Love of Family- CH1

Love of Family- CH1

Intro Here

Since there is lot of confusion, the pairs are–
Geet (Drashti)- Maan (Gurmeet)
Vedika(Krystal)- Vedant (Karan)
Prem (Pearl v puri) – Ragini (Tejaswi)
Khushi (Sanaya)- Ranveer (Shakti Arora)

Scene starts with a Big Mansion. Its Malhotra Mansion. Servants are placing the breakfast on the table. Just then a lady comes. She is Ganga Malhotra.
Ganga- Kaka is the table ready.
Servant- Yes Madam.
Ganga- Okay u go & do other work.
Just as servants leave a hand comes and backhugs her.
Ganga smiles and says- Raj, what are u doing? If childrens will see, what will they think?
Raj- What…. they will think that there Mom-Dad are still so romantic. Ya.
Ganga- Getting out of his hug, Raj our 4 childrens have grown up but u will not, Right.
Raj- Right madam….. He sits on the Head of the family’s chair. BTW were are ur 3 sahabzaade & were is my princess.
Ganga gives a knowing look & says- Raj, u again forgot, Ragu had gone to US for medical confrence.
Raj- Ooo a i remember. And were are…
We are here dad. A voice comes. They see 2 boys coming. One in formals and another in Lawyer’s uniform. They are Maan & Vedant.
Maan & Vedant- Good Morning Dad, Mom…
Raj & Ganga- Good Morning…..
Raj- And were is Ranveer.
Ranveer comes.

Ranveer wishes them good morning. They all take plates but they were not interested in eating.
Ganga sees them and goes to her room. She comes out with tablet .
Ranveer keeps his spoon & says- I cant eat, i am missing my kiddo.
Hey Rany bhai dont call me that. A voice comes.
They all are happy & turns. They see Ragini on video call.
Ganga gives tablet to them.
Raj- Hey princess, how are u.
Ragini – I am fine dad. How u all are. Maan bhai, Vedu bhai & Rany bhai. She gets teary eyes.
Maan , Vedant & Ranveer (together) – Hey Ragu dont cry. We are fine. When is confrence going to end?
They keep on talking. After that Ganga talks to Ragini and asks her to work less.
She cuts the call. She sees that they all have started eating happily.
Ganga- God…… U 4 behave like this when she has gone just for a month. What will happen when she will go to her sasural.
All 4 stop eating.

Raj- Ganga she is still a kid.
Maan- Yes mom, how can u think so, let her enjoy her life.
Vedant- Mom, we will not allow any one to take our ragu.
Ranveer- Yes mom, & wedding is not that important, and if it happens, we will make the groom our ghar jamai.
Other three- Good idea Rany.
Listening to there talks Ganga keeps her hand on her head……

Precap- The Goenka’s……

So how is this chapter…. No eggs plz……

Love of Family- CH1


Love of Family- CH1

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