Family bonding episode 11

Tej is checking files one after other shaleen is standing infront of her but facing otherside..
Arjun and kaanchi are running all over room
All were seeing and laughing..
Kusum:-kaanchi u will fall come and sit calmly..
Kaanchi turns back and talk to kusum without seeing front side..
Kaanchi:-no dii today i will not leave bhai and unfortunately hits tej chair..
Shaleen turns towards tej by sudden sound and tej looses balancez and falls in mean time shaleen catches her but he too looses balances by hitting kaanchi leg..
Three falls down.
Kaanchi falls seperately and shaleen and tej falls on top of her…
All papers gets shattered…
All gets up immediately..
Namish and danny helps kaanchi to get up..

And sees shaleen and tej lost into each other..
By all reaching towards them they comes back to their senses..
Arnav helps shaleen to get up and
Arjun helps tej to get up..
Tej:-ahh my back…
Wat kaanchi u have to see and run naa are u ok.
Kaanchi:-sry dii i am fine and u..
Tej:-dont knew my back is paining.
And sees all paper shattered from Files and oh my god its became a mess..
Arjun:-dont worry dii i will help u to set files..
Tej:-first u help me to get up..
Arjun makes her get up..
She sees Shaleen and asks him are u ok.
Shaleen:-yaa i am fine..u ok
Tej:-yaa and thank u..
Namish:-u welcome…
Tej arnav smiles..
Kusum:-come dii i will check u.

Tej:-no need i am fine…
Arjun:-but from where u got this blood.
Tej checks her hand and sees blood but doesnt find anything and suddenly she takes shaleen hand and finds its bleeding and says to kusum.
Tej:-my god ur hand is bleeding and kusum come to my cabin u will do firt aid..and about to take shaleen.
Shaleen:-its ok i am fine its small
Radzz comes forward and takes his hand and gets teardy eyez namish and danny also comes..
Shaleen:-raduu its ok small cut see..
Namish:-but blood is coming na bhaii..
Kaanchi comes to him and catches his ears and says sorry because if me u got hurt i am really sorry.
Shaleen:-its ok its a small wound
See everything will be ok..
Tej:-are u doctor no right then just come with me and drags him from their before he could speak..
Danny and namish smiles ..
Arnav sees kaanchi and says..
Arnav:-u have to be carefull dear its ended with small wound wat if they both fall down by breaking glass door.
Arjun:-sry uncle even i was reason.
Dp:-its ok nothing will happen sometimes it happens..
Kusum is treating shaleen where tej is spraying on her back for pain.
Radzz and arjun comes to her cabin.
Arjun opens door and asks radzz to go in.

Radzz comes and sits next to shaleen and see kusum applying spirit to his hand..
Radzz:-is it paining bhai..
Shaleen:-no raa its a small cut.
Kusum:-dont worry its will one day Wound tomorrow he will be ok..
Radzz smiles and kusum to..
Arjun sees tej struggling by tounching her back..
Arjun:-dii is it paining alot.
Tej:-yaa but its not like unbareble
I sprayed on it after some time its will be ok.
Arjun:-come we will consult doctor..
Tej:-no need i am fine and kusum is their tight she will check.
Kusum after doing shaleen firstaid she smiles to him and goes towards tej and checks her and says dii its better if u take pain killer injection.
Tej immediatedly jerks and says..
Tej:-hi just chill ok i am fine no need of injection and all.
Shaleen:-when i said no need of treatment someone asked me are u doctor it seems now its my turn to ask that question.
Tej looks at him and then kusum.
Kusum:-u need it dii otherwise pain will get worse.
Tej:-i can bare it..
Arjun:-how about tablet.
Kusum:-i am doctor or u.
Arjun:-unfortunately u were.

