SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 17

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 17

thank you guys for reading am glad there are people who loves this ff….sorry for no raglak scene….so enjoy….

Swara’s POV:

Waking up early morning for no reason, I lay still down onto my bed, closing my eyes. I wasn’t planning on sleeping but I couldn’t fight myself after putting my head on the soft pillow.

I’ve always had this strange attraction toward pillows…. softy softy pillows…. That’s why I had six different sized pillows on my bed. Ma specially bought them for me…. Ma…. I miss you…. I miss you Papa… I miss you my Bhai….

Tears start flowing from my eyes. I grabbed the other pillow and hugged it tight and soon sleep took over me.

I woke up with the feeling of warm fingers touching my left cheek. They weren’t soft as Ma’s.


Straightaway I open my eyes only to gasp at the second I saw Sanskar hovering over my face. I turned my face away from his hand and covered my face with the pillow to create a wall between us. Suddenly I felt my pillow getting heavy.

Is he trying to suffocate me???

I turn my face to the other side, gasping for air. Then my eyes landed on Sanskar’s hand on my side and my pillow gets much heavier.

Sanskar’s POV:

She hid her face under the pillow, which I found very cute and a smile creep up on my face. Slowly, I leaned forward and put my head on the pillow. She instantly reacts and turns her face to the other side to breathe properly. A second later, I feel a little push under the pillow, followed by a sound of gasp.

She finally realizes the cause of heaviness….

Seriously she is so slow.

My smile widened and I close my eyes. I like the position that we were in but I want to be closer, without this pillow wall…. without any barriers.

I will be… soon…..

I took a deep breath and ask, “Why were you crying, love?” She didn’t answer.

Of course she won’t, how can a person talk under a pillow….

I roll my eyes on my stupidity and sit straight to give her space to get up. But she didn’t even move.

“Are you getting up by yourself or should I help you?”

Without removing the pillow from her face, she reached out for her duppatta on the other side of the bed. But before she could reach, I quickly take it.

She shrieked and said, “Give it back.”

“I didn’t take it from you…!”

“Fine….! Give it to me.”

“Give you what?”

“My duppatta.” She shouts and it made me chuckle.

I silently gave her duppatta back. She quickly got a hold of it and put the pillow on the side. After a minute, her duppatta was already settled on her shoulders.

“How did you do it?” I asked in astonishment and she gave me a questioning.

“How did you wear your duppatta so perfectly?”

“We are used to it.” She said in a low voice.



“Oh! Anyways, answer my question.”

“What question?”

“Why were you crying?”

“None of your business.” She spat.

I leaned closer, putting both my hands on each side of her. She quickly hugged her knees and backed away.

“You’re being difficult again, love…. Answer my question like a good girl. Why were you crying?”

“Like I said, none of your business…. Why would you care, when you are the reason of it….. You are the one who killed my husband, took me away from my parents, and imprisoned my injured brother for days… it’s all because of you.” She starts crying again. I frowned but kept my mouth shut.

This is getting annoying….

“Do you want to meet your family?”

Swara’s POV:

My head jerked up instantly.

“What?” I ask again in disbelief.

“I said do you want to meet your family?”

I didn’t know what to say. This man is manipulative, always has something under his sleeve.


“What are you planning now?” I said without looking at him.

“Getting smart aren’t we?” He smirked and got up from the bed.

“Well, I am planning to blackmail you to marry me in return of meeting your family.”

He said, taking a seat on a couch near the wall.


“You heard me.” He gave me a devilish smile.

I went silent, looking at my feet, not knowing what to say or do. He is so unpredictable and dangerous. I raise my gaze to him and saw he was lighting his cigarette. He’s wearing black jeans with somewhat henna green coloured T-shirt and cap.

When our eyes met, he tilted his head to the side, giving me a smile.

“Aren’t you done yet? What else do you want to ruin in my life?” His smile vanished instantly, replaced by an annoyed look.

“Ruin??? Do you even know what that word means?” He mocked.

I was taken aback by his question. I wasn’t expecting this.

“And if you think by killing that man and bringing you here ruined your life, then you are mistaken, my love.” He said after a pause.

“Mistaken? The only one who is mistaken here is you…. How can you even think that I would marry you? To a criminal…. a monster.” My voice was dripping with venom.

He silently got up and covered the distance between us. Getting scared by his pissed look, I tried to get off from the bed. But before I could go any further, he pulled me to him by yanking my arm and made me stand in front of him. His grip was rough and tight, making me wince.

“Does it hurt?” He asked, leaning down to look into my face. I bit my lower lip tight and didn’t answer. His other arm encircled my waist, crashing my body to him.

I gasped and tried to wiggle free. He tightened his grip more; I can feel his fingers digging into my skin. I hissed and close my eyes.

“Does it hurt?!” He shouted.

“Yes!” I manage to choke. Suddenly he loosened his grip and leaves my arm but not my waist.

“You said you won’t marry me…. I am a criminal…. means you are agreeing that I should go with my own way?” He said slowly, taking off my dupatta from my shoulders and throwing it on the floor. I tried to get a grip but it was no use. Combing my hair with his hands, he pulled my face closer.

“If I am a criminal to you, then I will do it the criminal’s way. And criminals don’t bother marrying. They take what they want, like I am going to do now.”

The next moment he threw me on bed and came on top of me…I tried to move away but it ways to late…he was already on top me covering half my body with his….i tried to make distance between us by putting my hands on his chest and pushing him away but instead he intertwined both of his hand with mine and pinned them hard to the bed….i could almost feel my knuckles breaking…. He was too strong…I couldn’t do anything…but to give up….he was completely on top of me now…looking at me with desire and lust….and I knew what was coming next….

He snuggled his head between my hair and neck and kissed it sensually several times…. making me shiver…. after kissing my shoulder and neck more than 5 time he bit my neck…showing all his anger and desire…..it hurt…badly…. but I didn’t say anything or scream…I was just sobbing silently…..he looked up…stared at my lips and started to lean closer….there was an inch gap between our lips and the next moment I found myself screaming


precap: Sanskar to swara: take the gun and shoot me….the choice is your…..my death or marriage…

thank you hope you enjoyed….

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 17


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 17

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