D4 Get up and Dance 28th March 2016 –

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Mikhail stops Baby outside and asks where she Is going. Baby asks what he has been doing, everyone gather outside. Baby asks why he always put her heart and mind in confusion by dancing in front of her, she had told him all the truth about herself. He must not try to control her life, she isn’t his Aneri and not a dancer even, she will never meet him again. Mikhail was left upset. Dia and Harry come to Mikail, Dia says they will never speak about Baby again.
Baby runs on the beach next day, thinking about forgetting her dream to fulfil her parent’s. Mikhail worked out thinking about her words. She stops panting, Mikhail’s words still echo in her mind.
Amar comes to Baby’s room. Sonam asks him to book her and Baby’s tickets today, they are going to Delhi today. Amar was worried what he will answer to his mummy, Baby’s mother and father. Sonam says she doesn’t know about it, Baby has simply asked her to pack the bags and be ready.
Baby cries on a rock near sea. Sonam lay on the couch wondering where Baby is, they will miss their flight. Amar asks who is going to inform his mom. Amar says he told about Baby’s video to mom and she warned him to break his legs, he wonders what he will do now. Sonam calls him selfish that Baby’s love life broke up and.
Dia was worried in the academy, she takes Harry aside and asks about Mikhail. Harry says he isn’t in his room as well. Dia says he didn’t pick her call, why he is going crazy after Baby who isn’t even a dancer. Harry says he is Mikhail, he gets what he is after.
In the car, Amar asks Baby if she is sure. She was silent. Sonam tells him to let it go.
On the beach, Mikhail asks Abhishek why he called him so early. Abhishek says when it is about investment of millions, he wants to know what he is buying. He shortlisted six girls, none of them is selected. He wants to be a part of his selection committee. Mikhail says Soul mates is and art, and he isn’t going to be a part of selection team no matter what. He doesn’t need his money. Abhishek stops Mikhail and asks him to show the dance of hero and heroine for a while, to his team. Mikhail says soon.
Baby comes to the academy. Sonam and Amar asks if she is sure, she must not complain them later. Baby looks at the academy and says she is sure. Mikhail comes to academy and passes by Baby, Baby calls she has to audition Aneri. Mikhail stops, he says he knew she would agree, her training will… Baby asks him to let her complete, Baby says she can’t. He was right, but she can’t dance. She has never wanted anything from her life, but she will again make mistakes. Baby says she only has a single month, after that she will have to go back to her regular normal life. She thanks him for thinking that she can be Aneri, she never experienced something like this in life and will never forget this experience. She turns to leave, Mikhail holds her hand and asks her for this one month. She says but… he says but this whole month, every minute and second will be his… she will neither think nor do Soul Mates. Baby says she won’t stay in hostel, he agrees. She says her family must not know… he says he won’t tell. She asks if she will be ready to audition after this? He asks her to follow him.
Mikhail brings Baby to practice session and announces there is another candidate for Aneri. Baby comes there and announces she will join training from tomorrow. Dia takes Baby aside. Vicky hears this all from the window.

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D4 Get up and Dance 28th March 2016 –


D4 Get up and Dance 28th March 2016 –


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