Swasan: Fix You (Episode 22)

Swasan: Fix You (Episode 22)

Ill be updating Fix You daily as its almost gonna end…because I guess there aren’t many readers like before. . .

~~The Fear of Separation~~

~~Sanskar’s pov ~~

The day had arrived when we had to leave for London. The first round was going to be held at Fergal. I was excited. I was going to perform with my band after quite a long time. Also, this time Swara was going to be there to support me.

The fact that Swara will be there to watch me perform, had boosted up my confidence a lot. I had never been so confident about myself. I had to win – for me, my band and my girlfriend.

We boarded the plane from Abu Dhabi and we had seven more hours to reach London.

“How can anyone sit in one place for such a long time?” Swara asked. I chuckled and shrugged as I myself got irritated in planes.

“Uh! I wish I could just teleport myself to London.” She said, rolling her eyes. I laughed as kept on adjusting herself in the seat.

Seven and a half hours later, we were outside the Heathrow airport at London. It was summer season going on. Yet, it felt like winter.

Somehow, we managed to escape the paparazzi and entered in the hotel on time. We were greeted by the whole band. Ofcourse, Swara was nervous as hell. There was one thing about her – she opened up to people easily. But she was scared, of what they might think of her.

She walked behind me, hiding herself completely. I grabbed her hand, and pulled her beside me.
“Dont be nervous. They are going to love you.” I said, even before she could tell me about her condition.

“You think so? Nobody loves a girl who runs away from her family.” She muttered.

“I do.” I replied. “Those who know you, understand you, love you.” I added. This wasn’t something I hadn’t told her before. Yet, she never seemed to believe me completely. But I didn’t care. I could say it a thousand times more to make her believe in it.

She rolled her eyes at me, as we stopped to greet everyone. My mentor stood in the front while others were chatting around.

“Welcome, Snuku.” He said in his thick, stern tone. And oh that name!

“Thank you sir. Oh and this is Swara, my girlfriend.” I said holding onto Swara’s waist and bringing her ahead. She smiled lightly.

“Hi.” She spoke which even couldn’t hear. But my mentor seemed to notice her nervousness. That’s exactly how nervous I was during my selection in the band. I couldn’t even speak a word.

“So you are the lucky girl! Nice to meet you, Swara.” He greeted warmly. Thankfully, he wasn’t angry at me for bringing Swara along. Later, I introduced Swara to each and every member of the band.

Laksh, Abeer and Kabir already knew her. It felt different and good to introduce her as my girlfriend. I had never brought a girl home, let alone introduce her to my friends.

After freshening up, Swara, I, Abeer, Laksh and Rohit sat down at a local coffee shop. Not many people knew us in London. We rarely met people who recognized us and knew us well, so that was an advantage for us to roam around on the streets of London whenever we wanted.

“You know Swara, you guys have been all over the news, and we all couldn’t help but wonder about how come Snuku never introduced you to us. Aur tu…tune toh bataya bhi nahi.” Rohan said.

Before I could say Laksh said, “Arrey tum log toh chhodo, he wasn’t even going to tell me about it. I just came to know when he started acting all weird.” He said.

“Weird? I was completely normal. I’m completely normal.” I stated.

“Acha? Woh kya tha? Swara is so beautiful. I think I’m in love with her. Should I tell her how I feel?” Laksh said, mimicking me. That’s exactly what I had said to him before meeting Swara at the lake side.

I felt heat rise up to my cheeks, as Swara looked at me, completely awestruck. My stupid friends burst into fits of laughter as I tried to convince them that I had said nothing like that.

“Dekh lo Swara. How much he loves you.” Abeer said.

“Arrey its not just him. You look at her everytime Sanskar talks to her. She blushes!” Laksh said.

This time, even I laughed, knowing that this was the truth. Swara blushed, turning deep red like a tomato whenever I praised her. That was one of the many things I liked about her.

