love is sweet and heart touching feeling (episode 8)

So today there no backbak of mine so I’ll directly start from the epi
Kunj is shown crying in front of twinkles photo saying
I would have trusted you and i lost you and my child because of my no trust on you
Fb is shown
After twinkle leaves for some unknown destination mahi comes to meet kunj
K mahi you here your sis not here
M kunj I want say you some thing really important
K ok say
M twinkle di had one affair before your marriage with a boy called Sandy
K what
M yes she had one affair with Sandy and Sandy didn’t loved twinkle di and either loved her money
K what
M yes its real and I knew that also twinkle di dint do anything it’s all that sandys work
K how do you know this
M when I got to now about this video I first doubted on Sandy so i secretly checked his house and I got this mask
and wears it and shows to kunj and mahi looks like twinkle when she wored that mask
Fb ends screen freezes in the face of twinkle kunj Tanya kavya(twinj childrens)

love is sweet and heart touching feeling (episode 8)


love is sweet and heart touching feeling (episode 8)


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