SWASAN- Acceptance (2)

SWASAN- Acceptance (2)

Thank-you for the wonderful comments. Here is the second part but sorry to say that there won’t be any episode tomorrow. If possible, I will try to upload epi 3 on 30th night.
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Laksh kept pacing through the room while sanskar sat beside the lady on the bed.
” what if something happened to her?” Laksh said in middle of the breaths.
” everything has happened because of you ” sanskar pointed laksh.
“What me?” Laksh said with wide eyes pointing himself.
” yes, if you were quiet, I would have focoussed on driving”
” very good, now you are blaming me. I was drunk” laksh said scrunching his nose
” I don’t know that” sanskar replied sarcastically.
They both stopped arguing when doctor turned to them.
” she is okay now but she needs rest.” Doctor said while handing prescription.
Sanskar went along with doctor while laksh remained with the lady. As soon as sanskar returned, laksh exclaimed.
” bhai, she is really hot. We were blind dude.”

Sanskar shook his head for laksh’s behaviour and turned to her and realised that laksh was absolutely correct.She had absolutely breath taking curves, the green color kurti which she was wearing was torn at some places due to accident but that didn’t affect her charm. Her oyster shell shaoed eyelides were closed together. A small smile on her face even in this condition made sanskar’s heart skip. The strands of her dark hair which were spread across the pillow highlighted her face and sanskar felt like he was staring a moon in the sheets of dark sky. A small bandaid on left side of her forehead, few bandages on her right palm and on legs didn’t stop him from adoring her.
” you are staring” laksh said sheepishly.
Sanskar turned to laksh and gave his best deathly glare but smiled inwardly.
” we need to inform her parents ” sanskar said finally after few minutes.
” but we don’t know anything about her” laksh said confused while glancing surroundings.
” you are right. She didn’t even had a mobile when we brought her here” sanskar said remembering how they brought her to farm house after feeling her pulse.
Meanwhile, the girl opened her eyes and looked around. Cool breeze from the adjacent window touched her cheeks but they pained. She then realised that every inch of her body is paining. She glanced the room and found it to be a very big and unfamiliar one. She turned casually but her breath caught in her throat looking two men staring her. She gulped and grabbed one of the pillow.
” don’t even dare to near me” she said in a low yet sharp voice.

” what! ” sanskar exclaimed.
” I..I will shout” the girl said gripping the pillow.
” oh.so you will hurt the one who helped you” laksh sounded annoyed.
The girl looked down to herself and a sharp pain shoot in her head.
” ahh” she screamed holding her head.
” instead of thanking us, you are..” Sanskar said running his hand through hair.
” you brought me here? What has happened to me? Did you people kidnap me? Or ..” She almost gulped rest of her words.
” shut up” laksh shouted to which she flinched.
” actually you met with an accident and we brought you here” sanskar said calmly.
” oh” she said biting her lower lip.” Sorry”
” that’s okay..actually I was the one who dashed you” sanskar said on low voice without meeting her eyes.

” hmm” swara responded sounding uninterested which surprised sanskar because he expected her to strangle him.
” hey baby, you can feel free. Assume this house to be yours” laksh said smiling.
She smiled back and turned towards sanskar who was busy in typing something in his mobile.
” so this is your house?” She asked after feeling a bit comfortable.
” yeah” laksh replied.
” farmhouse actually” sanskar corrected.
The girl’s widened and looked at sanskar. He immediately felt attracted to her eyes which held something according to him.
” so only we three are here?” She sounded a bit worried.
” don’t need to worry. As I said , feel free” laksh assured her.
” give me your parents number, I will inform them” sanskar said typing something in his phone.
Laksh observed her face becoming dull and she started pursuing her lips.
” it’s okay if you don’t want to” laksh said placing a hand on her shoulder.
” no..actually I am an orphan” the girl said calmly but her voice contained loads of pain which she tried to hide.
Sanskar raisd his lashes to see her and again lowered them.
” I am sorry” laksh sounded gentleman.
” by the way what is your name?” Sanskar asked.

” swara” she said smiling.
“Cool!, very common” laksh said whistling.
Swara and sanskar frowned at laksh as her name was not a common one and everyone knew it
” okay, unique” laksh said raising his hands ” satisfied ”
Swara smiled. Sanskar cleared his throat and turned to swara
” why were you roaming on roads during midnight?”
” actually I am in search of job so I went to meet my owner but that jerk, he asked me to meet me in a restaurant ” swara sounded annoyed.
” and misbehaved” sanskar added and got a nod from swara as response.
Laksh rolled his eyes.
” so where do you stay?” Laksh asked while hopping on bed.

” orphanage, Mumbai ”
” shit” sanskar said throwing his mobile on bed.
” what happened? ” laksh enquired.
” something is fishy with kunal” sanskar said before leaving the room.
Laksh and swara stared at each other for a minute and then laksh smriked. Before he could say anything, sanskar entered the room.
” we are leaving to our manison tomorrow after breakfast” laksh didn’t oppose sanskar as he was totally aware of his business minded brother.
” what about her?” Laksh questioned pointing swara.
” it’s okay. I will leave ” swara sounded disappointed.
” you can live with us until you get a job” sanskar said with a smile.
Swara tried to find any signs of angry or disappointment in his face but his were pure and he meant his words.

” I don’t want your sympathy” swara said breaking the eye contact.
” this is not sympathy swara.” Swara felt butterflies inside her hearing her name from his mouth.
” you need to take rest ” sanskar said while signalling laksh to come out of the room.
“What is your name?” Swara shouted behind sanskar.
Sanskar turned to her and smiled before answering.
” sanskar maheswari”. Swara almost jumped in shock.
” what!! You are a maheswari?” She thinks something and turns to him ” no..I am not going to stay with you. I mean how can I stay?” Swara asked wiggling her eyebrows.
” I am also a human being swara not a cannabial and yeah you stay freely with me I mean we can be friends.” Sanskar explained in matter of fact tone.
” seriously! Friends” swara asked forwarding her hand.
Sanskar smiled and shook hands with her.

” what about me?” Laksh pouted.
” you are always welcome laksh infact there won’t be any friend group with out you” sanskar pulled laksh and three of them shook hands.
” take rest now. Good night ” saying so, sanskar left the room.
” don’t you want to know my name?” Laksh asked raising his eyebrow.
Swara turned to laksh and smiled sheepishly. She then forwarded her hand.
” thank you laksh”. Laksh smriked again and shook his hands.” that’s like my girl” swara raised her eyebrow.

SWASAN- Acceptance (2)


SWASAN- Acceptance (2)

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