“I don’t. What rubbish!” She said, hitting my arm playfully.

“Ow. You do, babe. Admit it – I make you blush!” I said and winked at her.

There she goes. . . She bit her lip and looked down, obviously flushing red. I laughed and wrapped my arms around her.

Since we had a free day, the next place we visited was an amusement park. I had been to London so many times that this place felt like home to me.

There were rides everywhere. Since it was a Sunday, many people were present there. Laksh, Rohan and Abeer had insisted on me leaving alone with Swara. I wanted to spend time with them as well, but they wanted me to be with Swara. Sometimes your friends do such good things for you… SOMETIMES.

We sat on a little bench with Swara eating a candy floss as we heard a lot of screams from up there. Yes, there was a huge roller coaster in front of us and then we could see it going up and down, and then, suddenly, it would turn upside-down.

My phone buzzed all of a sudden, indicating that I had a message from Laksh.


I just hoped Abeer wasn’t too sick. I decided not to go back so soon, as per Laksh had said. Swara was sitting beside me, eating that candy floss.

We had a lot of time in our hands, and I couldn’t sit there all evening eating candy floss. I hated that thing since childhood… Sticky and sugary…yuck.

“Swara lets go on that ride.” I said, pointing at the roller coaster. She snapped head in my direction.

“Nope.” She said.

“Why, are you scared?” I asked.

“I’m not scared. I feel such rides are for people who are mentally ill. There’s no point in going up and down like that.” She said. I smirked as her face clearly showed how scared she was.

It was a good time to tease her.
“Don’t worry, babe. It’s okay, if you’re scared. Look over there – that guy is as scared as you. It’s normal.” I said, pointing at a guy standing a few feet away from us. He was denying to go on the ride, while his friends forced him to come. He looked so scared.

Swara stifled her laughs and looked at me.
“Nope I think we’re getting late. We should go.” She said getting up. I surely wasn’t going to leave without making her sit on that roller coaster.

“Okay! Tumhe jana hai toh jao. I’m going on that ride, see you later.” I said and left. Her expression was priceless. She looked at me like – are you mad?

I came back and stood in front of her.
“Poor Swara, scared of rides.” I said, teasing her even more and went off to that ride.

I sat down on the first seat with nobody beside me. Just then, I heard a girl behind me. I turned around to see that familiar face – Swara. I smirked knowing very well that she would come.

She sat down beside me. Her face was pale white and pure horror was seen on it. Neither me, nor her said anything. We put on the seatbelts and soon the ride had begun.

It was slow as it climbed up the track. Swara looked down and then quickly looked back up. I teased her by scaring her in between. She punched my arm and locked her fingers with mine.

The speed increased and we came across a big bump. With multiple speed, we fell down and then climbed up again. Swara screamed like she had just seen a ghost but she was enjoying seeing it. I laughed at how scared she was, but I was also glad, that she was having fun.

The ride was full of bumps. It went up, down, upside-down and also twisted at times. It was amazing. We were still laughing about how scared was Swara during the whole ride.

Laughing, we climbed down the stairs which led us to the underground. The train stood there, but nobody got in. There were hardly any people on the whole platform. I ran as fast as I could, and got in. As far as I knew Swara Ra after me.

But somehow, she didn’t get in. Before she could, the doors had been closed.

f**k ….

My heart skipped a beat as I saw her standing outside. She tried opening it frantically from outside, while I did the same from inside.

Damn this thing…

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t open it and before even I knew, the train had started. I saw her standing alone at the platform. For the first time in my life, I was scared. f**k, she didn’t even know the way back to hotel. I could get back to her by catching another train, but she was alone out there and certainly not very safe.

What do I do now ?

A pretty long update. Hope u liked it :-)
I dont know if you all reading my fanfics anymore or not. Probably I’ll end them soon…

Swasan: Fix You (Episode 22)


Swasan: Fix You (Episode 22)

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