Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 13)

Hey ppl….I’m back..Sorry for making u guys wait for this long….but wat to do..I didn’t get time to update my ff.Dilse sorry…
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Rohan is looking all this..he dialled a number
Rohan:Manik met with an accident
Boss:what?…(shocked voice)
Rohan:I think someone has intentionally did it..”b4 he continued his conversation,his boss cut the phone..
Boss threw the mobile and yelled”WHO IS BEHIND THIS ACCIDENT?”
Abhi put hand on manik’s pulse..everyone looked at him while he said”Guys..his pulse is too low..jaldi karo..v need to rush him to the hospital asap..”
everyone nodded their head in approval and cabir rushed to bring his car..and soon he came where manik is lying..they all took him to the hospital

as soon as they reach inside the hospital…everyone recognizes FAB-5and soon doctors rush there..lay manik on a stretcher
DOCTOR:what happened to him?
saying so he checked the pulse..
he met an accident..plzzz save him..doc”
cabir folded his hands and pleaded..
Doc:Mr.Dhawan…u don’t have to do this..”he held cabir’s hand..”Nurse…quick….Take him to the operation theatre..quick….”and they took Manik inside the operation theatre

Everyone are restless..cabir is sitting on the bench…and continuously staring at the entrance of the op. theatre..navya came and sat beside him..slowly held his hand..but he didn’t respond still looking in the same direction..Ahana is continuously cryng..ashwath stood beside her..everyone were supporting each other ..hugging all of them tightly…in immense pain and badly shatteres but still standing hope…and this is wat they have learnt frm manik..they r more than a family..”ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE”..THIS IS WAT FAB-5 IS ABOUT..
IST DOC:doc…his B.p is falling down and even pulse is also too low..”she sounds too worried
2nd DOC:He lost a huge amount of blood …We need blood..”he injected some injec. In his arm and started clearing his head wound..He instructed his junior doc “Quickly check his blood group and get it quickly….fast..”’

Junior doc came outside and strted running towards testing section..evry1 looked at him worriedly..abhi tried asked him but he didn’t reply anythingand went inside again
JUNIOR DOC:”Dr.Armaan his blood group is too rare..0 negative…and we even don’t have stock in our blood bank..I have checked wth other hospitals too..they also ran out of stock..we need to find a donor asap..”
Oh shit…Dr.ayan ..ask his frnds..v cant risk his lyf..quick..”
1st doc:Armaan ..he is not responding to any treatment..”she said worriedly
2nd doc:Dr.ankitha..we cant loose hope..v have to save him
Outside theatre:
Dr.ayan came outside and asked all of them…that manik needs blood..thay instantly said that he can take theirs…ready to give their whole blood content for manik but unfortunately..none of theirs matches with manik

Operation is still going on..just then Ayan enters inside and says”Sir..there is a very big problem..None of his frnds blood group matched with his’s
Armaan:Damn it..Now v can’t do anything..Only god can save him
Ahana came to the temple inside the hospital
Ahana:”God…..plz…don’t do this…plz…make my brother well.plz…B4 we lost I cant afford to loose my manik bhai…if it happens v will also die..plz….sa….ve…hi…m…..”and she fell on the floor crying..

Just then a lady saw her an sat beside her..she somehow consoled her and asked about the matter..Ahana told that her brother is in I.C.U in critical state..he needs blood and all that stuff.Lady told Ahana that her blood group is same and she cangive her blood.Ahana’s face lightened up with happiness and she felt God has sent that lady as an angel to save her bhai..
Soon she took the lady along with her…after all the testing is completed..she is taken inside to donate blood.After sometime when the lady came outside..ahana and ayan were standing there and ahana said”Thank u so much aunty…U don’t know aunty…the blood u gave to my bhai…saved many lives today ..not only his lyf..”she hugged her tightly

Lady:”Relax beta…its fine..u don’t have to thank me..thank god…may b he sent me…v r just puppets in his hands..”she caressed ahana ‘s cheeks and said
Aunty…u became god and came for us..plz…come… with me na…I’ll make u meet with others..”she tries to take lady with her
Meanwhile,the lady’s phone rings…
Voice from other end:”Aunty…where r u..? Me nd dad r waiting for u from so long….plz…come quickly..Wat took u so long?Nd u already know how important this day is for us….mainly for me nd dad…If u don’t come na I wont eat food and I’ll not talk to uu….come quickly..”’
Lady:”Akshu beta….U r too stubborn…O.k baba…I’ll come within 10 min…U don’t do anything stupid..luv u..”she said reminding herself how stubborn her cute girl is..
The lady said to ahana..”Im sorry beta..I have to go..Im in a hurry..actually I’m already late…I have to go somewhere..aam really sorry..but I will pray for that boy..we will meet again..if destiny wants us to meet..”with this she moved out of the hospi…but some bonding didn’t let her go..and throughout the way her heart is restless….
Then others came ..ahana and ashwath informed them about the lady..and they wanted to meet her..but she already left…listening this they felt really sad….
Dr.armaan and his team ccame out…

Doctor…manik is fyn ryt?
Armaan:ha mr.dhawan..the operation is successful..thanks to the lady…jisne time pe…donated the blood to Mr.Malhotra..but
Cabir:But…wat doc?
Actually..not fully..he is not responding to any treatment…we did our best nd stitched the wounds but his body is not responding…It is lyk he doesnt want to live..wo jeena nahi chahthe hai..”
Everyone were taken aback by doc’s statement..that their Manik..who was full of life..doesnt wanna live..
Agar …if in the next 6 hours..if he doesn’t get consciousness…then Im sorry to say u have to loose hope on him…unki jaan ko khatra hai..”’
And left with his team..
FAB-5,NAVYA AND ABHI look at each other……

FAB-4 visit a temple…first time in their life….pleading god for manik’s life…

Ok guys….bahut senti hai na…Sorry for the emotional crap…but it had to b..O.k so any guesses who is the lady…or any guesses about the next proceedings of the story…Comment ur guesses…Lets see who will b near to my story line…Bye..Luv u loads

Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 13)


Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 13)


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