swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 14

swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 14

So hello everyone….i am back with next episode…
Today’s episode.
Swalak marriage…..
Swara: di i am very nervous. May i back off..
Rag: what r u saying..after so many difficulties u both are finally gonna be together.
Swara: ya i know.. but how will i live without u.
Rag: awww…..
They both hug.
Sumi: swara get ready….
Swara: yes ma.
Ragini helps swara in dressing. She is looking beautiful in her red lehanga with matching jwellery.
Rag: omg swara u r looking like a princess
Swara: thanks di.

Marriage time …
Laksh comes with his family. He sits on mandap.
Pandit: call the bride….
Ragini comes with swara with her face covered….
Swara sits in mandap.
Laksh:i am feeling like something is wrong….
All the rituals are completed….
Pandit: now u may take blessings of elders..
The bride removes her pallu.
Everyone is shocked….
Laksh: tum…
Girl: haan main…. i have understood laksh i love u…it was my foolishness to leave u.. but now i am back.
Laksh: what nonsense.. where is swara….

Girl: i tied her and closed her in her room.
Ragini: what
Girl: if u dont believe go and check.
Ragini and sansar rushes up to check….
Rag: swara…
She sees her tied.
She opens all the ropes
She cries hugging her..
Swara: my marriage.
Rag is silent.
Swara: di speak up..
She tells everything….
Swara: what…
She is shocked….she rushes to mandap.
She sees a girl standing there..
Lakah: swara ..
Swara: who r u…

Girl: now it wont matters…
Swara: excuse me. ..laksh do u know her.
Laksh nods
Girl: i am kavya.. laksh’s first love…i left him kn our marriage day… but now i am back.
Swara is shocked…
Swara: so kavya. Let me inform u that u have no proof about this marriage.
Kavya: what rubbish.. all these people have witnessed our marriage.
Swara: is it so…then may i plz ask …who has seen..anyone.
No one answer.
Swara: kavya u were sitting in ghunghat….so no proof.
Kavya: but i am his official wife…and u r noone to him.
Swara: i am his wife.
Kavya: what..
Swara: laksh will u marry me..
Lakah nods..
Sumi= but shona.
Swara: mom do u believe me.
Sumi: yes….
Swalak completes marriage.
Swara: now what…

Kavya leaves in anger…
Swara= mom dont worry i will handle everything.
They take blessing and bidaai takes place.

Precap= kavya vs swara….

Thanks for reading….

swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 14


swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 14

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