Swasan together (Episode 9)

Hello guys Labdhi here with the next part of Swasan together thanx for the comments nd supports
I will unite Swasan after some twists as everyone wants to unite Swasan after some twists but I will try my best to entertain u nd all votes go to samika so it’s samika
Let’s start
Ssr office
Sanlakutt have arrived three for talking about a deal. sambiraarav get angry seeing them.
Sam:what r they doing here
Sanlakutt come to them
San:good morning mr. Gadodia nd mr.mehra nd she is our sister uttara Maheshwari
Sam:good morning but what r u doing here(rudely)
Sanlak r shocked by the way he is talking but they remember they know about their past wid Swaragini but still

Lak:we wanted to discuss something regarding the deal
Sam:but I want to cancel the deal with u
San:I know u all r angry but I really love Swara nd I have understood my mistake
Aarav:after ruining her life u r telling sorry(super angry mode)
Sam is happy seeing Aaravs concern for Swara
Lak:nd even I want to apologise to Ragini
Kab:I think u better don’t talk to her because if she gets upset seeing u I won’t leave u
Sam is happy seeing the concern of both brothers for his sisters
San:please listen to me
Sam:u both leave otherwise it won’t be good for u
Kab:leave right now
Sanlak leave
Swaragini r seeing everything but they do not say anything
At gm
Radhika is on call
Phone convo
Radz:so u r coming with your family

Person:yes but tell me the name of ur bro nd sister in law
Radz:Kabir Mehra nd Ragini Gadodia
Person:what(shocked)ok bye
The phone cuts
The person tells his family nd they agree to come to the engagement
Aarav:with whom were u talking
Radz:with my best friend wait I will show u her pics
Radz shows pics seeing that Aarav is shocked
Aarav: is she ur best friend
Aarav:nd u have called her family tomorrow for engagement
Radz:yes but why r u asking about it
Aarav:nothing I have some work bye
Aarav goes to Samar and tells him something
Sam:what they r coming here tomorrow for engagement
Sam tells him something nd they talk
Aarav:thanx Sam m really happy

Precap:engagement ceremony

Sorry guys I cannot post my ffs as my final exams have started and today i had my computer paper nd till 7 April I don’t know if I will be able to post as my papers r till 7th please silent readers comment so I can also know your views and please suggest some one to play the role of Radhika

Swasan together (Episode 9)


Swasan together (Episode 9)


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