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Scene 1
Aradhya does Tulsi’s band-aid, Tulsi says you did what was in your control, Aradhya says i could have stopped Gayetri’s marriage but dont know why Kumudini did all that, she called me home and locked me here, she has animosity with Aaba but what as Gayetri’s fault? their family can think anything, Aryan might have blamed me for all this but i care of Gayetri, i wish you had meet Saras before so we would know David’s truth, Kumudini comes there and asks Tulsi how she got injured? Tulsi says we went to stop marriage, Aaba’s goons hit me, Kumudini says aaba should die, i will bring milk for you, Aradhya says stop your drama, now i know you do drama only, you dont care for anything, Kumudini says stop it, you blame me for everything, its like everything is my fault, it feels like you are not part of my family but from Aaba’s family, its like it was not Gayetri’s marriage but your sister’s marriage, Aradhya says stop it, dont twist my words, i know you are behind all this, you seemed so happy there, tell me truth, you are not involved in this scheme with David?
Aryan says to Gayetri and Pavitra that this is all that Devdasi’s planning, how can we do such a big mistake? how could we believe that David? he says to Gayetri that dont worry, i know its difficult, this is not marriage, it was cheating, Gayetri says i was first forced to do this marriage for family’s respect, i did this marriage as i trusted Devaish and now you are forcing me to forget this marriage? marriage is not a game, i cant forget it, we took pheras, he filled my forehead with sindoor, i am wearing mangalsutra of his name, i cant forget this marriage, Pavitra says but this is not marriage but cheating, he wanted to take revenge, Gayetri says i dont know about him but i did this marriage from heart so i believe in this marriage, i believe that i am married now, i am Gayetri David fernandez, Aryan says dont react so fast, give sometime, you will know everything, Gayetri says i know what i am saying, he is my husband now, she says to Pavitra that you told from childhood that after marriage, girl’s house is of her inlaws, i dont know about this heart but i have accepted this marriage, i will fight for this marriage, i know David is nice person, if he wanted then he could have done anything with me that night but he didnt touch me, i have faith that he has goodness, he has hatred towards my family but i will wipe it, marriage is fate and i have accepted my fate.
Aradhya asks Kumudini to say truth, Kumudini says why i dont die before listening all this? you were born baby when we had to run from here, i saved you from all odds, you feel like if there is short circuit, there are dogs outside Aaba’s house then its my fault only, their family used to blame me for everything and now you have started too, Aradhya says you fool us everytime but not now, why David came to meet you? Kumudini says he came to invite me for marriage, Aradhya says then why you hided that Damini called here? how can you forget that if you do wrong with others daughters then wrong can happen with your daughter, Kumudini says you both doubt me everytime, you make me stand in witness box everytime, i will tell you truth, David came here and asked me bless his wife in marriage, i told him that i know you are not Devaish and he should not do anything like that, Tulsi says but still you went to marriage, Kumudini says i had to go for Aradhya, Aradhya says why for me? Kumudini says you can say anything, i locked you in house as you went to say truth to Aryan, you went to garments store right? David called me and blackmailed me, he said that if Aradhya tries to stop marriage then i wont spare Aradhya, what would i do? i went there to save Aradhya’s life, i had to become selfish, i know you both still dont trust me, its fine, when my own family dont trust me then i should die, Kumudini takes knife, Tulsi asks her to stop, Kumudini says i will slit my wrist, Aradhya takes knife from her, Kumudini cries and says its hurting when my family doubts me, i can give my life for you both but i cant bear the fact that you both doubt me, she starts to leave, she looks at Aradhya and thinks that you are a kid, dont forget i am your mother’s mother, i am in middle of my scheme, you want me to stop at this stage? i cant.

Scene 2
Gayetri comes to Aaba, Aaba asks her to take off Mangalsutra, Gayetri says i cant do it, this is proof of my marriage with Devaish, Aaba says dont you dare argue with me, take off this and throw it away, dont believe that person of other religion is your husband, he is about to take off her mangalsutra but Aryan holds aaba’s hand and says no, from now on nothing against Gayetri’s will happen, you did everything even forcefully too and i didnt question you but not now, aaba says she has gone mad, that man from other religion cheated her and she thinks he is her husband, you are taking her side? Aryan says she is my sister and i will stand by her, this marriage happened as you wanted it, you wanted to save your so called respect, Shashwat asked you see his family background but you were his sugary trap, till when you will controlling our lives? let Gayetri breath, Aaba says you are not understanding this is Kumudini’s planning, she wants to destroy our respect, what you want that Gayetri roam around as wife of person from other religion? Aryan says our lives are just connected to your respect, we have no identity, for first time she has take decision for her life and i dont know if its right or wrong but i am standing beside her, she has accepted him as her husband, nothing has changed much, he is same person, the only difference that his religion is changed, it doesnt matter, time has come that we need to change, we have thrown our family members out of house because they married in other religion, i am not saying that David is wrong but i cant understand his pain, whatever happened with his sister in law and my aunt(Saras) was not right, she was thrown out of house but i wont let it happen with my sister, this is wrong, Aaba leaves, Shashwat proudly looks at Aryan, Gayetri is distraught.
Aradhya says to Krishanji that you have taken side of Kumudini, i thought she is your loyalist thats why you take her side but now i dont understand whose side you are? my aaji did wrong then why you took her side? i feel like dead, what did i do wrong? i went to save Gayetri’s life but you didnt take my side why? you can understand i am feeling suffocated, i used to trust Aaji blindly but now my trust is broken, Gayetri’s trust must have broken too, what should i do now? you have to show me way, i cant change Kumudini’s thinking but i can take Gayetri’s side, i can stand by her, Aryan can be with me or not.
Aryan is in his room, he recalls how Aradhya said that she thinks some man is behind destroying Gayetri’s respect, how she told everything about David then how David confessed everything.
Gayetri says to Shashwat that i know i have taken difficult decision, i am scared but i wont lose, i dont want to become burden on you, Shashwat says dont say like this, you cant be my burden, i am not like my father who threw his daughter h=out of house for his fake respect, you are my pride, you can stay in this house for life, i dont care about world, you can stay here as much as you want, i want to see your dreams getting fulfilled only, Gayetri hugs him and says i love you, only you understand me here well.
Kumudini comes out of her house, she calls David and says did you see Aaba’s face? his life became hell in oneday, he used to taunt people of lower caste and now what happened? you have done great, David says i am used to name Devaish, i stole idol, i went to jail,i even drank poison, Kumudini says you wanted something so you had to work hard, you have won so i am bringing sweets for you, what you will do about Gayetri? Aradhya is following Kumudini, Kumudini feels her presence, Aradhya thinks she must be going to meet David, Kumudini says to David that i am coming to meet you, she ends call and says someone is following me, Aradhya thinks that she must be going to meet David, she seems happy, i need to know whats her next plan, Kumudini hides and thinks who is over-efficient that is following me, she sees Aradhya there and thinks she always forgets that i am her mother’s mother, she leaves, Aradhya says she must have gone to meet David, i will find her truth today.

PRECAP- Aryan says to Aradhya that i said thank you for giving me information about Gayetri, i know what i have to do for her, Aradhya says you will put Gayetri in more difficult situation, David doesnt wanna accept her and he wants you, your father and Aaba ask forgiveness from him. Aaba asks Aryan if he loves Aradhya? Pavitra says tell truly, Aryan says i dont have patience for these rubbish talks, Aaba asks him to put hand on head and then say that he doesnt love her, Aryan’s hand shakes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Krishnadasi 28th March 2016 –


Krishnadasi 28th March 2016 –


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