Kusum calls to medical shops and asks them to bring injection..
After few minutes all were at tej cabin.
Tej is roaming here and their.
Namish sees guitar in tej cabin and asks her.
Namish:-jii do u play guitar.
Tej:-dont no
Arnav laughs and says yaa she plays pretty well and laughs again
Tej:-wat making u to laugh at me.
Arnav:-u are still afraid of injection its a small thing.
Tej takes knife and says come on bhai its just a small knife i will just stab u.
Arnav:-yeh chill ash.
Tej:-dont call me that and just PA comes with injection and hand Over it to kusum
Tej:-uncle are u working for me or her…
Pa uncle:-for u only beta thats why we care for u and dont worry about us we r ready with cottons
and goes from their..
Kusun:-dii dont worry i am specialist in injection u will not get pain..
Arjun:-i thought u were specialist heart but u learnt their about injecting.
Kusum and tej both shouts at a time.:- shut up…
Tej:- and u miss kusum injection is injection and it will pain and i hate it..
Arnav slowly catches her ..

Tej :-bhai plzz bhai..
Kaanchi:-dii untill now i dont knew that u r afraid of something.
Tej:-arey iam afraid of many thing mainly injection i am also human being and kusum plzz.
Kusum injects and tej shouts really louder that all closes their ears…
Tej:-kusum do u inject me or u stabbed me with that..
My hand is paining more than my back.
And u both idiots u did not find another place to run around..
And u bhai dont get another shelf to keep files..
All laughs at her shouting after a while…tej too smiles by rubbing her hand..
Ahhh who invented this bl**dy injection chii today is a worst day for me..
its night
Radzz:-hi its becoming night lets go to dinner..
Danny:-after all wat happen today is it necessary.
Namish:-ha radzz lets go to our homes..
Shaleen and tej at a time:-its ok ..
And looks at each other.
Shaleen:-mine is small injury i dont have any problem haa but i cant drive..
All looks at tej..

Tej:-yaa my back pain is ok now but my hand is paining now so i too cant drive but i will come..
Arjun:-shall i drive your bike u sit back ..
Arnav:-i will drive bike today i wont allow u to take her.
Dp:-leave bike why dont u come in car…
Kusum:-she feels suffocate in carss..
Kaanchi:-shall i bring our special car…
Arjun:-my under age girl shhhh ok and bhai who will drive bike in 3 piece suit.
Arnav:-i will do u have any problem.
Tej:-i have problem actually wat ever happen today with me i going to give punishment to u all and takes bike keys and goes to namish and say ..
My dear young business partner will u give me lift on my bike.
Namish smiles at them all who r seeing them with opening mouth.
Namish:-sure at your service.
Arnav:-achaa how will u return from their…his house is that side and our house is this side..
Namish:-no problem i will drop her at home and then i will leave in my bhai car.
Arjun:-how that possible.
Radzz:-simple we will follow to your home after leaving her then bhai will come in our car…
Arjun:-then you will become late by you reach to your home.
Dp:-its ok no problem.
Kaanchi:-uncle did u call aunty.
Arjun:-this aunty will see u properly and take her words back.
Kaanchi:-wat words.
Arjun:-that u were beautifull.
Kaanchi:-bhai and about to move.
Tej:-enough if u both move from place see wat i will do one injection is enough for mee…i dont want another accident sit both of u calmly…
Both sits in this place…….

Danny comes from out and says.
Danny:-i books place in resturent
Shall we leave..
Kaanchi:-yaa lets goo..
Namish sits on bike ..
When shaleen about to say about helmet.
Tej keeps helmet on his head and Kness pads also..
Shaleen smiles..
Namish:-why these many..
Tej:-protection u see for me you and arjun are same and see towards arjun who is seeing them sadly..
Tej smiles they all starts to resturent and goes to raizada house…

Arjun :-come inside naa…
Arnav and tej gets tensed but stay s normal..
Kaanchi:-haa come inside naa you all were first time visiting our house..
Kannchi takes ap by holding her hand..
Danny:-she will be mom favorite bahu see.
Namish smiles and danny too….
Arnav and tej arjun and kusum were laughing
Danny:-wat happen why r u laughing.
Kusum:-you will come to knew just dont move your eyes from kaanchi.
All were seeing at her and she is seeing at upside of door which is so height .
Ap and dp also smiles…
Arnav comes forward and opens the bolts from top door and they all entres to inside house..

Precap:-all malhotras stays their..

Family bonding episode 11


Family bonding episode 11


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