Sasural simar ka (the new story) Part 1

The episode starts of where two girls are running around a bedroom throwing pillows at each other.
They are both sisters and its Roli and shanaya.
Roli “honestly yeh lardki muje ek din marvaygi kaha rakhi Meri diary batow vaarna meh didi koh batow gi

Shanaya “meh doon ghi par ek condition par”

Roli “Kya ”

Shanaya “Kis ke bare meh tumne lika iss diary meh”

Roli goes into a flash back and
remembers the man she bumped into
yesterday whilst she was running to catch a riksha.
She fell and he caught her and they gazed into each other’s eyes feeling like they knew each other for years
The man “tum teek Ho na ?”

Pre cap- the man tells his name as siddharth and shanaya clicks Roli out of her flashback
Simar was listening to their conversation and is curious to know more

Sasural simar ka (the new story) Part 1


Sasural simar ka (the new story) Part 1


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