Spoilers – 28th March 2016


Sesha is madly in love with Ritik. She tries to consummate her love relationship and takes Shivanya’s avatar. Sesha tries hard to get close to Ritik and attract him by her beauty. Ritik slaps her hard and Sesha gets angry. He holds her neck and scolds her. She takes her naagin avatar. Ritik catches Sesha in her Naagin avatar. Ritik puts some tantric given powder on Sesha to control her.


Maheshwari family stage Laksh’s death after rescuing him from Kavya’s deadly plan to kill him. Kavya comes there wearing pallu to see if Laksh is really dead. Laksh is seen lying down on the aarthi. Swara lifts her pallu and reveals her face. Inspector sees Kavya/actual Tania alive and asks her to surrender. Laksh gets up from the arthi and slaps Kavya hard. Kavya gets shocked seeing Laksh alive. Inspector is about to arrest her, but Kavya being a smartie, fools them and kidnaps Annapurna.

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Spoilers – 28th March 2016


Spoilers – 28th March 2016


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