: i m married… dont msg me again….

msg: hey… whats this yaar… ?… u r modern girl… and u r talking these rubbish… lets meet .. dont tell your husband…

payal searches for that number in true caller…. she then came to know that was mihir/….

payal to herself: acchaji.. so its ur plan… now see…

payal replies: ok.. seems interesting… also my husband is such a waste type…. where to come? whats the plan?

msg: u dont have any problem?….

payal : ofcourse not baby…. vaise bhi.. my hubby is justr like a dumbo….

msg: dumbooo?????

payal: seems u r getting angry?

msh: no no not like that…. y r u calling ur hubby as dumbo?

payal: bcz he always tries to tease me … but in turn… he would get trapped by me….

msg: confusing…. yaar….

payal: let me make this clear… for eg… he will give some romantic msgs from random numbers… and he would get shocking replies from me… haha….

no replies from mihir…

payal: hello mr.dumbo.. where r u???

msg: right behind you…

before payal could turn.. mihir lifts her

payal: micky.. pls pls.. leave me yaar

mihir: how baby… u made fun of me… and u deserve a big punishment….

payal: micky darling… u love me right?

mihir drops her inside bathtub and switched on the water… and takes a bucket full of water and poured over her…payal widened her mouth

mihir: yeas baby.. i love u

payal: micky ke bache …..

mihir: oh no yaar….. not now…. i dont want bacche now…. let us give some time…

payal: i m scolding u and u r joking?

mihir: ofcourse baby…. she starts pouring water over him…

thu jo mila … lo ho gaya mein kaabil
thu jo mila … tho ho gaya sab haasil


Hawa Hawa Hawa
Irupoma Love Lovea
Inipo Ada Kasapo
Vaa Enjoy Panlam Vaa
Hawa Hawa Hawa
Vaazhvoma Love Lovea
Ethuvaaga Irunthaalum
Enjoy Panlam Vaa



kushi arnav straighten themself from the fight….

arnav couldnt take his eyes from kushi

kkg: i know.. i m so beautiful… but pls.. dont look at me like this… i m feeling shy

this makes asr come to senses…

asr: oh pls kushi… u r not that much worth

kkg: oh really.. then y u have married me

asr: i said nah.. just to save mihir’s life…

kkg: but.. what abt ur life….

asr: i dont have any sentiments… so by marrying me.. ur life is in danger…

kkg: if that so…. i should take that avtar again… to make u remeber that kushi kumari guptha singh raiza is not a ordinary girl to play with….

asr moves towards her..

asr: really mises.kkgsr…..

kkg moves back and with lil hesitation: yeah ofcourse..any doubt….

he pulls her towards him and goes towards her…

asr: just remeber one thing before u start your tatics…

kkg: what?

asr: that ,.. u r playing with asr…

kkg: u also dont forget that… i m kkgsr… wife of asr.., i can do anything

asr: really?

kkg: ofcourse

asr moves further close.. this makes kushi to close her eyes in tension…

asr smiles : so this is your courage?

kkg opened her eyes… she couldnt speak as asr holds her too close….

asr: i thought u will atleast pass one round in this game… but u r not even valid to compete with asr…

by saying this he leaves…

kkg turns and sees her in mirror : oh noo…. he was sooo cute while taunting me…. this is the first time… where i was silent when one is taunting me…. arnav ji… i really dont know when i fall in love with .. that too this much love…?…even if u hate me… i cant tthink to harm u….

asr listens her and feels hurt….


suraj: shagun…. if u r feeling wierd to tell ur family.. i will tell them

shagun: dont worry suraj.. i can handle everything…

suraj: shagun… r u angry on me?

sagun: no.. not at all… who am i.. to get angry on u…. its my fate suraj… all will leav me in very last moment … to let me handle things….

suar: pls shagun…. i know i did wrong.. i , just trying to make things right…. and y r u blaming your fate?

shagun: yeah,,, i cant even blame my fate…. its me.. who is unlucky…. when i was young my mom left me.. and when i was in need of my dad …. he left me….
and when i came india to sleep peacefully with my frnds… they left me…. and when they united…. u came and again i m all alone…

and now…..

suraj looks at her in confusion…..

shagun cries… suraj consoles her….


pihu comes towards nk and shocked…

pihu: NKKKKKKKKK (with irritation tone)

nk tries to do suicide with fork spoon….

nk gets scred seeing pihu in anger

nk: yaar pls… u didnt come nah.. thats y i tried to give my life

pihu: if u really want to die.. try this nah..

pihu takes a big knife and moves towards nk..

nk: oh no/… pihu.. u r such a sweetheart… this is murder dear… dont do this.. i m the only earning person in my whole family… and i m the only acting boyfrnd for pihu….

pihu laughs at him./…

anf again she became sad remebering that incident

nk forwards…

nk: oh pihu yaar… u didnt yet identify me.. that was a prank… i thought u will scold me like always.. but u failes….

by saying this he laughs loudly…. pihu looks at him….

pihu: prank?

nk: yeah.. how can i… love… that too u… oh my god…how can u just think like that.. hahahaha

pihu smiles and beats him…..

somewhere pihu was aware that he s lying… still she dont want to accept the fact.. and wants top be frnd with nk ..as she really enjoys his company… willl she fall for nk???

guyz guyz.. i know.. its somewhat small… but… holi epi is on the way.. with full masthi … hope u like that ….

and again.. i m not sure.. whether i will be able to post it tomrw…. but will surely try like today….. till that enjoy this epi….





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