love is sweet and heart touching feeling (episode 7)

Guys I got only 3comment in my last epi so one more thing is iam going to end my ff in epi 20 so here i go with my 7 episode
Twinkle is working in the kitchen kunj comes inside house and starts shouting twinkle and every one rushes to the hall kunj shows all of them one video I that video in which twinkle is hugging an unknown man (it will be revealed later) everyone are hell shocked to see the video and twinkle says kunj
T kunj this video is fake
K twinkle I don’t want to listen anything from a prostitute
T kunj what did you say prostitute echoes in her ears
K yes you are prostitute and one more thing this baby is not my baby
Twinkle is thrown out of the house
And twinkle leaves for an unknown destination (it will reveals later)
Leap of 3 year
Twinkle is shown doing work in a company
She is sitting like soul without life some one come tuning towards her its her twin daughters kavya and Tanya they are just 3years old

love is sweet and heart touching feeling (episode 7)


love is sweet and heart touching feeling (episode 7)


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