ISHVEER made for each other (Intro)

Hi guys I am new here and I am a fan of ishveer. Inspired by you all I am also starting ff. Pls support me. It’s entirely different from the real story. Here is the list of characters.

Ishani Parekh: A strong, smart and beautiful, brave girl. She is an orphan. Hates boys for a reason. Very poor dosent have a place to live. Finding for a job.

Ranveer Vaghela: A big business man , handsome, smart, hates always flirts with girls.

Amba Vaghela: Ranveer’s mother

Kailash Vaghela: Ranveer’s father
Ranveer’s parents are very kind, help everyone, trying to convince Ranveer for marriage. Like Ritika and wants Ranveer and Ritika to marry but not forcing them to marry.

Ritika Zaveri: Ranveer’s best friend, loves Ranveer
But she knows that he does not love her. Also from a rich family.

Guys I will add more characters as and when needed. Pls support me, if you like it then pls comment otherwise I will stop it.

ISHVEER made for each other (Intro)


ISHVEER made for each other (Intro)


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