Kasam 28th March 2016 –

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At night, Bani complains that so much work is yet left to be done. She tells Tannu that the caterer has sent little staff and there is so much work here. Tannu takes the responsibility. Bani thanks her and gives them a responsibility of fruit basket as well. Ahna complains that Bani treats them as maids and finds ways that they don’t meet Raaj and his family. Tannu says Bani told her Raaj’s family hates them. She says when Guljeet and Bani helped them in troubles, they must also help them. Ahna comes to hold the basket with Tannu.
At night, Guljeet calls Swati and Neha to hurry up. Swati comes to Tannu and Ahna and says her papa had asked her to keep the fruits not steal the ring. Guljeet and Bani also scolds them, Ahna says Bani has brought her daughter in a cheap way. They go to search Tannu and Ahna’s luggage and throws everything out. Ahna asks Tannu if she calls these people as her family. Bani goes to break their family photo, both sisters cry.
UV asks Rishi when his Tannu is coming. Manpreet asks Rishi why he is nervous. Rishi say this isn’t possible, he doesn’t know if she wants to marry him, if she even loves him or not. She talks to Bani about him but is always angry with him.
Raaj shows Rano the decoration. Bee ji asks Rano why is she sad? Rano says she can only be seen here because of her son’s engagement, else she must have gone to America. Bee ji asks Raaj to call Guljeet.
Bani comes to ask Tannu for the ring. Tannu says she doesn’t have it. Guljeet gives Bani the phone of Raaj, Raaj asks them to hurry up. Bani says they will come in ten minutes. Bani asks for Tannu’s ring. Tannu denies, Ahna says she won’t. Tannu says this is the last identity of her father, she resists but Guljeet and Bani forcefully takes the ring off her finger. The ring was of Rishi’s measurement, at the time of engagement she was supposed to give it to him. He always awaited their engagement. Tannu and Ahna cry and pleads Bani, but Bani gives the ring to Neha and asks her to put it in Rishi’s hand. Bani goes to get the shagun Chunri, they all head outside.
Neha comes downstairs, some girls come with flowers and asks Neha to give the flowers to her cousin. Neha says he is her fiancé, she is getting engaged to him. She hands the flowers back to her, they all leave. The girls wonder what will happen to Sandy. Ahna asks Tannu to leave immediately. Tannu says no. Ahna says if Tannu had been working in her engagement. Tannu says yes, if they leave here now, everyone’s suspect will go true. But once, this engagement takes place and she doesn’t go there, everyone will think she is a liar. She will go to the engagement, she doesn’t care if Neha marries Rishi even after what he does. She doesn’t care if they get married, but cries.
Rishi awaits Tannu while Manpreet comes to him and shows him some hot girls. Rishi says it is ok. Manpreet asks what happened to him. Rishi says he is waiting for Tannu, she hasn’t arrived. Manpreet says he will be bored in a few days after marriage only, he asks if he has seen their parents who always fight with each other. Rano comes to tell Rishi that bride and family have arrived, there is still time to say no. Rishi asks Bani about Tannu. Bani teases him to be really waiting for him. She points towards Neha. Rishi hurries towards her. Neha had her back towards Rishi, while Tannu had come to the ceremony. Rishi watches her and Ahna coming.

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Kasam 28th March 2016 –


Kasam 28th March 2016 –


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